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A tapestry is an important form of art that has been around since the medieval ages. It's a versatile piece of fabric that can be used for many purposes, including decoration and to depict history or other significant events. There are several different types of tapestries, but one type, in particular, stands out as being particularly noteworthy: the wall hanging tapestry. Wall hanging tapestries are often hung on walls for decorative purposes, and they can make your space look elegant while also telling a story about where you come from! The year 2023 is right around the corner, and now's the time to start thinking about what you want your home decor to look like. If you're looking for a new tapestry, check out our list of the 12 best tapestries for 2023! What are tapestries? They're fabric wall hangings that can really tie together any room in your home. Hang them on their own or pair them with other wall art pieces to create an artistic focal point. Our favorite place to shop for these beauties is Amazon since they have endless options at affordable prices! Check out our top picks below! Here are twelve notable examples of wall-hanging tapestries available for purchase right now!

1. Boniboni Trippy Mushroom Tapestry

When you're on the Boniboni Trippy Mushroom Tapestry, getting lost in your task is more enjoyable! This psychedelic tapestry can absorb visual stimuli from any angle to produce a bizarre scene. With a fantastic wall mural produced by your thoughts, show the office what it's like to be a wizard or elf!What a wonderful artistic idea! Mushrooms, snails, fantasy plants and leaves, sun and moon form a beautiful and spectacular landscape. This unique piece of artwork tapestry would be perfect gifts for any indoor and outdoor use. Boniboni is a comprehensive home textile company which integrates design, production and sales. This piece features vivid colors and crisp lines, it will add a sense of mysterious and eye-catching to your room. Make a complete transformation to your room.Machine or hand wash with cold water on gentle cycle. Hang dry only. Please iron it at lower temperature.This moon tapestry is very easy to hang by using decorative tacks, push pins, thumbtacks, command strips or velcro tapes.

Boniboni Trippy Mushroom Tapestry


2. Veemonik Psychedelic Mountain Tapestry

Veemonik is a brand well-known for their psychedelic items. Look no further than this tapestry, the "Psychedelic Mountain Trippy Tapestry" to provide you with beautiful colors and artistry that will decorate any room of your home. This beautiful medium sized tapestry has a mountain scene in the background and comes with pre-set eyelets for mounting on any wall or frame. This psychedelic tapestry is constructed of 100% premium polyester for a luxurious feel. You can also shine a color-changing led light on it to create a stunning effect. Only the two ends of the wall blanket tapestry must be attached to the wall. It's simple to put up and won't damage your walls. Tumble dry on low and machine wash in cold water.  For superior softness, wash on a frequent basis and dry quickly. To brighten up your life with the trippy psychedelic tapestry. It may be used as a curtain, ceiling, bedspread, picnic blanket, shower curtain, furniture covers, sofa covers, automobile roof decoration, and party décor, among other things. This hippy mushroom tapestry is very stunning. It can be hung on your bedroom wall. Our designs go with any decor and make great gifts.

Veemonik Psychedelic Mountain Tapestry


3. Spenlife Tree of Life Tapestry

Lose yourself in a bubble of serenity with this Tree of Life Tapestry from Spenlife! Made from high-quality, breathable polyester fabric, you can hang it up anywhere to add a touch of exoticism and cheer for your home or office. Spenlife's black and white tree of life tapestry is perfect for bringing some decoration to your space. It has an elegant design that uses high-quality material for its brightness without sacrificing comfort or durability. This tapestry is great for so many different occasions. It can be used as wall hangings, sofa covers, indoor tablecloths and outdoor picnic blankets, ceiling hangings or even to cover desks in the office. The tree of life pattern makes this product unique and adds a world-class touch to any room environment it's placed in.  With it being so easy to use, there are countless ways you can find a way to display this tapestry in your home whether it be by hanging it on the wall, layering it over furniture, or using it as a tablecloth . It would make the perfect gift idea with its welcoming tone!

Spenlife Tree of Life Tapestry


4. Krelymics Nature Landscape Tapestry

Krelymics mountain sunset tapestries, which are made from premium polyester fiber, are perfect gifts for any indoor and outdoor use. The wonderful combination of mountain, sunset and forest, will give you a different novelty experience. Make a magic transformation to your room. You'll feel like you're one with Nature wherever life takes you thanks to Krelymics Nature Landscape Tapestry. This is because of the unique climate conditions created by hinging on cliffs or between two mountain peaks at a certain height. Take this mirror to hang in your bedroom for instance! As a professional artist, Krelymics has created more than 30 years of art and design. The landscape tapestry is woven by polyester thread and polyester warp for this high-grade material creates a more vivid color with texture that meets all your needs. You can hang this piece on your wall easily thanks to the strings attached on both ends or cover it up as part of your favorite chair or sofa set; use it for your daylong picnic blanket of beach decoration; make use of an artistic and creative canvas among other things on top of tables and desks in college.

Krelymics Nature Landscape Tapestry


5. The Art Box Green Tree of Life Tapestry

The tapestry is perfect for any room and for travel. This Hippie masterpiece will make an impact no matter where you hang it- from your living room to your bedroom, dorm hallway or even as a backdrop for your picnic table .Wrap yourself in this Art Box Green Tree of Life Tapestries when you are looking to add color  to the walls in any space! Stretch it up over the wall  so you can watch all its intricate weaving process while adding texture to  the blue sky on the ceiling near your bed  to create a focal point. The perfect wall art that can transform any space into a sanctuary of contemplation and mindfulness. Whether you are decorating your home, renewing your walls or making sections for room dividers in the office, this original design will blend seamlessly with any interior theme. This is also the perfect gift for all occasions so send it to loved ones overseas! Art Box is committed to carrying high-quality, breathtaking items for all of your home design needs.

The Art Box Green Tree of Life Tapestry


6. Sumind Japanese Ocean Wave Tapestry

The Sumind Japanese Ocean Wave Tapestry is the perfect addition to any home. The rich colors and gorgeous design will instantly spruce up your space, and this classic tapestry can be displayed on either a wall or as a banner for an area of your choice. With this sturdy and durable Kanagawa sunset tapestry backdrop, you will be able to enjoy the serene beauty of the mountainside resort Sunset House at Sumind hotel. The artful appliqué pattern is finished with elaborate embroidery, making it a very eye-catching decoration for your living room or bedroom.it can easily blend in nicely with any interior décor without overwhelming the space. And thanks to the lightweight polyester fabric material used for production, while being both tear-resistant and washable, you'll never have to worry about any stains ruining this invaluable artwork. The Sumind Japanese Ocean Wave Tapestry is perfect for marine enthusiasts. It can be hung outside or indoors, and looks great on just about any surface! Hang it exotic side up to find your favorite creatures, pulled gently down the wall to mimic an ocean wave—the options are limitless.

Sumind Japanese Ocean Wave Tapestry


7. SheetKart Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

This beautiful tapestry is good for any room - your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom! Hang it on the wall or drape over a bed for maximum effect. Unlike other cheaply-made Indian tapestries that are often made with synthetics and can crack easily. Give your space some added warmth and touch of spirituality with this large tapestry. Beautifully hand-crafted from cotton, it features a rugged yet modern design that will work perfectly in any room for an accent that speaks to you. These handmade Cotton Wall Hanging Tapestries provide a great way to add color and style in your bedroom, living room or home. The Mandala design available in Tapaeth is the perfect artistic allure for people looking to inject some character into their interior space with minimal effort. This tapestry can be used as wall hanging art, bedspread elephant-styling, couch cover and table decoration etc Available in beige or cream colors, this tapestry can function as the perfect wall hanging, wall décor, bed spread, couch cover, window curtain- even lovely art!

SheetKart Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging


8. Lyacmy Colorful psychedelic tapestry

There are a million shades of flowers to choose from, but Lyacmy said it best with their Colorful psychedelic tapestry. If you're feeling eco-friendly and don't want synthetic dyes or PVC backing, this is the tapestry for you!  This tapestry is made from high-quality and lightweight fabric and can be washed and hung outside! This psychedelic mushroom pattern will spruce up any room. The material is durable, machine washable, easy to hang, and available for purchase in five different sizes that are sure to meet your needs. Order one today for a good wall decor piece as well as a staple of comfort! This psychedelic mushroom tapestry is the perfect decor piece for any room. With a durable, machine washable and light weight design, this eye-catching tapestry is a must have decoration item! psychedelic tapestry is the only wall decor that you need! These colorful patterns are handcrafted in loom with real cotton fabric, luxurious plush pile of faux fur on the back side and lightweight feel. They make great wall art but can also be used as table cloths for your next picnic or sofa covers to give your home some new life.

Lyacmy Colorful psychedelic tapestry


9. Bless International Peacock Mandala Tapestry

The Bless International tapestry is a work of art. Hand-woven in India, the mandala artwork shows the peacock which stands for protection and good luck - that’s why it's often placed in front of entrances to homes or businesses. The golden blue cotton material brings your home an exotic flare this season! It has enough length to beautifully hang over your bed, couch, chair or sofa! Bless International's Peacock Mandala tapestry is a perfect addition to any home, office, dorm room or picnic blanket! This unique and affordable Queen size wall hanging is an easy way to express your elegance and individuality. It can be used as a tablecloth for special occasions or the occasional decorating with friends. All fabrics are skin-friendly which means you don't have to worry about it irritating your skin, making this super comfortable for year round use. In addition our Peacock Mandala bohemian Tapestry does not need ironing after washing which saves time. This product can be used in any room by itself as well as on top of another piece like a bedspread, throw blanket or rug for added aesthetic.

Bless International Peacock Mandala Tapestry


10. Amebay Black and White Tapestry

This museum-like tapestry will take you from reality to a land without time or space, where moonlit nights never end! This impressive work of art is distressed for an antique feel and elegantly flows with the latest trends in home decor. Bring this beautiful wall hanging into your bedroom, living room, den or office - wherever your imagination takes you! This colorful tapestry can be used for arts and crafts, but it also doubles as a blanket. It comes in white with black stripes. The bohemian tapestry style is ideal to decorate any room in your home! For instance, if you attach wreaths onto the wall or ceiling, use this tapestry to hang them from or at least locate them under so you can get an adequate view of them.  It works wonders as a tablecloth and even on the back of furniture such as couches and love-seats where most people would not care about how many drinks they may spill. Customize your wall just what you want and create a beautiful home for you.

Amebay Black and White Tapestry


11. Inscydina Colorful Abstract Art Tapestry

The abstract wall tapestry features a colorful design that is sure to brighten up any room in your house. The polyester material is perfect for home decorating because it is lightweight, durable, and gorgeous. This tapestry will always look brand new with its beautiful refined embroidery which holds the colors evenly in place without straining or pulling. Whether you want an addition on your couch or bedside table setup, or something recent enough to fill up space on wherever else needs more decoration, this tapestry was made just for you!This tapestry provides a professional and witty introduction of this piece. It also uses persuasive language to convince the reader that the product will positively enhance their mood status.This colorful tapestry uses digital printing technology to ensure that the pattern is highly clear without worrying about fading. This tapestry can be used for a variety of purposes including wall hangings, ceiling decorations, bedspreads, dormitory decorations, curtains, sofa covers, tablecloths or porch hangings. It also makes the perfect gift and easy hanging for friends on any occasion.

Inscydina Colorful Abstract Art Tapestry


12. Livole Skull Starry Wall Hanging

The Livole Skull Starry Wall Hanging is a wonderfully crafted work of art. You will love the intricately designed motives on this tapestry. The design is perfect for creating an eerie vibe in your room, bringing it to life with these fictional creatures. Embrace their menacingly and have fun decorating! Livole Skull Starry Wall Hanging is a colorful addition to any space. This contemporary geometric print is available in different sizes and will not disappoint no matter the occasion. Who doesn't want a tapestry that will brighten up their space? This black tapestry is ideal for beach towels, picnic blankets, porch hangings, tablecloths, bed spreads, and as a thoughtful present for family and friends. We're talking about this psychedelic mushroom tapestry with push pins or decorative tacks that's easy to hang anywhere. It's versatile and durable so it'll last forever. Hand washable but not discouraged from machine washing either in cold water so it won't shrink too much in size! Perfect for top of full bed, wall hanging, or even as a tablecloth; this tie dye tapestry will serve you well for years to come with its polyester construction.

Livole Skull Starry Wall Hanging


Here Are 10 Tips to Hang Tapestry on Your Wall

Tapestries have made their way into home décor trends in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is that tapestries combine the colour and beauty of conventional wall art with the texture and warmth of area rugs. These wall hangings' versatility allows you to show your particular style and decorate in ways that traditional wall art cannot. Let's look at several different tapestry decorating ideas for your bedroom, living room, or wherever else! People frequently overlook the ornamental potential of a blank wall. Sure, you can hang paintings and family photographs to make a gallery wall, but what if we told you that you could go much further? Tapestries are one of the simplest yet most imaginative methods to dress up a barren wall in an eye-catching way. While we don't recommend turning your living room or bedroom into a tapestry museum, textile arts, old fabrics, and even brightly coloured textiles are ideal for hanging above the sofa or behind the bed. It gives a room more colour, volume, and pattern. If you're wondering how to hang a tapestry on the wall, we've compiled a list of foolproof ideas that won't damage either the tapestry or the wall. So, before you go out looking for the right tapestry for your walls, keep reading to learn about some creative ways to hang a tapestry.

1. Nails or Pushpins

Nails or pushpins are probably the easiest way to hang a wall tapestry. However, this is only true to larger tapestries, as smaller ones may develop gaps. You can either hang it taut by hanging the tapestry by the corners, or you can hang it loosely. Attach it with a row of nails on the head of the piece for a straighter look. Tapestry is a woven decorative cloth with a design that develops during the weaving process. Almost any heavy textile, handwoven, machine woven, or even embroidered, used to cover furniture, walls, or floors, or for the ornamentation of garments has been given the name. A tapestry is a type of wall-mounted textile artwork. Custom-made tapestries the size of your entire wall are also available. A tapestry is a type of wall-mounted textile artwork. Traditional versions are hand woven on looms, whereas modern versions are imprinted on cloth.

2. Rod in Casing

 Delicate tapestries with delicate needlework may come with a rod casing that is intended for hanging. These are really simple to hang and require little effort. All you have to do now is choose a rod that matches the tapestry and insert it. How do you hang that tapestry if it doesn't have a casing? You can make one yourself! Simply sew a heavy-weight fabric across the back of the rod throughout the width of the rod, as well as around the top and bottom of the fabric strip to leave space for the rod. If you're worried about it not being a straight stitch, a seamstress can assist you. This is a beautiful way to display a tapestry or a variety of carpets.

3. Put it in a frame

Who says your tapestry can't be turned into a work of art? Simply use a staple gun to stretch it out on a wooden frame or plywood board. If the tapestry is thin, you'll need to stretch and nail a canvas to the frame to prevent the wood from showing through the translucent cloth. If you're wondering how to hang a tapestry so that it doubles as a work of art, this is the way to go. People have used tapestries and fabrics to decorate their homes for millennia, and the tradition is still going strong today. Wall tapestries are one of the most accomplished textile-based art forms, with a diversity rarely seen in traditional art mediums. They come from a broad variety of cultural backgrounds, offering them a diversity rarely seen in traditional art mediums. That pattern of the gorgeous piece is still evident in present times.Because they are designed from many ethnic backgrounds, the tapestry wall hangings appear to be truly historical. Textile-based art styles are extremely durable and accomplished, among other things. Tapestries have been a prominent feature of any home's décor in recent years.

4. Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are a type of hook that is used. Do you want to know how to hang a tapestry without damaging the walls? Adhesive hooks are a win-win option because they can be removed without causing damage to the tapestry and do not leave a hole in the wall. If you live in a rental home or move frequently, this is the best option to hang a wall tapestry because it's simple to put up and take down. Hang the tapestry on the wall hooks by tying loops of rope or string to the upper corners. If your tapestry doesn't already have grommets, another creative option is to add them to the corners. You can also use curtain rings for a bit of a drape and a classy aesthetic when utilising adhesive hooks as one of the tapestry hanging ideas.

5. Velcro Strips

 Velcro strips are another safe and damage-free method of hanging a wall tapestry. This method does not require any additional hardware and offers the tapestry a much cleaner appearance when it has been hung. So, if you're seeking for tapestry hanging options that don't require the use of hooks, clips, pins, or nails, go no further. Here's how to use Velcro strips to hang a tapestry. Measure the tapestry or rug against the wall and note the location where you want it to go. The Velcro strips should then be attached to the tapestry and the wall. Remember that the tapestry must be allowed to set before it can be hung. You can use Velcro on all four corners to make the tapestry tight and straight, or simply on the top for a more flowy effect, depending on how you want it to look on the wall. If your tapestry is particularly huge and heavy, however, it is preferable to add a strip at the bottom for added support.

6. Foam Core

This method is quite similar to stretching the tapestry on a wooden frame or a plywood board, but instead of using wood, it uses a foam board and takes some DIY abilities. Prepare two sheets of foam board by glueing them together ahead of time. Also keep in mind that you'll need extra cloth to cover the thick foam board's edges. After that, cover the foam board with a strong linen cloth and staple it to the back of the board. Then, using a curved needle, sew the tapestry to the fabric. Any tapestry product should never be washed in a washing machine. Always hang to dry laundered fabrics or products; never use a dryer! Scotch Guard should be used on a regular basis. This adds to the fabric's protection. 

7. Frames 

How do you hang a delicate, elaborate tapestry and/or vintage rugs? Simply frame it and put it behind glass. Choose a frame that complements the tapestry's appearance, and you'll have a tapestry that can be used as both a painting and a tapestry. A tapestry is a woven painting made of cloth. It's a wall-mounted decorative rug with elaborate graphics or designs on it. Some tapestries, such as the well-known Unicorn Tapestries, use their images to convey stories. It's a fantastic concept to weave a picture into cloth since it makes art more accessible and portable. A wall tapestry is a woven wall hanging that depicts a scene or a well-known painting. Tapestries from the Middle Ages and Renaissance were initially created in Europe to decorate castles and big churches. Initially, they were used to show religious situations, but later they were used to depict historical events. 

8. Rope or Cable 

This is one of the simplest tapestry hanging ideas you'll find if you're crafty and don't mind spending some time DIYing your room. You have two options: use a needle and thread to thread a rope through the top of the tapestry, which includes a little pocket for a rope to pass through, and hang it from nails or hooks. If you want to just clip it, hang it, and forget it, utilise a cable system. This is ideal for those who want a little more seclusion. Tapestry/needlepoint is a type of counted thread embroidery in which a tapestry needle is used to stitch thread through a stiff open weave canvas. The majority of tapestry and needlepoint designs cover the entire canvas and can be worked in a variety of stitches and patterns. 

9. Create a Canopy

When it comes to figuring out how to hang a tapestry, there's no reason to limit yourself to merely walls when you can get creative and improvise. To make a warm, dreamy, boho-chic environment out of your bed, a sitting, or a reading area, hang the tapestry from the ceiling and onto the wall (using the manner described in point 6) You may obtain that canopy-like aspect by attaching a small hook or a piece of rope to the centre of the tapestry. That is one cool method to hang a tapestry on the wall! Tapestries look great in lounges, studies, halls, and bedrooms. You and your guests will spend more time admiring your art tapestries here. Places where a tapestry should not be hung include: Due to their heat and moisture levels, kitchens and bathrooms, on the other hand, will create moisture retention in the tapestry.

10. From the Ceiling 

Do you have a lot of bare wall space in your room? Do you live in a dorm and require a privacy divider? In both of these scenarios (and more), a tapestry on the wall is the best alternative. This is where vertical tapestries come in handy. Here's how to suspend a tapestry from your ceiling. Attach adhesive hooks to the ceiling, tuck the tapestry's ends, and hang the tapestry's corners from curtain rings or grommets. If your ceiling is drywall, you can also use nails or pushpins. However, keep in mind that gravity is at work, so you may want to add some extra nails for extra support. By draping the tapestry and producing a billowed impression, this way of hanging a wall tapestry is also ideal for blocking out strong light. When it comes to jacquard woven tapestries, however, the size has a considerable impact on the price. Not only does weaving a larger tapestry necessitate significantly more thread, but it also necessitates significantly larger looms, making the process more complicated. These pieces can complement the taste of all the age groups people.

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