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If you haven't gathered from the mood board inspirations recently, I'm a huge fan of the outdoors and I love bringing nature inside.

Green is the color of forests, fields of grass, rolling hills, ferns, and flower stems.

Green has so many different shades; it can give a room a variety of moods. Overall, though, green is calm and happy, serene and exciting!

Green is the most natural color in the rainbow, so if you're a fan of hiking, being outside in the sun, and enjoying the countryside, green might just be for you!

Our Top Green Decor Ideas

Wondering how to bring green into your home? Looking for a particular shade of green? What colors should you pair with mint green walls?

We've got all the answers for decorating with green!

Myths...and Facts About Green

  • To the pagans, green was a symbol of fertility.
  • Traffic lights are green all around the world.
  • In China, wearing a green hat tells people that your spouse is unfaithful.
  • Green is a lucky color in many cultures... think shamrocks!
  • There are more shades of green than any other color.
  • According to the principles of Feng Shui, green eases absent-mindedness, nervousness, and rudeness.
  • "Green with envy"
  • Green is proven to be calming, stress relieving, and inspiring.
  • Green is the color of the Heart Chakra
  • The solid green flag of Libya is currently the only country's flag of a single color.
  • Green was George Washington's favorite color.
  • Green reminds of the environment!

Shades of Green

As I listed in the myths/facts above, green actually has the most different shades of any color in the rainbow, and it can be pretty difficult to choose which is your favorite!

Personally, I love mint green, chartreuse, and kelly green; although, I'm a firm believer that you can't go wrong when it comes to green!

green decor

I think it's telling that the majority of the names above relate to plant life, from fruits and veggies like lime and pear to herbs like basil and mint and animals like parakeet and crocodile; there is nothing artificial about green!

The most popular greens to decorate with 

Mint Green, a pastel choice that works well with feminine spaces, the English cottage style, and shabby chic decor

Lime Green, which works especially well in pops of color in contemporary and eclectic spaces. Lime green works much like yellow.

Kelly Green, a beautiful bold green that works best in bursts. Kelly green is perfect for modern home if you're looking for a bold color choice to repaint a dresser or an accent wall!

Olive Green, a more traditional green that works well as a neutral. This darker, muted tone green works well in larger doses!

Colors to Pair with Green

Since green is such a versatile color, it has many different pairings that work beautifully!

For my color pairing examples, I'll stick with two generic shades of green: mint green and kelly green. I'm purposefully choosing a light, soft green, and a darker bold green!

You can also use different green rugs like dark green,mint green and olive green rugs to give the room a glossy look.

Colors to Pair with Mint Green

A great color to pair with mint green for a fun, modern vibe is gold! This warm metallic compliments the cool mint green perfectly, creating a simple yet quirky look.

I love the modern nursery below, which uses mint green and gold with a repeating triangle pattern on the green wall decor. Even though the gold is only used in small bits, it is such a great accent color!

On the other hand, if you want to create a light, airy, feminine feel with your mint green, you can pair it with other pastels, like bright pink. Together, mint green and pink are bright, happy, and very very pretty!

My personal favorite color to pair with mint green is grey. Both colors are cool, soft, and muted, and together, they create such a light, simplistic feel

Colors to Pair with Kelly Green

Kelly green is a much bolder color choice. Rather than remaining light and airy like the mint green combos, the kelly green combos are bold and modern!

Pairing kelly green with cobalt or navy blue is a daring choice, which is utterly divine!

If you want to tone down your kelly green rather than liven it up even more, a great way to do so is by pairing it with browns/woods.

As you can see in the beautiful kitchen below, the bright kelly green is a lot more manageable in a space when it is balanced with a complimenting color.

Or, you could go back to bold and beautiful by pairing kelly green with black and white.

This pairing is modern, eclectic, and surprisingly awesom


There are so many ways to use green in your home, and we've brought together some of our favorite green design ideas!

Bring leafy greens, a hike through the woods, and your favorite hilltop into your home!

Green Bedrooms

Because green is such a serene color, it is perfect for your bedroom!

Here are some examples of how you can decorate your bedroom using green to create a relaxed sleeping space, or a fun, vibrant room!

dark green rug

The room above uses an abundance of green! This is a very relaxed space because the light green on the walls is very calm.

I really love the leafy bedding as well, it literally brings the outdoors in! (Not to mention the awesome plant in the corner.)

The room above is the perfect example of how to use green to design a serene bedroom.

Green Kitchens

Green is also a great color for kitchens! (Let's be real, it's great for all rooms.)

green wall decor

Green can be effective in a modern, simplistic kitchen like the one above.

These solid green walls, paired with white cabinets and floating shelves, create a beautiful backdrop for a creative culinary space.

Green backsplash is a great way to commit to green! Paired with extremely simple cabinets and a countertop of the same white, the sea green backsplash above is gorgeous! It looks great with the plants throughout the kitchen.

Green Living Rooms

I love the green sofa in the eclectic space. To much of this dark green would make the room too dark, but this room is thoroughly balanced by the white walls and bright accents.

I'm going to go ahead and plug my own design, because why not!

I used dark greens below to design a nature-inspired living room. Paring these green elements with a bright white or cream wall would make a beautiful space!

Green Dining Rooms

This dark green is so great for the walls below! I love that the designers have paired the green with bright accents and browns.

olive green rug

The greens in this office/dining space are mostly in plant life, and that's great! I think bringing in color with plants is a perfect way to add life to a space!

Other Green Decor Ideas

Terrariums are small tanks filled with an indoor garden. If you don't want to commit to an explosion of green, a small terrarium is a great way to bring a little life into your space.

And last but not least, I just had to include the photo below because it's just so pretty!


Key Takeaways

  • What are the different shades of green?
  • How do you decorate with green?
  • What colors look best with green?
  • How do you decorate with mint green?
  • How do you decorate with Kelly green?


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