Beige Geometric Area Rug - AR1470


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With Color Palette Of Beige, This Piece Will Seamlessly Blend Into Your Existing Decor

Our Beige geometric area rugs are a perfect way to bring pattern and dimension to any room. Fine woven wool from India has been hand-knotted by skilled artisans with caregiving each rug its own unique character. Locally sourced from the border town of New Delhi RugKnots' rugs make a chic statement in a living room or bedroom ensemble. You can even use one as a casually elegant runner for between rooms! A hand-knotted wool rug in geometric shapes of grey. Rug dimensions are 5 x 8 ft. Its knots are dyed, creating a low-pile surface for living spaces or walkways. This rug is free shipping with return included inside the U.S. The RugKnots Area Rug is a great addition to your dorm room! With its size, it can fit in any space.


  • Sturdy Construction: The main reason for buying a durable rug is protection. By purchasing a high-quality rug, you know it will last many years and that it won't wear down with just one vacuum session. This is important if you have pets and children running around the house, as their nails can quickly do damage to your flooring.
  • Fibers Won't Fray: Another benefit of high-quality rugs is the fibers won't fray. When you are looking for a rug, make sure it is either handmade or has been serged on all sides. This way, when the rug starts to show wear and tear after several years of use, you can take it to a professional who will be able to mend it back to its original condition.
  • Stain-Resistant: Although high-quality rugs are not 100% stain proof, they are significantly more resistant to stains - particularly main carpet stains such as spaghetti sauce or red wine. When your rug does get stained, you can have it professionally cleaned and it will look new in no time.
  • Resists Fading: For the most part, rugs made of high-quality materials such as wool will not fade. Even with long periods of direct sunlight exposure and years of washing and drying (in a machine), they won't lose their color or appearance.
  • Breathable: Wool is an extremely breathable material – it allows for airflow to pass through the rug. This ensures that the rug will not retain moisture in between cleanings, preventing it from growing mold or bacteria.


  • Product ID: AR1470
  • Brand: RugKnots
  • Color: Beige
  • Style: Geometric
  • Material: Wool
  • Construction: Hand-Knotted
  • Origin: India
  • Rug Type: Indoor
  • Rugs by Room: Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Home Office/ Study

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