The images displayed on our site have the most accurate colors that can we can display through digital media.

Note: The variations in colors may occur with handmade items since they are a work of local craftsmen. Some patterns may lose their definition with size.

The variations in product size are not a manufacturer defect. Since we obtain rugs from different vendors to provide you with the best quality product; you may notice a change in product dimension up to 3-5%.

We promise it is nothing you need to worry about. The rug will still look great!

Yes. We recommend you purchase a non-slip rug pad so that your rug doesn’t slide around on the surface.

Note: Sliding on hard surfaces can cause your rug to wear.

Yes, it is normal. New rugs shed a few yarn fibers. Depending on the type of weave and the area of placement, the rug will continue to shed throughout its life span.

Note: Vacuum your rug regularly to pick up loose fibers and keep the rug clean


Once we process and dispatch your order, we will notify you via email. The email will contain the tracking number of your order. Use this number to track the shipping status of your order. We deliver all orders via FedEx.

Note: For any queries related regarding the shipping status of your order, contact our Customer Service Department at (301) 660-7046‬ or send an email at  

Most of our items take about three to five business days to deliver depending upon the availability of the product. The time of delivery is subject to the size of the rug and the shipping location.

Note: If we ship your order from our warehouse in Lahore, Pakistan, then it may take about five to seven business days to deliver.     

You can cancel your order until before we dispatch it from the warehouse for shipment and delivery. To cancel your order, send us an email at with the cancellation request, the reason for cancellation, and your order number.

Shipping is free of charge in all states of the USA. For the shipping of promotional items, separate shipping charges will apply. Shipping outside of the US will include custom duties, taxes, and brokerage fee besides shipping charges.


You can make payments via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment through PayPal, Apple Pay, and Affirm is also accepted.

We charge every order placed on our website during the sale. The same criterion is applicable for purchase of back-ordered products.

Sales tax is legally applicable on shipment to the following states of the USA.










New Jersey



S. Carolina

N. Carolina

S. Dakota


New York







W. Virginia





Rhode Island


N. Dakota






Washington, DC

Soon as we receive the returned item:

Check for Damages

Check for repair

In the absence of both, we credit your account as per the criterion.

It may take several days to process the credit depending on the bank you use. After a few business days, the credit will appear on your bank statement.

When you place your order, you have the option to get a printed receipt of your purchase. We recommend you keep a receipt in print with you for record-keeping. If you need an additional copy or replacement copy of the receipt, then email us at


We allow you to keep the rug for a 30-Day Trial. During this time, if for some reason you want to return the item, you can. If the returned item is damaged, is without a return authorization number, or returned thirty days after the issuance of return authorization number, we will refuse it.

If the merchandise is soiled or damaged due to mismanagement by the courier service, we advise you to immediately contact our Customer Service Department or call us at (301) 660-7046‬ to speak to our Customer Service Representative.

Note: For more information, refer to our return policy.

If you are not satisfied with the product we have sent you, then you can easily return it to us. Unfortunately, we do not allow the exchange of merchandise at the moment.

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