Why Search for the Perfect Rug When You Could Have One Made?

If you’re seeking the perfect custom rug to complete any room, you’ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, RugKnots has crafted, imported, and delivered the very highest quality rugs from the heart of Pakistan where skilled artisans have passed down specialist rug knotting secrets for generations.

      • Available with 100% free shipping to every part of the USA, and backed by our price match and full refund guarantee 
      • Our rugs can be chosen ‘off the shelf’ in our online store – or custom made in high-quality New Zealand wool to meet your exact requirements.
      • But it’s not just our top standard products that homeowners and interior designers love –
      • It's also our award-winning customer service, dedicated after-sales care, and our ability to always go the extra mile to source or design the perfect rug for your home or client.

Check one of our customers Pauline's story as she talks about her experience with us.

How to Order your Custom Rug

If you’ve searched the existing inventory in our well-stocked online store and still require a custom design, we’ll be delighted to help you. Our talented artisans can hand make rugs in any size, pattern, or style. We’ll realize your vision in around twelve weeks from your initial order. Let’s get started today.

 Step1 Browse our online store and select the rug you want to base your new design

Step 2 Note down the product codes for your selected styles so you can discuss your ideas with our design team.

Step 3 Call us at (301) 750-8392 or email us at info@Rugknots.com to get started with your design consultation process.

The Design consultation Process has three steps which are as follows 

      • The Design Consultation,
      •  the Rendering Consultation,
      •  and the end Product

The Design Consultation

As part of your initial Design Consultation, you’ll work with our experienced team to discuss the specific colors, patterns, size, and shape of your ideal custom rug. We’ll base these discussions on your style choices from rugs you like in our existing collection – and also factor in the décor and furnishings of the room for which the rug is intended.

Once we’ve worked with you to collate extensive notes on the proposed design, we’ll send these over to our highly skilled artisans who will then draw a detailed rendering of your new pattern. At this stage, you can also send in paint chips and fabric swatches (or any other source of color inspiration) so our team can hand mix the unique dyes for your project. Discuss a custom rug with our experts.

(301) 750-8392 or email us at info@Rugknots.com to get started with your design consultation process.

The Rendering Consultation

At this stage, the process starts to get seriously exciting, as we present you with the detailed pattern rendering for your new rug. We’ll also discuss the dye mixes our design team has put together, and submit color examples for your approval. If there’s anything you would like to change once you’ve seen our work, we can send your recommendations back to our artisans who will incorporate your suggestions into the pattern plans and dye tone examples.

If necessary, we will then hold a second Rendering Consultation to ensure your new design is perfect. If you’re completely happy with our work at this point, we’ll then provide you with an extremely competitive fixed-price quote for the whole project – and we’ll move your custom rug creation process onto the next stage.

The End Product

Once we have your approval to begin creating your new custom Oriental rug design, we’ll pass the final plans to our skilled team of artisans who will start the production process itself. This is the most exciting stage of all – as we’ll periodically send you pictures of your new rug being hand-knotted on the loom – which is always a fascinating insight into our craft. 

When production of your rug is completed, it will then be hand washed so the dyes don’t bleed – and to create a wonderful, luxurious softness in the high-quality New Zealand wool of your finished piece. Our team will then ship the completed rug to your door free of charge for you, your family or client to enjoy in the comfort of their home for generations to come. 

Discuss a custom rug with our expert. (301) 750-8392 or email us at info@Rugknots.com.