RugKnots Trade Program

A Trade Program Curated For the Rug Aficionado

Access to Exclusive Pricing and Offers

RugKnots' First Choice program offers competitive pricing, and world-class service so you can spend less time shopping and more time creating. Do not waste days searching for the perfect rug. Let RugKnots help find rugs that fit your specifications to help you trade better. We will send you a variety of examples that you and your clients can look over. If we do not find the perfect rug, we will keep searching!

Personalized Service

With an in-house personal account manager helping you order the perfect rug for every client. RugKnots First choice is the premiere program for industry professionals looking to decrease cost, while not sacrificing on the quality artisanship you expect. To help enable you to meet your creative potential, RugKnots offers an expansive selection of world-class rugs in numerous colors and patterns so that you can find the right rug for the job.

Free Shipping

All US orders ship for free. We also will help you with any unique delivery options.

Track Your Earnings

Buy more, trade better, and save. Track your spending & rewards with ease, with exclusive deals and savings.

15% off on your first 4 orders

20% off on your 5th order and beyond!

Refund Guarantee

100% Refund Guarantee on all orders