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Scandinavian rugs are quite popular for their neutral colors and minimalistic design patterns. Scandinavian decor is common in households, where you find Scandinavian rugs. These rugs have a practical, yet simple pattern. In most Scandinavian homes, rugs in ivory color are quite in demand. However, you may also see other dark colors like blue and soft ones in different styles.

If you are looking to buy Scandinavian rugs online or Scandinavian rugs in the US, then you have come to the right place. RugKnots is one of the best places to buy rugs online. Picking Scandinavian rugs can be a hassle. It is not as easy as it looks. It is essential for you to understand the design and comfort of the kind of rug that you want. However, RugKnots creates all of this. Their variety of products along with color patterns, designed and price ranges are sure to leave you in awe.

But before we move any further let us learn a little about Scandinavian rugs which include the design, techniques, and history.

What are Scandinavian Rugs?

The Scandinavian rugs started in Scandinavia. It is one of the most popular traditions in that region and famous across the world as well. Their craft is associated with regions like Persia and China. Scandinavian local craftspeople beautifully handmade these rugs in countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. This tradition has been ongoing for centuries and plays a significant role as a part of these nations.

The Swedish rugs classified as a contemporary Scandinavian rug is amongst the most popular rugs across the floor today. Scandinavia holds great importance for the story related to the initiation of this kind of Scandinavian rugs since it is elaborate about their social and aesthetic regional conventions.

Crafting Techniques of Scandinavian Rugs

Scandinavian rugs are an extraordinary yet and anciently complex artwork with significant cultural importance to the traditions. This unique kind of rugs uses special weaving and knot techniques by skilled experts employed from Persia and China. The methodology for creating this fine rug product incorporates sophistication and complexity in the eastern world.

For instance, Rya rugs are created via a combination of different techniques that uses needed work, carpet not, and leaving tapestry. Initially, Scandinavian Rya rugs were designed by artisans that used to symmetric Turkish, not that for directly wrapped using a unique woven backing. There were small holes present in the rugs, which enabled the craftsman to insert space knots throughout the product using a large-sized chemistry needle.

The set of piles used for Scandinavian rugs were placed faced downwards, which allowed a better form off and solution. Ornamentation, along with design elements were woven at the backside of the rug, using a range of solid color palette. As time passed, this technique was then reversed. This resulted in a more colorful form of Scandinavian rugs in the mid-20th century that caught everyone’s eye.

The style followed by a Scandinavian rug is quite complex and was introduced by Marta Maas F-Jetterstrom. His work mainly focused on creating a modern outlook well-communicating intimacy of the world around us. He uses approaches like geometric inline figures. The artwork off Scandinavian rugs has been displayed in various art museums across the globe and puts a remarkable reputation for around 70 years.

The Scandinavian rugs use a wide range of vibrant color palettes. At RugKnots, we make sure to enrich the rugs with neutral colors that provide noticeable shades like beige, grey, and white alongside hues of pinks. At times it may use elements of populous and can play around with twisted color schemes. Often Scandinavian rugs trend using a color scheme of grey and blue blush pink that adds to the sophisticated aesthetic looks of your living room.

Why should I buy Scandinavian Rugs in the US?

You can use these convenient rugs in your living room with minimal patterns and solid colors. You can either resort to basic forms or thin lines. The Scandinavian rug material is of great consideration along with an account of ornaments as it adds character to the product.

You can easily buy Scandinavian rugs online and increase your Scandinavian decor. Since these kinds of rugs make a popular choice and add to your versatile collection, we have today a set of Scandinavian drugs at RugKnots that you can choose from.

Colors of Scandinavian Rugs

Scandinavian drugs follow a ballot of seven neutral colors.

The list includes the following:

  • White Cliff beige
  • Golden basketry
  • Fossil grey
  • Stone white
  • Medici grey
  • Elegant charcoal
  • Deep onyx

Not only are these colors fun but they provide a bright color pattern for your rooms.

How to Style Scandinavian Rugs?

It is easy to style your Scandinavian rugs in accordance to your home decor. It will greatly blend if you have a Scandinavian decor, however, if not then you can use a few ideas and color combinations to design it with.

You can style your Scandinavian rug with a white furniture room and a black coffee table. You can also use it with a light grey sofa and a wooden coffee table but white marble.

If you have a room with black furniture give me want to opt for a Scandinavian rug with pattern work. Dark colors can be combined with furniture of light shades.

However, you may wish to add them even in your bedrooms; which should provide aesthetic appeal and soothing interior. You just need to play with colors and be creative with your Scandinavian rugs. Either way, they will add to the beauty of your interior.

Why Should I Buy Scandinavian Rugs Online from RugKnots?

If you like to experiment with your household designs then Incorporating these famous Scandinavian rugs will be a great addition to your interior design. RugKnots is now promoting these Scandinavian rug designs and adding an exclusive discounted price.

You can use these as a fashion trend with a quick nationwide delivery provided by RugKnots. RugKnots provide you a safe packaging along with quick delivery service right at your doorstep. Since they are passionate about the work they offer, they claim to provide the lowest prices online in the market. RugKnots greatly believes in customer satisfaction and hence provides a complete guide that will help you in buying your desired product.

You can easily buy top-rated Scandinavian rugs which will be a worthwhile investment for your house decor. With a 30-day return policy and a free trial period scheme, you can decide if you wish to purchase the product or not. RugKnots further offers you a money-back guarantee to gain your trust and to leave you happy.

These coverings are a perfect choice for your home which are available at RugKnots at a feasible price range and additional discount offers. You will be delighted to find out that they also offer customized designs drafted by highly skilled artisans. The materials and techniques used are over the top, which results in a unique product.

RugKnots provides you with products that are factory direct. This means that there is no interference by the salesperson order middleman additionally saving you from any internet fraud.

All in All

RugKnots offers you a great opportunity to get your hands on the most unique Scandinavian rugs that you can buy in the US. Not only will it add to your Scandinavian decor but give your household a warmer and more elegant look.

If you are unsure of where to buy Scandinavian rugs online, then you can always seek guidance from the RugKnots design team. The design team ensures to help you in picking out the best price product of your choice. Since they value customer satisfaction, you can resort to all your queries through their 24 hours long available customer service.

RugKnots was established back in 1987 and has been providing remarkable service trends in the past 30 years. As a part of the sales, this brand tends to do need a portion to provide education to the underprivileged in Pakistan this is an initiative to reduce poverty and ending child labor in the Pakistani community is. They consist of a skilled Pakistani craftsman teen which provides you top-notch rug and a feasible price.

If you wish to buy the Scandinavian rug of your choice, you can always get in touch with the RugKnots team; as they can provide you a customized service that is right for your homes. You no longer have to worry about color combinations and design patterns since they cater to all your needs. You can simply discuss the kind of design that you want and they will ensure to provide you your desired product.

Additionally, if you have any queries then you can always resort to their reliable customer support team which will help you throughout the process.

Now, waste no more time and go buy Scandinavian rugs online!
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