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The rugs can be used in a number of spaces for decorative purposes. But the rug must come in a fitting size. A well-chosen rug will transform your abode in a positive way, and the wrong size will bring the opposite effect. You need to calculate the perfect size so they can feel comfortable while they are placed in a room. For instance, sizes 2x3 and 3x5 are best for kitchen and bathroom use. But a dining room will require a rug of around 5x8 or 8x10 size or bigger. Smaller rugs are much easier to place and replace according to the mood, however, bigger rugs will usually demand permanency in position.

Various Rug Sizes

  • Size comes with the placement function like you must have an idea of what function will it perform and where you are placing the rug.
  • Rigs of measurement 4x6, 3x5, 2x3 are standard rugs that are usually placed in rooms to accentuate the fireplace, furniture, or beds.
  • Standard rugs are used as a kitchen mat and can be placed at doorways and hallways.
  • Standard size rigs can also be used at kitchen mags.
  • Larger size rugs comprise 5x8, 8x10, and 9x12 and they are used in living rooms and dining rooms.
  • A pre-made rug can be as large as 12x8.
  • The bigger rugs are used in huge receiving areas and lobbies.
  • Right Way to Choose Right Size

    1. Measure the space using a measuring tape and a temporary marker.

    2. Calculate the size of the space.

    3. Estimate how would you like to place the rug in that space

    4. Place the markers in the four areas where you expect the corner of the rug to be positioned.

    5. Measure the length from corner to corner

    6. Choose the right size of a rug from the online store from the option ‘Shop Rug By Size’

    Tips On Choosing Right Rug Size For Right Space

    Rugs have three different general uses. They are the focal point use, accessory use, and practical use. These are the primary standards when it comes to choosing the size of a rug. The focal point will utilize an area rug of bigger size than the spaces serving as non-focal points.

  • A rug under a coffee table should be bigger than the coffee table but must leave a blank space between its edges and surrounding the furniture
  • The same rule applies to the dining table or rug under your bed.
  • The same rule applies to the dining table or rug under your bed.
  • The rule of thumb is to get an area rug that extends four feet from all side of the thing under which it is placed
  • People want more warmth in their bedrooms so the rug shall be a big one or two rigs of different sizes that complement each other.
  • For a formal feel on the hardwood floor leave 12”-18” exposed flooring.
  • In a small room, however, the exposure left should be around 8”.
  • If the rug is small under the sofa, the back legs could be off while having the front legs of the sofa on the rug.
  • Circular rugs can brighten the right angels of the traditional room.
  • For the dining room, a rug which is four feet wider and four feet longer than the table will do.
  • A king-size bed requires 18” and a Queen size bed requires 12”.
  • Hallways require rugs which will only expose 12” to 18” of bare floor showing around the rug. Heavily trafficked area rugs should be ensured to be wide enough so that you avoid your one foot off as you're walking through an area constantly.
  • You can make the size selection in relation to the furniture in your room as well. To make your furniture lay even in the rug, the measurement of the floor shall be done accordingly.
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