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Curtains are one of those design pieces that can make practically any aesthetic look better, regardless of your home décor taste. Curtains, on the other hand, are frequently overlooked. In fact, for a lot of people, they're almost an afterthought. When you consider the expensive cost of many curtains, it's easy to see why most people are hesitant to buy them. Fortunately, there are many best places to buy curtains online that provide a wide selection of cute and economical options that may help make a space feel cozier, especially if you're looking for the finest blackout lining curtains to reduce glare in and around your home. A good set can also lower your heating expense and give you more privacy, as noisy neighbors are less likely to see what's going on inside your apartment. So, whether you're looking for thermal curtains or just want to discover a retailer who can assist you choose the best fabric for curtains, this roundup has all the best places to start your search about home décor and get one step closer to the interior design of your dreams. The following are the top 15 curtains for 2023. These custom curtains have been tested and true, so you can trust your purchase when you buy one of them. There is a range of styles and colors to choose from on the list.

1. BGment Blackout Curtains 

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Do you love to nap by 3pm each day? If so, bright sunlight may be your enemy. The innovative blackout curtains collected here are designed specifically to reduce light and heat entering immediately through your window coverings, providing complete darkness for sleepers who like night mode. It's high time you take steps before it's too late! Be sure to choose our specially crafted Blackout Curtains today, all at affordable prices.These curtains measure 42-inch wide (per panel) x 63-inch long; easy installation & blackouts created with the blocking of 99% of solar radiation . Ready for a good night's sleep? Make sure you're fully dark territorially with these blackout curtains. These 100% Polyester panels are also climate controlled, helping you save on electric bills by insulating against heat in summer heat or cold in winter chills.

BGment Blackout Curtains


2. NiceTown Patio Sliding Door Curtain

Look no further if you need to complete the perfect bedroom and want room darkening curtains that are more than just functional! These blackout panels will be the perfect choice for your bed because of their appealing look and many functionality. The fabric of the blackout curtain is a highly soft and heavy triple-weave polyester fabric. The top has 14 silver grommets (inner diameter of 1.6 inch) for a modern look and simple hanging. These extra-long drapes are long enough to completely conceal a sliding door. Furthermore, the curtain panel aids your patio door in blocking out the majority of light and UV rays, as well as providing excellent thermal insulation, noise reduction, and privacy protection. These large door curtains can be used alone or in conjunction with NICETOWN sheer curtains. Years of use will be able to survive a high-quality finish. There is no bleaching in this mild detergent. Ironing at a low temperature. Sharp objects should not be used to scratch the stylish curtains.

NiceTown Patio Sliding Door Curtain


3. Grommet Thermal Insulated Curtains

Enjoy the view of your loved ones as they enjoy their favorite TV series on these light-blocking curtains. Take these Grommet Thermal Insulated curtains home now for a better viewing experience of those happy household moments with your family! Enjoy watching little Cooper as he learns how to ride his bike, and grandma with her knitting needles. These BGment light filtering curtains stay cool even in hot summer days and keep dark – so you can sleep soundly at night with them closed. Keep out the cold with these BGment Curtains which are made from innovative triple-weaved textured microfiber blackout fabric that looks good all year round! The Grommets add a beautiful detail to the design while also providing an innovative pocket for comfortable fitting over other curtains without tearing or tearing at the seams. Extra roomy to prevent any potential water spillage. Get yours today!

Grommet Thermal Insulated Curtains


4. LB Halloween  Bathroom Curtains

The Halloween Shower Curtain for Bathrooms will make your day. Polyester imported and home decoration imported, green environmental protection material. The water-proof shower curtain with adorable design is an art that can brighten up your room, add more color to the dull space in the bathroom and always make you happy. It's not only a shower curtain, it can also be used to seal off any deck or tub enclosure and it has metal grommets at the top so you can hang nails over it for economical use in place of hardware hooks. A perfect choice when living on a budget! Our bath-size shower curtain has you covered. With its durable, 100% polyester fabric and metal grommets for secure hanging, this stylish alternative will conform to any environment while still letting your creativity shine.  Strike the perfect balance of style and functionality with this new shower curtain!

 LB Halloween  Bathroom Curtains


5. Room Darkening Window Curtains

You're looking for the perfect way to keep your room dark. There's no better option than these blackout curtains with innovative triple-weave fabric and beautiful designs like Rustic Floral, Retro Chevron, Shimmering Damask in Ruby Red. These luxurious panels are made of 100% polyester imported from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factories that ensure textiles meet high safety standards. You'll love how they block sunlight, UV rays, sound outside the window, and more while still being breathable so you can feel cooler in summer heat or warmer when it is cold outside. Made in sturdy rods pockets for standard rods or decorative ones up to 1 3/4 inch thick - just perfect for your needs! Creates an energy saving insulating barrier against heat and cold with triple weave fabric that's machine washable. Made in OEKO-Tex Standard 100 factory by a third party company to make sure the textiles meet high safety standards!

Room Darkening Window Curtains


6. H.Versailtex Linen Blended Curtains

Elegant Linen Curtains are made with high-quality, ornery fabric. With careful tailoring and effortless drape, these curtains give any home's windows the look of elegance they deserve. The natural tones will match naturally with other decor to bring an organic feel to your room. These lovely curtains are made of an open weave linen blend fabric with a primitive and natural feel that makes the panels more draped and artistic. They're also formaldehyde-free and eco-friendly, so they'll make your room seem lovely. Featuring an open weave flax linen fabric with a casual and natural pattern, this throw adds a rustic classic and classy touch to your home. These LINEN curtains are not transparent but thick enough to block off some light while allowing natural light to pass through. This linen window treatments creates a completed premium look and feel while still providing adequate privacy.

 H.Versailtex Linen Blended Curtains


7. Blackout Curtain Panels Window Draperies

Summer breezes will never be able to tame these magnificent curtains! With their natural beauty, polyester blended fabric, and smooth draping, they're sure to withstand the heat without any hassle. This set comes with two curtain panels, each measuring 52" wide by 84" long and featuring seven back loops. Without a liner, high-quality fabric feels soft and weighty. Both sides are the same color, thread trimmed and wrinkle-free. 90% of light and UV rays are blocked (Dark color curtains work better). Perfect drapery solution for those looking to block sunshine, nap, or prevent sun glare off their TV thanks to unique triple weave technology. Years of use will be able to survive a high-quality finish. Machine washable and reusable Wash with water that is less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no bleaching in this mild detergent. Ironing at a low temperature. The Drapes come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days!

Blackout Curtain Panels Window Draperies


8. Light Blocking Gradient Color Curtains

Do you want to update the look of your home without breaking the bank? If that's the case, don't wait any longer! These lovely and airy yakamok Gradient Color Curtain panels are ideal for anyone looking for a sophisticated, impressive, and fashionable look for their home.  Each package has two panels. Each set contains two 52" wide × 84" long Gradient Curtain Panels with eight metal grommets each. The curtain's top portion is a greyish white color. These ombre blackout curtains are made entirely of polyester and are extremely soft and silky. This two-tone ombre curtain panels will give your other window treatments a wonderful, modern look. Yakamok gradient blackout curtains can help you get a good night's sleep.  The ombre curtains by Yakamok are built to last. Tumble dry after machine washing in cold water. When needed, quick ironing or steam cleaning

 Light Blocking Gradient Color Curtains


9. Botanical Garden Window Curtains

Lush Décor's Botanical Garden Room Darkening Window Curtain panel set features a beautiful allover design with birds, flowers, and leaves. This is simple to hang thanks to a 3 inch rod pocket. These softly darkening (not total blackout) panels block out your natural light. They also aid in maintaining a pleasant room temperature. The bird window panels with their simple flowery pattern are the perfect accent to any room. S. Room darkening window drapes block out a portion of the light and heat while allowing some natural light in. The two-panel curtain set will complement any window in your bedroom, living room, or dining area. The curtain is made of 100% polyester and features a painterly garden motif. Easy to install, measuring 84" H x 52" W with a 3" rod pocket. Machine wash cold in a mesh laundry bag, gentle cycle, and tumble dried low for easy care and safety.

Botanical Garden Window Curtains


10. Unistar 2 Panels Stars Curtains

2 panels double layer blackout curtain, bonus 2 tiebacks, and 2 removable butterfly bow ties are included in the packaging. Grommets at the top (1.6 inch inner diameter), 52" wide each panel.  Elegant and holy, made of high-quality polyester fabric with white lace within. The suspension is quite draping, which adds to the overall style of the home design. Hollow out star curtains create a dreamy starry sky in your home, creating a lovely and romantic image even when viewed from the outside, ideal for your living room, bedroom, study, or children's bedroom. Imagine the sensation of falling stars on your bed, the floor, and all across the room. This double-layer curtain features a shade layer for a 90 percent blackout effect and excellent sound insulation. Its fiber is machine washable. Washing in cold water on the gentle cycle. Do not bleach; hang to dry in a well-ventilated area. It's difficult to shrink, fade, or deform.

Unistar 2 Panels Stars Curtains


11. Window Treatment Curtains

Sold as a pair, each set includes two lovely solid color window curtain panels. Because white curtains are easily soiled, please notify us as soon as you receive a dirty curtain. Interwoven constructions with thermal max technology block 50% of light, prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your floors and furniture, efficiently prevent cold or heat transfer from outside, and allow you to create darkness at any time of day.  Add a sumptuous aspect and a trendy touch. Create a trendy atmosphere in your home décor that will go with any curtain design. With a variety of fantastic curtain drapery hanging styles, you may save money while giving your space a new look. A curtain rod can be threaded in the rod pocket or pushed through the back tabs for a more collected look. Alternatively, clips and rings can be used to create a clean overall appearance that is easy to hang. Easy to clean and maintain; simply throw it in the washing machine with cold water and non-chlorine bleach.

Window Treatment Curtains


12. Dwcn Ombre Blackout Curtains 

Two gradient damask blackout curtains will be included in your delivery, each measuring 52 x 96 inches. The curtains' 8 silver grommets (1.6-inch inner diameter) make them easy to attach and move, and they fit most common rods on the market. Durable polyester fabric is used to make these ombre blackout curtains. Providing maximum privacy while protecting furnishings from color shadowing. Thermal curtains are ideal for those who work night shifts, sleep late, or take afternoon naps. The color of the curtain deepens as it progresses from top to bottom. Elegant damask design on the front of the curtain with natural gradation effect will provide a distinctive luxury view to your home, bedroom, living room, dining room, and other areas. The medallion patterned curtains blackout curtains have superior workmanship and are color and tear resistant. These room darkening curtains may be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, tumble dried on low, and ironed at a low temperature if necessary.

Dwcn Ombre Blackout Curtains


13. Thermal Insulated Grommet Linen Curtains

With an eye toward fashion and function, this single curtain panel's rich linen material efficiently blocks light while a thermal lining gives it a luxurious draping look. An updated solid textured woven construction has a vibrant yet elegant look. Frame your windows in classic style with this lovely curtain panel. Light Blocking and Thermal Max's innovative technology give blackout insulation in these faux linen woven panels, which drape wonderfully. Put a rod through the grommets and hang this panel in a dining room window to add understated style to your entertainment outfit. This curtain may be machine cleaned in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dried on a low temperature for a natural look. The front and back of this solid blackout thermal grommet single curtain panel are woven in three layers with a tight weave of colorful yarns.

Thermal Insulated Grommet Linen Curtains


14. Bedroom Blackout Curtains Panels

Each box from NICETOWN Store comes with two panels. Each Blackout Curtain is 52 inches wide by 120 inches long. The silver grommet design (1.6-inch inner diameter) adds a touch of casual elegance to your home while making the curtains simple to install and slide. Blackout Curtain Panels that are super thick and velvety are highly upscale. The most significant advantage is that it will provide you with a restful night's sleep, leaving you energized throughout the day. Don't waste time hunting for sheer curtains to match; instead, visit the Nicetown  shade store and choose from a variety of white voile curtain types. Such curtain sets create a more lasting and harmonized window treatment, bringing life to your home. Years of use will be able to survive a high-quality finish. Machine washable and reusable Keep the water temperature below 86°F when washing. There is no bleaching in this mild detergent. Ironing at a low temperature. Sharp objects should not be used to scratch the curtains.

 Bedroom Blackout Curtains Panels


15. Lush Decor Weeping Flowers Curtain Set

\Enjoy your moments of natural light while still maintaining a semblance of privacy and peace of mind with these calming, purple-hued window outdoor curtains that filter a portion of the light. This simple yet effective design provides an extra layer of safety for families with kids or pets in the house. The hanging tabs at each end make it easy to match them with any décor style! These room darkening curtains give you everything you need for thermal protection from the sun’s UV rays and internal heat build up during wintertime without sacrificing on aesthetics. It's a fun and charming modern piece that also darkens the room effectively. It's a win-win situation for any space in the house. This room-darkening window curtain set would look great in any traditional, farmhouse, or cottage setting. The flower petals that cascade down the panels are sure to liven up any area.

Lush Decor Weeping Flowers Curtain Set


Here Are Tips To Choose The Best Curtains For Your Windows

Curtains enhance the room's elegance and are just as crucial to the final design as art and wall color. A well-designed window treatment may turn a plain window into a dramatic focal point. Floor-length curtain panels hanging on an iron rod or ornate curtain rod with finials are now popular. It has a basic and beautiful appearance. Adding curtain panels might be the final layer that completes a room design unless the window has a stunning architectural style. Because there are so many alternatives, choosing the correct curtains for your windows can be a challenging undertaking. Continue reading if you're not sure where to begin. I'm going to provide you with some pointers on how to pick the best curtains for your home. Let's get this party started! The best way to make a first impression is through the front door, and what better way to do so than with stunning window treatments? When it comes to choosing new drapes or shades, there are so many options that it might be intimidating. But don't worry, we've got five terrific suggestions for selecting the greatest window treatments for any area in your home.

1. Hang the Window Curtains High

The most significant consideration in choosing curtains is their height. A curtain should hang just above the floor and stretch well past your window. Give them an extra inch of fabric to drag around the floor for a more traditional look. Hang your drapes a few inches above your windows, rather than directly above the windowsill, to make your ceilings appear higher than they are. In this sleek, urban loft near Union Square, see how we did it. The most crucial rule for appealing, professional-looking window treatments is this: To give your home a sumptuous appearance of extra height, hang the curtains high. In most circumstances, the pole or valance should be placed at least 4 inches and up to 12 inches above the top of the window. When hung at the right height above the window, even a budget valance or unlined curtain panel can seem well done and professional. Do you have no idea how to put up curtain rods? Hire a competent handyman in your region to complete the job right and avoid digging needless holes in your walls.

2. Choosing Colors That Go With Your Decor

When choosing a curtain color, consider how it will complement the colors in your room. It doesn't have to match completely, but choose a color that you can use throughout your house renovation. Normally, we recommend neutral hues, but every now and again, we choose a stronger alternative. We chose window treatments in a rich gold tone to match one of the client's existing art pieces in this Central Park West condominium. When it comes to curtains, finding the right balance of patterns can be difficult. If you use too little, your design will become dull; if you use too much, your environment will become cartoonish. Choose a basic pattern in neutral colors, as we did in this contemporary Connecticut colonial, to establish the right balance. A vertically striped curtain will help your ceilings appear higher than they are.

3. Make Your Curtains Match

Consider ways to incorporate a bright or vivid curtain fabric or pattern into your decor if you're choosing a bold or vivid curtain fabric or design. Our customer requested a set of bright pink curtains for her New Jersey home office, so we had two accent pillows custom-made in the same design and fabric. Finding your style is one thing; determining whether or not your style complements your furnishings is another. If you enjoy strong prints, but your home's furnishings are traditional and serene, go for a large print in a neutral color. Keep in mind that larger patterns will appear better on higher, larger windows. You can choose a pattern that is slightly smaller as well for smaller windows so that the curtains do not take over the room. A colorful room does not necessitate colorful curtains; imagine the curtains closed, creating a colorful wall. Choose a single color or stick to neutrals to draw attention to the furniture. But, if you really need additional color and prints, go ahead and get it.

4. Decide on your personal style

To begin, you must first determine your personal style. Do you like the heavier, darker curtains that make your living room warm and inviting, or do you prefer the lighter, airier sheers that let light in and make your living room brighter? Do you prefer neutral colors, perhaps with a linen texture that complements your earthy taste, or do you want vibrant prints with a variety of colors to really stand out? Many ideas can be found by browsing Pinterest , bed bath, pottery barn , west elm etc. reading home decor magazines, watching Netflix home décor programs, and, of course, looking at what your friends have done. When deciding on a style, don't rule it out just because your furniture won't match.

5. Which Fabric Should You Use

Curtains are a simple accessory to change up. Therefore we recommend changing your curtains throughout the year. Choose a heavier gauge alternative throughout the winter months to keep your home warmer. In the summer, though, choose a light-gauge fabric, such as sheer. To let in as much natural light as possible in this light-filled apartment, we chose white transparent curtains. Fabrics for curtains are frequently used to reupholster sofas and chairs. The objective of curtains textiles in the past was to keep the cold out. The curtain fabric is getting increasingly thin as a result of central heating and double-glazed windows. The goal of upholstered sofas and chairs is for them to last a long period. Thinner textiles can be interlined with insulating felt to keep the cold out while keeping the warmth in. This strategy is used by a large number of hotels. A piece of cloth that sits between the lining and the facing fabric is known as interlining. Interlining helps extend the life of curtains in addition to managing the temperature.

Your room will have more visual intrigue with texture. It adds depth and a design feature. The visual fabric is meant to be seen rather than felt. You can go for a bold print while still opting for a flat surface. Jacquard fabrics feature a print as well, but it is woven into the fabric rather than printed on it. Both have the same visual effect. When we talk about texture, the tactile fabrics are the ones that come to mind first. Velvet, wool, silks, and linens are all popular choices. They'll come in handy while you're pursuing your personal style. Silk and velvet curtains, you can guess, offer richness to your living room, while wool creates a cozy ambiance. Many people choose to wear silk. However, because actual silk deteriorates over time, it is not suited for long-term use. Instead, choose imitation silks, which are more durable.

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