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Choosing a rug demands a prior complete knowledge on the purpose, the rug is meant to serve. The color, texture, style of the rug will reflect the feeling you want to express. Your likes and dislikes matter, as you would’ve experienced certain opinions while looking at area rugs at stores and homes. Nevertheless, area rugs serve myriad functions and the major one is that they define the area! They can add a pop of colors to a dull room or tone down the already brightly colored room. Also, they provide a feeling of coziness and comfort, physical warmth under the foot and proves to be great sound absorbers in a room. At Rugknots, we guide you through the whole procedure of selecting a rug from our wide collection.

Right Rug For The Right Space

A rug is generally selected considering the space for which it is to be bought. There are some do’s and don’ts while buying area rugs. The list is long so bear with us for a while :

  • For more trafficked space, patterned rugs from our collection will perfectly do. As these spaces are mainly all about wear and tear.
  • The shape of the rug should always complement the furniture of the space.
  • If you’re buying multiple rugs for a large room, make sure all of them compliment each other.
  • The area rug should always be bought considering the size of the room, and it should not entirely cover the floor. Leave 9 inches around the edges of the rugs exposed.
  • Bear in mind that a wool rug is always easier to clean than a non-wool rug.
  • The major standard for choosing a rug is the color of the sofa in the room.
  • The look and the feel of a rug come through the construction of a rug. That is determined which kind of a rug it is, for instance, we make hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-hooked, flat-weaved, and machine-made rugs.
  • Open areas like the back door, foyer, garage entry, and side porch doors need rugs that are absorbent, flat, and easy to clean.
  • Rugs bought for a room exposed to sunlight should be carefully chosen, as the color alters a little bit when sun rays reflect over the surface of the rug.
  • A rug purchased for the bedroom should be of the length as to cover both sides of the bed evenly.
  • Choosing a rug can drastically change the appearance of the room, so the rug of a perfect size should be bought.
  • Before purchasing a rug, it is better to do the exact measurements of the area that you want to place your rug. As every size of space has a standard size of a rug.
  • The pattern of the rug, either it has lines or curves etc should be well thought out before the purchase. As the pattern must compliment the overall pattern of the space.
  • The thickness of a rug is essential for consideration, as heavy furniture can cause dents in the rug. Also, such rugs are difficult to carry. However, they do give a posh look.
  • Area Rug Styling Tips

  • Placing a bold color small area rug over the top of a large size neutral color rug really creates a stylish effect. It’s one of the major designer’s tricks!
  • A round dining table will always go with a round area rug.
  • Choose your rug in colors which creates a matching hue with your furniture, pantries, or the vases. It really uplifts the look of the space.
  • Children’s rooms often demand small area rugs, which can complement the miniatures placed in the room.
  • Cushy area rug on the bedside gives a comfy look to the bedroom.
  • Runner rugs in the hallways are actually useful in drawing a direction towards the rooms.
  • A cozy rug can give a feel of warmth to the kitchen.
  • The rule is to have no more than three main colors while choosing a color scheme for your room. The rug should always come to one of the chosen colors.
  • Myriad Area Rugs Styles To Know

    • Runner Rugs: They are designed for the narrow spaces of the home. They are usually beneficial for adding an accent to those spaces of the home which are considered as secondary spaces, such as hallways and corridors. They have the benefit of serving a particle purpose of occupying high traffic areas and providing traction. They reduce the chances of getting slipped or falls. They protect tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring. Also, they give different themes in different rooms. Wool runner rugs trap cooler air in summer and warm air in winters, hence beneficial for maintaining temperature.

    • Round Rugs: They come in a broad selection of material. They are a valuable tool for designing your home interior, which ranges from bold shags to warm wool and in many designs such as Oriental Rugs and Braided Rugs. Quick to dry and can hold water easily, so they are great choices for a room. Also, they give extraordinary effect when placed under tables or other small furniture. They are suitable for bathrooms as well, as they absorb water from the shower.

    • Persian Rugs: They don’t only look extraordinarily beautiful, but also last longer. They are appreciated worldwide for their beauty and a touch of antiquity. Persian Rugs are among the world’s top-ranking categories of rugs. While purchasing a Persian rug, one must be sure that it is handmade or not. Nowadays they are also made by machines. So, Persian Rugs requires its buyer to be an educated one

    • Bokhara Rugs: Located in Central Asia, Bokhara Rugs were originally made by tribes in Bokhara named Tekke but now they are made in different places around the world including Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are mostly found in red, maroon, and rust tones, and are based on double knit patterns with complex designs. Other colors include red, rose, blue, and beige. They are suitable for any kind of space from bedrooms to hallways. They are mostly 100% wool and give a look and feel of silk.

    • Kilim rugs: : They have their origin in Asia, but they are special in their own way and have a touch of vintage class. They bring life to dull spaces and bring an air of culture to space. Kilim patterns are unique and are used in many other kinds of fabrics as well.

    • South Western Rugs: They are best to bring out the rustic or Native American feel in your homes while doing interior designing. They range in various styles from Mexican Guadalupe, Spirit rugs to Zapotec Indian Rugs. A variety of patterns are used in these rugs which reflects the spirituality of the native people. They are in various colors, with each one in different depictions and characters.

    • Jute Rugs: Jute is a plain fiber that is used to manufacture ropes. So, such rugs are long-lasting and they can stand heavy traffic. They are made up of completely organic and natural fibers. They come in various types, with the most popular being chevrons and stripes. They are environmentally friendly. The fabric is biodegradable, so if you’re pro ‘green’ items, then it’s a perfect fit for you.

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