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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

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Whether you are designing your corner office on Wall Street, your cozy home office, or your not so cozy cubicle, office decor ideas can be an excruciating task. 

But, I have compiled a list all of the factors you should consider and how to design around them.

Decorating your office is not as easy as decorating your home or some interior designing task

You must keep these key things in mind:

  • Do you have clients?
  • Are you offering a service or a product?
  • Is your profession fun or more serious?
  • What type of environment do you like to work in?
  • Do you have a cubicle, home office, or corporate office?

If you ask me, I am a fan of using the brightly colored and catchy overdyed rugs in your offices.These are also famous for office rugs.

Below I give you a few simple tricks to follow to make the whole process as smooth a possible!

Office Rugs: Yay or Nay?

I am being brutally honest here: I absolutely love rugs in my office. Yet during the course of this article, I would try to be as objective as I can. Office carpets resemble home ones in most of their aspects. Below is the list of factors that for once can impact your decision of having one.

Who Pays?

Rugs can come in expensive (unless you get them from Rugknots of course), all the more if you are paying for them.

In case your employers are doing you the favor, you ought to step the steam up. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are baring the cost, you better know the market rate. In that regards, how much does office carpet cost? It depends, both on quality and quantity (dimensions). Carpets tend to start around the 100 buck mark and potentially touch millions. A decent carpet would cost you in the upwards of 1000.


Is your office good enough for a rug? Is there a void that needs filling? Rugs do liven up the surroundings but only if standards of proportionality are met. By those standards, what size should an office rug be? You should be looking at a carpet that’s large enough to be tucked under sidelining furniture. Too small a rug literally decimates any sort of presentability, all the very least adding some. I am pretty pessimistic of such space in a cubicle. While middling offices have it pretty cozy, larger ones suffer too given the proportional rise in expenditure.

Well, those were the two factors that could potentially alter your decision of buying a rug for your office. If you are still at it, why not shop one right here, right now? All you need to do is take the office measurements and filter for adjacent sizes. While we are at it, how to size an office rug? Suitable equipment would be a tape measure. Stick the metal strip into one end and note down the linear marker at the opposite one. This gives you either the width or the length. Repeat the process with another two ends to get both length and width. In case you don’t have a tape measure, you can always use a ruler. Yes, the precision suffers but in most cases, you only need an approximation!

Office Decor Ideas For a Classy Look

1. Whether or Not You Have Clients

At the end of the day, your clients are what keep you in business. 

They should be your number one priority when thinking about design.

Here is what you need to know: 
1. If you are using your office for consultations with clients (in home or outside of the home)
Be sure that when they walk in through the door, your face is visible.  It is a very weird thing to say, but, you know what's weirder? Having your clients stand there awkwardly because you didn't notice them while you're deep in thought or typing away. #awkward

If you have a secretary to inform you of when a client will be entering, you should still have your face visible to the door.

As humans, we naturally search for other human faces. For some reason, we find it comforting to be able to spot a face in a room. Having the door in your sight lines will help avoid any awkward situations and put your clients at ease. 

2. The computer screen should never be visible to anyone but yourself

Now this one only pertains to those who have clients. 

You never want to accidentally have one client see the personal information of another client - or if you work at home, a spouse, a child, or a friend.

In some professions, like doctors and attorneys, client information is protected by law. 

Even if you are aren't dealing with information that is protected by law, most people still do not want things like their address shown to strangers.

To avoid the mess, be sure it can't be seen.  If you work in a shared office space, be sure to follow the rules and culture of the office. 

Some employers prefer that screens are visible to anyone in the office. But if your employer does not have a preference or you work for yourself, keep those screens to yourself!

office decor ideas

3. Is your business light hearted or serious?

So what I mean by that is do you have a product or service that is light-hearted or something a little heavy?

If you're a photographer, party planner, or something along those lines, feel free to express as much creativity as possible! With creative professions, you can really have free reign in terms of decor. 

 boss office design

Express your personal style to show your clients who you are and what you are capable of!

If your profession is a little more heavy like an attorney or personal accountant, be sure to express that in what you do. I'm not saying that you shouldn't express your personal style, but you should keep a classic design with timeless decor

This type of design is perfect for attorneys, personal accountants, and professionals dealing with serious matters. 

Office design is really more about psychology than design. Having a whimsy office will show that you're fun and light-hearted, but that is not what you want when you're defending your client in a court of law or writing their will.

The solid wood desk and paneling display solidarity and subconsciously tells you that you're distinguished.  But you don't have to go all out and have your office paneled...

Opt for a solid wood desk, some built-ins to show off your (expensive) books and degrees, and sturdy tufted chair for that distinguished look. 

4. Are your clients regularly visiting your office?

Some designers disagree but I think that it is important to keep consistency in mind. 

Invest in timeless furniture, rugs, and artwork and leave the smaller pieces to be switched in and out. If your clients are coming to you multiple times over their lifetime, you want them to feel at home and at ease. And consistency helps achieve that. 

5. Provide adequate and appropriate seating for your clients

If you see clients for consultations in your office, always provide at least two comfortable seats for the clients.

Even if you usually only have one client, two adds balance to the space. It is always a good idea to have additional seating ready in case someone brings an entourage. You can have simple wood chairs stored in a closet for when the moment arises.

If you want to get your clients in and out (a profession that does not pay by the hour), go for a straight back chair without arms.

office area rug

If you are paid by the hour, choose plush chairs with large armrests and a slightly reclined back.

The former pushes clients out and the latter encourages them to settle in.

Some professionals like psychologists may want to opt for a couch for comfort.

Now that we have covered clients, lets talk about design!

You will need:

  • A desk
  • A chair (for you to sit on)
  • 2 client chairs (if you have clients)
  • Rug
  • Art

My advice is to always start with a office rug ideas. A rug is a large purchase and is very hard to match other design elements to. Find a rug that you love and then build your design from there - followed by art, then the desk, chairs, and accessories.

2. What Type of Space Can You Work In?

Busy Environments 

If you thrive off of busy environments, feel free to go crazy with knick-knacks and design elements galore!

rugs for office space

Keep your rug under desk simple, though. If you decide to go with a patterned chair (like the client above), opt for a simple textured piece like this ivory Soumak rug.

You Need a Clean Environment

Some of us just need a sleek and simple environment to clear our minds and get some work done.

You Need Tons of Light

This is me, for sure!

I love love love natural light so I always try to soak in as much as possible. To optimize the natural light in your office, go for whites and a light and airy rug.

Not all offices have huge beautiful windows so fake it! Use mirrored furniture and lighting, a clear chair, and of course, a huge selfie mirror!

The light reflective surface will help the sunlight bounce all over the space.

This feminine rug adds some texture without weighing down the room. 

Some of Us Need Dark and Cozy

If this is you, go for wood paneling or navy paint. 

Be sure to not overdo the dark and remember to have lots of natural and overhead light. 

It is also important to balance the room with a dark and light mixed rug.  If the rug is too light or too dark, the whole room is thrown off balance.  

What Type of Office Do You Have?

If you have a home office, you can pretty much do what you want.

But if you work in a corporate or shared office, or have a cubicle, you will have to follow along with your office culture. 

If you have a cubicle, you are pretty restricted. Go to the fabric store and grab some nice fabric. 

Velcro the fabric to the walls of your cubical for easy removal and voila! You've got some funky wallpaper!

Add a plant and voila! You just spruced up your space!

If you have your own office, within your greater office,

You have a little more free reign. Be sure to keep with the culture of your company. This is especially important if you have just started working there. 

An example boss office design is if you work at a hedge fund, you may not want pink ruffles and crystals draping from the ceiling. 

After you have worked there awhile, delivered results, and become a boss (in every sense of the word), go crazy with all the pink ruffles you want!

Add some life!

Every room in your home should have a living thing. Whether a small tree, a plant, a cat, some goldfish, whatever.

You would be surprised as to how much a living thing can revitalize your space. Plants bring in some fresh oxygen for an office that can sometimes feel stale.

Place some apples, tangerines, or another fruit in a bowl on your desk.  This will add some life and color and encourage you to snack healthy.

Even better, free Shipping and Returns.  So if you try the rug in your office and it just doesn't work, there is no charge to you!

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