Marina Navy Outdoor Area Rug AR7578

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Size: 1'9" x 3'9"
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Introducing the Marina Ivory/Navy Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug AR7578, a versatile and luxurious addition to your home decor. Here are four compelling reasons why the sheep wool used in this rug sets it apart:
Authenticity: Crafted from high-quality sheep wool, the Marina AR7578 rug exudes authenticity and elegance. Each fiber is carefully selected and woven to create a rug that epitomizes timeless charm and sophistication.
All-Weather Performance: Despite its luxurious feel, sheep wool is naturally resilient to outdoor elements, making the Marina AR7578 rug suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether placed in your living room, patio, or deck, this rug withstands exposure to sunlight, rain, and humidity without compromising its quality or appearance.
Softness and Comfort: Sheep wool is renowned for its softness and plush texture, providing unparalleled comfort underfoot. The Marina AR7578 rug invites you to sink your toes into its cozy pile, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.
Durability and Longevity: Sheep wool is inherently durable, making the Marina AR7578 rug a long-lasting investment for your home. Its resilient fibers resist crushing and matting, ensuring that the rug maintains its beauty and integrity over time, even in high-traffic areas.
Elevate your indoor or outdoor living spaces with the luxurious comfort and timeless elegance of the Marina Ivory/Navy Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug AR7578, expertly crafted from premium sheep wool for enduring beauty and performance.

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