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With the increase in popularity of machine made rugs, finding superior quality rugs for your space is becoming difficult. A vintage overdyed rug brings the unparalleled craftsmanship from history into the contemporary home, with vibrant, modern colors, and one-of-a-kind rarity. But how did these rugs come to be? 
Before they are restored and dyed, overdyed rugs start their journey as recently finished oriental rugs. These beautiful rugs, some dating back 50 years or more, were sought after and sold to customers around the globe. These incredible rugs were being enjoyed by aristocrats, business owners, and and anyone else who could afford these luxurious hand knotted rugs; but there was a dark cloud on the horizon which would change things forever.
As technology advanced and machines became better at making rugs, the industry that once flourished was beginning to fade. Not only were they battling machines, they were also battling the rapidly changing trends. Over the last half century, design has shifted dramatically; with radical experimentation over the decades leading to what we currently consider contemporary design.
After decades of neglect, the once mighty oriental rug was tucked away in storage, or for sale in a bazaar. These beautiful, world class, rugs that have seen the world change before them saw the world moving away. 
But all was not lost. 
It takes a keen eye, and and a lot of diligence, but these stunning rugs are being found and transformed from ancient memory into modern marvels. When a vintage overdyed rug is rescued and color reclaimed, all of the history these rugs experienced is preserved while bringing new life into the rug.
With modern natural dyes, these vintage rugs become vibrant canvas, revealing unique stories of the past to those fortunate enough to experience them. Each rug tells its own tale of adventure, travel, or conflict. This is what truly makes these vintage overdyed rugs special; there may be 50 vintage rugs all dyed the same color, but none of them will tell the same story. 

Now that we know where they come from, it's time to talk about how to make them the Rugknots way. 

When figuring out how to overdye a rug, one must decide whether to bleach the old design out of the rug, or leave it on. At rugknots, when we overdye our vintage rugs, we never use bleach. No harmful chemicals go on the 100% wool vintage rugs we use. When coupled with our all natural dyes, a faded and worn vintage rug is brought back to life.To get the desired color, the rugs are soaked in die for varying amounts of time. Some vintage overdyed rugs are so saturated in deep dye, the original pattern is a subtle addition. Other times, when lighter dyes are used, more of the original color and design of the rug shines though. Which ever look you need, an overdyed rug has what you desire.


Rugknots' vintage overdyed rugs have a 12/12 knot count, which is 144 knots per square inch! The process of making a 12/12 oriental or Persian rug could take a skilled artisan years to complete, depending on size and design. By saving these vintage rugs, we are bringing world class craftsmanship of the past back into the modern age.
Traditional Bokhara rugs are the gold standard for oriental rugs, and are praised for their high quality; but, our overdyed rugs have over 40% more knots per inch, making the designs in overdyed rugs more detailed, and the rug much heavier.
Never compromise, owning a vintage overdyed rug is the exceptional experience you deserve. Once you experience the perfect overdyed rug, you might never buy another type of rug again!  
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