Grey Bokhara Area Rug - AR538

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Size: 4' 1 x 6'
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This Wool-Finished Rug Can Handle Anything You Throw Its Way

The RugKnots Bokhara rug is the perfect centerpiece for a dining room, bedroom, living room, or kitchen space. Expertly hand-woven on a traditional loom from 100% wool material, this area rug contains knots per square inch (KPSI) of 9 to 12 and has piled heights varying by knot count. Looking for an excellent pair to make up this statement floor decor? Choose from one of the diverse colors that we offer: khaki brown with taupe lava accents; navy blue with gold accents; grey with teal blue accents; denim green and chocolate beige shaggy stunners! There's nothing better than the feeling of walking on a beautifully crafted rug that you know is going to last for decades. The RugKnots Bokhara Area Rugs are made with wool and hand-knotted to create perfect harmony between luxury and affordability, forming an iconic centerpiece in any room in your house. Exquisite craftsmanship has been woven into our rugs - they're renowned worldwide for their rugged beauty! Pick up this rug today if you want it finished in no time at traditional or lambskin! With every eye-catching purchase comes added benefit; give your life some extra oomph by investing in one of our prestigious Hand-Knotted Wool Bokhara Area Rugs.


  • Unique Style: This timeless piece goes with any decor because it can be used as either an accent or primary focal point to anchor your room!
  • Easy To Clean: The Bokhara Area Rug is made with the finest wool fibers, which makes it easy to clean. The oriental rug's intricate design will create a home for your feet.
  • Sound Proof: These rugs work great on hardwood floors because of their natural texture: they absorb sound waves instead of reflecting or amplifying them as some other materials might so you'll be able to hear what people say behind closed doors more clearly than ever before!
  • Affordable Rug: For those with a budget, Grey Bokhara Area Rug provides an affordable alternative to the more expensive styles.
  • Durability: You can't argue with the quality of this rug's performance. It is designed to have a tight weave, which makes it more resistant than other rugs that are not woven as tightly and so easily stained by liquids or food spills.


  • Product ID: AR538
  • Brand: RugKnots
  • Color: Grey
  • Style: Bokhara
  • Material: Wool
  • Construction: Hand-Knotted
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Rug Type: Indoor
  • Rugs by Room: Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Home Office/ Study

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