Grey Neutral Area Rug - AR1638

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Size: 7'-6" x 9'-6"
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The Strength Of The RugKnots Grey Neutral Area Rugs Lies In Its Versatility

The RugKnots Grey Neutral Area Rug is a machine-made, indoor rug that's perfect for any room in the home. This neutral color and the abstract pattern will liven up your space while matching any decor you may have already set up! It comes in two different size options: 7'6"x9'6" & 5'x7'6". There's something here to suit every person, no matter their tastes! From the awaiting style of your home to its current décor this rug is both stylish and beautiful; The design goes well with any space and matches everyone! It fit so many rooms it may seem hard to choose which you'd like but how can anyone deny the convenience of owning something that looks this good! It is both stylish and beautiful. It's machine-made, so it will last a long time. It is an easy way to give your room a good refresh without having to replace your carpet altogether. Not only does it fit so many rooms, but it fits so many styles. This is essential for any home!


  • Protects Your Flooring: The most obvious of the benefits is that grey neutral area rugs protect your flooring. If you have wooden floors, these rugs are designed to protect them from stains and scratches.
  • Helps Drawing Attention To The Right Areas: A grey neutral area rug will help draw attention away from problem areas that you don't want people looking at, such as dirty walls or worn-out carpets. Because this grey color is so versatile, it can be used to draw attention to the decorated areas within your home.
  • Adds A New Dimension To The Interior Design: With grey being such a neutral color it allows you to enhance the overall interior design of your living space without having to completely redecorate. You can just add a new area rug and allow that to be the focal point of your room.
  • Holds Color Beautifully: If you decide to add color to your neutral room with an area rug, that colored accent will stand out magnificently as the grey is such a great backdrop. Even if the shade of grey in your rug isn't exactly the same color as what's on your walls or furniture, it will still help it all fall into place seamlessly
  • Soft And Lustrous Texture: The grey area rug will help bring in a sense of touch to the room. It isn't just about what you see when you look at your space, but it's also about what you feel.


  • Product ID: AR1638
  • Brand: RugKnots
  • Color: Grey
  • Style: Neutral
  • Sizes: 7'6"x9'6" & 5'x7'6"
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Construction: Machine-Made
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Rug Type: Indoor
  • Rugs by Room: Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Home Office/ Study

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