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What defines luxury? Is it style, quality, exclusivity...or a little bit of everything? At Rugknots our definition of luxury is the feeling you get when you walk on our elegant and stylish, one-of-a-kind hand knotted rugs.
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Our Designers
Our beautiful hand knotted rugs are designed by some of the most cutting edge designers who have been designing for high end luxury stores for over four decades.
Hand knotted in Pakistan
Each and every one of our rugs is lovingly hand knotted by highly skilled weavers who collectively have over 4 decades of experience in creating high quality rugs. Every style and weave is carefully considered in order to create a beautiful piece of art.
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100’s of Custom Rug Options
If you don’t see a size or design you like, we can create custom order rugs for you! We are a factory direct company with no middle man, saving you money on your buying experience.

100’s of Color Options
We have 100’s of color options, whether you are after grey, taupe, cream, red, blue, green, yellow or purple.
In-House Consultation or Virtual Designer
You can visit our warehouse located in Hagerstown, Maryland or use our virtual design service! Our virtual designer program allows you to see how Rugknot rugs will look in your home! Send us photos of your room and set up a meeting with one of our in-house designers over Skype or by Phone to help you choose the best rug for your home.
Rugknots Inheritance Quality Rugknots Affordable Rugs
We produce inheritance quality Oriental rugs
Handmade craftsmanship guaranteed for life, hand knotted in our factory by skilled artisans. Our production team includes highly skilled weavers and washers to ensure superior production of one-of-a-kind hand knotted Oriental rugs.
Affordable at half the price...
Our Oriental rugs are around half the price of their high-street equivalents.Why? Well, we don’t waste money on lots of shops, brochures and expensive marketing campaigns. That way it’s the Oriental rug you’re buying — not all those other bits you can’t walk on.
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How Can We Offer Such Low Prices?

For three generations, RugKnots has established relationships with the artisans and rug families that create the softest and finest hand knotted Oriental Rugs in all the world. We have made it our policy to only purchase rugs direct from the rug families who hand weave our Oriental carpets. This means RugKnots eliminates a retail price markup or middle man. As a result, RugKnots does not need to charge full retail price.

Using this method, RugKnots not only can offer our customers the very best price available from a range of great rug artists, but we also support rural families in remote areas of Pakistan and provide for the education of rural children. To learn more about how Rug Knots give back to children's education on an international level, Click Here.

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