Beige Indoor Area Rug AR7158

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Size: 1'8" x 3'4"
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Introducing the Beige Indoor Rug Pad Area Rug AR7158—a strategic investment for your interior aesthetics and rug longevity. This machine-made rug pad is engineered to provide a stable foundation for your area rug, preventing slippage while enhancing comfort underfoot.

Key Features:

Secure Grip on All Surfaces: The beige rug pad boasts an anti-slip design that ensures a secure grip on various flooring surfaces, including hardwood and tile. This feature prevents your rug from shifting or sliding, especially in high-traffic zones.

Enhanced Comfort: Crafted for optimal comfort, the rug pad adds an extra layer of cushioning beneath your rug. This not only enhances the overall softness of your living space but also provides a luxurious feel with every step.

Versatile Sizing Options: With sizes catering to 5' x 8', 9'6"" x 13'4"", and 10X13, this rug pad accommodates a diverse range of rug dimensions, offering flexibility for different areas within your home.

Protective Barrier: Acting as a protective barrier, the rug pad minimizes friction between the rug and the floor, safeguarding the integrity of both the rug and the underlying flooring material.

User-Friendly Installation and Maintenance: The rug pad is designed for easy trimming to fit your specific rug size, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance, contributing to its long-term performance.

Upgrade your rug experience with the Beige Indoor Rug Pad Area Rug AR7158—a practical addition that not only enhances stability but also introduces an extra layer of opulence to your home's flooring.

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