Handmade Decorative Wool 20 x 20" Overdyed Patchwork Pillow Case L-31

Handmade Decorative Wool 20 x 20" Overdyed Patchwork Pillow Case L-31

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Beautiful arrays of vivid color, Patchwork pillow cases are an excellent addition to any living space. This decadent form of fine art is produced from multiple pieces of rugs and stitched together to create a masterful display of craftsmanship.

Each pillow case is 20" x 20" and stitched together with multi colored thread to add to the character of these brilliant pieces of art. Each piece of rug stitched into the Patchwork pillow case is saturated in a natural dye to bring out the bold, vivid color and fit together like a puzzle. Each pillow case is unique and no two pillow cases have the same design pattern. 

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  • Dazzling hand stitched multi color Overdyed Patchwork pillow case
  • Fun, colorful, multi color
  • Hand stitched, knotted and dyed Patchwork design, long lasting
  • High quality - 100% hand knotted wool
  • Durable heavy-duty backing with zipper
  • This item is in stock
  • Free Shipping & Free 30 Day Returns
  • The measurements for this pillow case is 20 inches by 20 inches
  • This pillow case is brand new
  • PLEASE NOTE: Pillow case ONLY - Pillow insert not included!
  • This pillow case's SKU is L-31
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