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FREE Oriental Rug Styles Guide

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You want the knowledge to know what you are buying, especially with so many options. In our Oriental Rug Styles Guide, you will learn how to identify all styles of oriental rug so you can shop with confidence..

Learn about the differences between Ziegler, Bokhara, Ikat, and more! Design is not the only factor that separates rug styles. Pile thickness, knot-count, and the types of knots can widely vary. 

Hand-Knotted rugs are made from knotting wool yarn into the rug. Depending on design and manufacturing choices, a distinct style of rug is created. First, renderings of the design are drawn by hand. The design is then knotted into the rug, giving it it's unique style. The process of manufacturing hand knotted oriental rugs can take up to 3 years for a single rug, depending on size and knot count! 

Make sure you know the differences in oriental rug styles so you can find the perfect rug for your space. With this oriental rugs identification guide, you will be able to shop smart, and know exactly what you are buying. Check our related oriental rug buyers guide! 

What you'll learn:
  • All of the diffrent styles of rugs, from Bokharas to Soorti
  • How these rugs relate to eachother
  • Quality and general knot count for each type of rug


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