I hope you’re starting to see what exactly makes RugKnots so special. In short, our Pakistani heritage makes us special, as does our enterprising family history – but most of all it’s our customers that make the real difference – because without you, we wouldn’t have a business at all. Thank you for believing in us.

As our founder, being raised at the heart of the rug industry surrounded by the products we sell - is also what sets us apart. This love of the rug trade and the artisans that work within it are why we’ll never stop acknowledging our heritage, continuing our traditions and being an ethical company in the community. Indeed, these core ethics are as important to us today as when we first started – and we’ll continue these traditions into the future through our excellent customer service and products. Our positive ethos will be hand-knotted into every rug we sell.

I’m proud to have served our wonderful US customers with top standard handmade rugs for over 30 years – and we’ve stayed in business for three decades for a reason. Genuine New Zealand wool, organic dyes, hand-knotted craftsmanship, and highly educated sales representatives – at RugKnots we continually strive for authenticity, quality, and service. And with competitive prices that lead the industry, free shipping to anywhere in the USA and our 30-day money back guarantee – isn’t it time you discovered what makes RugKnots so special yourself?