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Bamboo silk is an amazing, sustainable, and soft materal for rugs. Some of our most popular rugs contain Bamboo silk. But is a bamboo silk rug right for you?

With this guide, you will learn about Bamboo silk,  the differences between Bamboo and natural silk, and the kinds of spaces silk rugs are perfectly suited for.

Bamboo silk rugs are not actually 100% bamboo silk. In reality, silk alone is not the most durable material for rugs, and without extreme care, would be destroyed with little effort. To make sure bamboo silk rugs will survive for decades, wool is also used in the rugs to protect the silk in the rug from wear. Silk is used as the intricate designs knotted in the rugs, giving the patterns an amazing appearance and texture, without sacrificing durability. 

This guide will teach you about the materials, and the quality you can expect from these rugs. 

What you'll learn:

  • The differences between bamboo silk and natural silk
  • Costs to expect when shopping for bamboo silk rugs
  • Traditional knot counts and knots per square inch.



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