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Spice Up Your Home With Area Rugs - Area Rugs Add Colors

If you have rooms, and they are dull and in a need of special touch then rugs can give a room the perfect makeover. As they add so many new touches with new colors and give a new life to a room. It depends upon your personal choice as to which kind of feeling you want to inculcate into your room. The choice of color of your rugs follows your personal choice. The color of the rug should be a wise selection, as they will make or break the whole makeover of the space.

Tips for Choosing The Right Color

  • If the walls of the space are bright then the color of the rug should be dark and the opposite is true if you've dark colored walls.
  • Colors in oriental rugs are complex, but that very complexity gives you a great deal of flexibility in decorating.
  • The rug shouldn’t have the dominant color which the walls of the space have. It can either be blended or either close up to the colors of the wall.
  • For small spaces, darker colors are not preferred as the color tends to look more intense when they are in small spaces. A fairly light color will do in a small space.
  • Furniture echoes darker colors in the rug and also enhances the light colors in the rug. The larger the item, the more bold color of the rug will be enhanced.
  • Colorful outdoor rugs will be great for kids’ spaces. As they use playful color combinations and shapes.
  • In outside spaces, the color of the rug is usually chosen accordingly to the nature that will assist you in the background.
  • Solid color area rugs can add splash color to make the space more lively, tones down the decorated room, complement a home décor, and so much more.
  • A darker rug makes the room appear brighter, and the plus point is that the darker the area rug, the less likely it is to look dirty.
  • A dark color base when a lighter color design is worked into the rug, the effect is always striking. A perfect fit to make a statement.
  • Each Color Has Its Own Specialities - Colorful Décor, A Happy Homeowner

    Solid Colors: Pure white, browns, and cremes are some of the basic colors that one can choose to match any décor or home theme. The rugs are also available in yellow, red, and orange which add vibrancy to a dull room. These colors of rugs easily decorate any space because its simplicity enables it to mix easily with any part of the house. They are simple, functional, and versatile and also easy on the pocket.

    Neutral Colors: if you plan to decorate your house in a more luxurious fashion then a neutral color area rug is a nest option. Neutral area rugs make you free from the worry to match your rug with the sofa. Beige, off-white, and black area rug, you’ll be free from the necessity of matching your rug with the home décor. Neutral color area rugs suit all seasons so they come easy on the pocket and do not bind to change colors according to the season.

    Colorful Area Rugs: Such rugs are great to give a lively look to your space. Especially to the kid’s area or your overall colorful home décor theme. Such rugs are preferred for both outdoor and indoor spaces. The colors are vast including all of the rainbow colors and many more. There is a myriad of styles, colors, and materials for rugs. Such rugs are to be contrasted both with the pillows and the sofas for a perfect fit. Modern Rugs comes in various colors of rugs that add definition to your décor.

    Get Your Perfect Color At RugKnots

    At RugKnots, we realize that color is an important factor to choose a rug for space. That is why we have categorized our rugs on the basis of colors in a professional way. Which allows you to buy with much more ease and confidence. However, we are always available to guide you through the whole procedure of choosing a perfect color for your abode.