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Hand-knotted & Woven Persian Rugs: Individual Artisans Create Artistic Virtuosity Through Ancient Knot Technique

The signature characteristic of Hand-knotted Persian rugs is the hand-woven knot, which has for many centuries has demonstrated an almost magical ability to hold fabric together. The rug, a piece of cloth, which stands underfoot, undergoes perhaps the most rigorous tests of textile strength and fortitude. It is quite remarkable then, that we see these rugs lasting decades with use.

The hand-knotted Persian rug is an heirloom the moment you buy it, for with proper care you know that this magnificent piece of craftsmanship will be holding together for generations to come.

Hand-Knotted Woven Persian Rugs 101: The Basics

On this page learn the fundamentals of the traditional Persian hand-knotting process.

Learn how to distinguish whether a Persian rug is authentic.

Learn to measure knot-count on a carpet.

And learn the best ways to purchase Persian rugs that fit into a contemporary home or space.

More coming soon.