10 x 14 Rugs

Give your room a fantastic new focal point with one of our generously sized 10 x 14 area rugs. From elegant Persian pieces with delicate designs to rugs featuring blazes of color, we have area rugs to suit all styles of décor in this size. Read More

Carol U. The colors were very close to the sample. After a very long search, we are delighted to have this rug in our dining room!! The company is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!!!!!
Ken S. Our whole experience with Rugknots was excellent. The rug is perfect as described and photographed. George was was a huge help before we purchased. They seem to genuinely care about you as the customer at Rugknots. We'll buy there again!
Elaine B. Ordered a second rug after I got the first one as I liked it so much. The price is great, the rug is a good quality rug that looks like it cost a lot more. Good customer service also from the owners.

Gorgeously Colorful 10 x 14 Area Rugs

10 x 14 is a luxuriously large sized rug, which looks great drawing together the couches and chairs in a living room. If you want your area rug to be a real statement piece, this is an excellent size to try. Explore our range of bright and beautiful 10 x 14 area rugs.

10 x 14 Rugs in Various Colors

Our fabulous selection of 10 x 14 rugs is a fiesta of color and patterns. If you’re looking for a vivid shade, search out an overdyed area rug. Overdying is a process which gives the rug an overall color. The completed rug, which has already been woven from dyed wools, is dyed as a single piece which adds a complete overtone of color to the finish. The original design shows through, adding complex tones to the overall color. A large 10 x 14 area rug is a great size to highlight this vibrant technique.

10 x 14 Patchwork Rugs

If you prefer a whole spectrum of colors rather than one main shade, look out for patchwork rugs in the 10 x 14 size. Again, a generously sized patchwork rug makes a gorgeously bold statement in a living or dining room. These rugs are made from segments of many separate area rugs knotted together to create a perfect riot of colors!

However, a color doesn’t have to be dazzlingly bright to be eye-catching. The subtle beauty of the patterns in our traditional Oriental style area rugs is exquisite; and with many shades woven into each design, you can always find the right complementary color for your decorative scheme. A large 10 x 14 rug gives these delicate patterns a real opportunity to shine. Look out for natural greens and golds, or rich, deep reds.

Quality and Durability: Our 10 x 14 Area Rugs Are Made to Last

If you’re investing in a large area rug, such as one of our 10 x 14 sized rugs, you need the reassurance that it will last. Yes, a machine made rug can look great – but how long will it keep its good looks? There’s a direct relationship between how durable a rug is and how much time and care went into its creation.

Hand Knotted 10 x 14 Rugs

Our rugs are hand-knotted by skilled artisans in Pakistan, the home of quality area rugs. Many of these talented weavers have grown up in rug-making families, using techniques that have been passed down through the generations. The result is rugs that have been made with painstaking precision and care, and they are built to last. Our individually-made rugs are of exceptionally high quality – and just think, one day your grandchildren may take some of their earliest steps on your RugKnots rug!

The colors we mentioned earlier are vibrant and lively, thanks to the quality vegetable dyes used by the manufacturers. If well cared for, your 10 x 4 area rug will keep its bright colors for many, many years to come.

Key Features: 10 x 14 Rugs

  • Made in Pakistan by expert rug makers
  • • A very high knot count per square inch
  • Made from the finest quality New Zealand wool
  • Obtained from wool suppliers with high welfare standards
  • Beautiful, vibrant colors from organic vegetable dyes
  • Hand washed for a soft pile
  • Allergy-free and hypoallergenic
  • Generously sized for a plethora of design uses