Who Are We?

First, I’d like to thank you for expressing your interest in our collection rugs. RugKnots stands as one of the biggest sellers of Pakistani handmade rugs in the USA today. Four decades ago, when this journey began, my family could not have imagined we’d come this far. But with relentless effort, dedication, and a shared love for Pakistani handmade rugs, we have achieved a lot with plenty of more achievements to come.

Our motto is beauty in diversity. We believe a collection of premium hand-knotted Pakistani rugs is exactly what you need to bring comfort and character to your living space.

The rug-trade is our legacy and a significant piece of our family history. From starting with nothing to living and breathing the rug trade, let me tell you an underdog story of how RugKnots thrived over the years all thanks to my incredible team and our dedicated customers.

Our Story

Born in the heart of the Oriental rug industry, my exceptional knowledge of Persian and Oriental rugs has propelled my growth and expertise for years. Growing up in a family of rug traders in Lahore, Pakistan, my love for rugs is an essential part of who I am.

How I Started…

Opportunity to thrive and grow – not only as a woman but as an entrepreneur – presented itself when I moved to the States in my college years. And that’s where my journey as a rug trader began. The rug industry had always been the center of my life as a kid and a teenager, so when I finally stepped in to take it up as a profession, I discovered I knew and loved rugs more than I had let on. Back in Lahore, our business had been a source of employment for thousands of locals in the city. My father’s eagerness and commitment to giving back to the community kept me rooted to our customs and devoted to our traditions.

The Beginning of RugKnots…

RugKnots began as an entrepreneurial endeavor but soon became everything I lived and breathed for. Traditions have kept me glued to my roots for decades, and RugKnots was the gateway to gratitude. I wanted to give back to the community and make a difference as my father had. Thus began the journey of RugKnots – an authentic rug selling company located just outside of Washington, DC.

RugKnots began as a partnership with my father. He handles the local operations in Pakistan, and I am the face of RugKnots in the US. This company has helped me translate my vision of establishing a rug market overseas into a tangible reality, and my gratitude goes out to my team and my loyal clientele. We ship original hand-knotted rugs directly to our warehouse near Baltimore. Then you buy these rugs from us at convenient prices!

RugKnots is a testament that quality is not always bought by extortionate sums of money. It comes with looking for the right brand, the right company, and the right intention.


Our Home in the US…

The United States is home to the overseas market of RugKnots and has welcomed our ambition with open arms. We believe we owe it to our community in the States to succeed in our endeavors and give back what we received from this land. We have worked day in and day out to make genuine handmade rugs available to our clientele in the US and welcome the locals into our business as they welcomed us into their country.

Meet us at our warehouse located just outside Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD and get hands-on experience to unveil the quality and supreme making of our rugs. We make buying rugs easy and comfortable for our customers.

  • Give us a call
  • Pop in at our warehouse
  • Get hands-on experience with our rugs
  • Make a purchase.

Fulfill Our Promise…

From the funds generated by RugKnots, we have been able to build a school in Pakistan. Your investments and purchases at RugKnots have become a source of learning for thousands of Pakistani kids.

We fulfill our promise to give back to the community and to practice gratitude with success. Join hands with us and support our initiative to educate the less privileged kids of Pakistan.

Why Choose RugKnots?

Wondering why you should choose RugKnots? We’ll give you four promising reasons why:

Authentic to the Core

Rug trade is our business as well as our tradition. The love of rugs is in our heritage and what binds our company to our community. The ethics of authentic rug sale are embedded in our principle and at the core of our service. RugKnots has proudly served our customers of the United States for over three decades and will continue to do so. Made from 100% genuine wool imported from New Zealand, organic dyes, and proficient artistry, our rugs are authentic to the core.

Free Shipping

At RugKnots we offer you shipping services free of charge to any state in the United States. The amount you see on the price tag is exactly the amount you will pay for your rug! We will pay all the costs for shipping your rug straight from our warehouse in Lahore, Pakistan, to our warehouse in the US and then to your doorstep.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Our sales representatives are highly qualified individuals whose ultimate goal is to prioritize your interest. Our Customer Support Department is cooperative, listens attentively to your queries and answers them to the best of their ability. RugKnots leads the rug industry with competitive prices, free shipping, and the ultimate promise of authenticity.

30-Day Trial

We offer you a 30-day trial to use this rug at your home and if you still do not like it, ship it back to us. Simple! Although, we must tell you that more than ninety percent of our customers who took up the 30-day trial ended up keeping them. On the other hand, those who wanted to return them to us did just that, no questions asked.

All that we ask of you is if you intend to return the rug do it within 30 days of purchase.