Kilim and Dhurrie rugs are types of Indian flat-woven rugs, which can be reversed due to their weave. The two types of rugs used to be made in separate regions; however, these days they’re not and the names have become interchangeable.

They’re great for adding color and texture to high-traffic areas, as the flat weave makes them robust. They are also slightly rougher than some other types of rug, giving them a natural, modern feel. Designs tend to favor bold patterns and geometric shapes, and they come in a great range of colors.

To make this attractive collection, we pooled together rugs from three smaller collections. The Boho Collection, as the name suggests, has a lovely, chilled-out vibe to it! These hand-woven rugs are in relaxed muted shades, and their simple designs work beautifully with all manner of styles and colors.

Hand-knotted Nomad rugs are made using traditional techniques, and are absolutely stunning. Their colors are bolder than the Boho rugs, and they are superb if you want a rug that’s the center of attention! Dark backgrounds with vivid geometric designs make these truly stand-out rugs.

The third range in the Kalim Dhurrie Woven Collection is the Mesa Collection. These rugs are characterized by their sophisticated, subtle shades. Look out for calm grays, blues, and beiges. They are hand woven in India, giving that lovely unique Kilim Dhurrie texture. Perfect if you want a natural, neutral look, or if you want a rug to be a calming foil for other, brighter colors.

More About The Beautiful Kilim Dhurrie Woven Rugs

Kilim Dhurrie style works well in any room, from elegant bedrooms to lively living rooms. To make sure that these rugs fit anywhere, we keep a large range of sizes in stock. Whatever space you need to fill, there’s a Kilim Dhurrie woven rug that’s perfect for it!

The smallest rug is the neat little 2’ x 3’. These petite rugs look great in hallways, (perhaps under a coat rack or shoe stand), and they fit neatly under small tables and cupboards. They’re ideal for walk-in closets or dressing rooms.

The next design is the 2’3” x 8’ runner. The Kilim Dhurrie Collection Rugs are perfect for high-traffic hallways and corridors. A runner can also be used for delineating spaces in open plan living rooms.

Next, we have the 3’6 x 5’6” and 5’ x 8’ rugs, which are both popular and versatile sizes. They fit comfortably to either side of a King or Queen bed, you can place one between two twin beds. They look lovely in living rooms, in front of the hearth or surrounded by seats. And don’t forget, their hard-wearing weave makes them perfect for busy parts of the house.

Now for the big rugs! The Mesa and Boho Collections have an 8’ x 10’ edition, which is great for living rooms or under dining suites. The Nomad Collection has a slightly larger 8’ x 11’ alternative. These are fantastic statement pieces, and a great alternative to carpet. However, it doesn’t stop there in the Kilim Dhurrie Woven Collection… The pretty Mesa rugs come in a generous 9’ x 12’ size – great under King beds, larger dining suites, or if you want to stand your living room furniture on the rug.

The Kilim Dhurrie Handtufted Collection: What You Need To Know

  • Made in India using traditional weaving techniques
  • A choice of attractive designs and colors
  • Hard-wearing, reversible weave
  • Available in a great range of sizes up to 9’ x 12’
  • Made from wool or wool mix