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Have you ever gone to someone’s house and we're in love with how their place looks? Here is your need, Read the Complete guide of Inexpensive Area Rugs ideas. Stay Connected and read ahead! Or did you ever stay in a hotel room, yearn for your place to look like this? I’m sure most of us have had to experience this terrible urge and desire. It’s only natural that we too want that high-end looking home and it can get quite difficult if you have a tight budget when it comes to decor. It can become quite a struggle if you have no idea how to decorate your place while staying within your budget line. Add in fluffy cushions, new furniture, and even wall art may give you a taste of that luxurious hotel room vibe you’re craving for. This is a mistake that I've seen most of us make- I included. And we all know what a disaster the room turns out to look like. Even though the furniture and ornaments are quite beautiful, but it still doesn’t quite bring the whole room styles together. There's still something missing and off about the room. You may even feel like you’ve spent a fortune trying to make your house look ideal yet still not product achieving it! Well, there's no need to worry. With just the right rug for your space, you’re going to attain that extravagant luxurious look that you’ve longed for! For me, rugs are quite literally the answer to everything.

  • Want to create a sophisticated look for your place?
  • Feel like your place isn’t too safe for your kids to play?
  • Want to give your room a diverse look?
  • Or maybe you feel like defining your place?

Add in cheap rugs and you’re good to go overstock! If you’re confused as to how to decorate your place by adding in rugs to create a luxury look, keep reading ahead!


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Inexpensive Area Rugs Buying Factors 

Adding in cheap rugs should not only be for decor purposes. You need to take into account many factors before investing in a good quality rug.

Way of Living

    The kind of rug and rug pad you choose depends on the lifestyles you’re living. If you have many kids in the house or even pets, you’re going to need a rug that withstands constant spills and stains. If this is the case, then polyester rugs are the best available option for you to choose from. You should always add a good quality rug pad. Rugs pads serve you with many purposes and will extend the life of your rug. Good quality rug pads are a necessity and there should be no compromises made whatsoever!


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      Before buying area rugs, you need to do some research yourself. First, you need to figure out what kind of material would suit your living space. Analyze each option you have first. Carefully assess the differences in the price ranges, its installation, and the size of the rug. Gather information before invest in a rug can save you from spending a fortune! After you’ve gathered all the information that you need, find out which brand offers the right rug for you at a reasonable price.


      This factor is correlated with your way of life. This is an extremely important factor to consider if you have kids and pets in your house. You need to make sure that you buy the right rug for your household which won't become a menace for you to clean afterward. With kids in the house, we all know just how messy the place can become. So, you should definitely give some thought on this factor before search invests in a variety of products rug items.  We here at Rugknots offer various great quality rugs that still manage to add to the overall aesthetic of the room while being kid-friendly!


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      Design and Styles

        While choosing the right rug styles for your space, you need to make sure it goes with the overall theme of your room while maintaining its functionality. The rug should harmonize with the aesthetic of the room. You need to make sure that the main rug should go along with the tone that you’re trying to set for the room. The rug should complement the walls of the room, the furniture, and the accessories present in your space overstock. Once you’ve figured out what mood you’re trying to set for the room styles, get a color palette and consider what rug hues work best in your room.

        Inexpensive Area Rugs Ideas

        1. Few shades darker

        If you’re someone who has an everlast love for bold dark colors, such as black, then this look is for you. To create a sophisticated look for your bedroom, choose a black high piled area rug accompanied by a modern bed frame and dresser. To create a more excite and elegant look, keep the furniture tone in a contrasting color, such as white. This is a luxurious yet cheap way to transform your bedroom. All you need is a small black colored style area rug! This look without any questions will add the sophistication your bedroom needed. This look is very high-end and is the go-to design for most interior designers. It is also found in many hotel rooms and penthouses.


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        2. Grey on Grey

        This idea is quite in trend these days. This is a simple yet elegant way to style your room. If you have neutral or light-colored furniture and accessories, this works best for you. Get a shag or a light thin grey colored area rug to accompany your furniture in the same tone. It’s a common misconception that space needs to look vibrant and fun in order for it to look luxurious. However, this is not always the case. But if you still want a pop of color in your space, add in cushions of contrasting colors, such as red or yellow.

        3. Shag Rug

        Shag rugs are a really fun and exciting way to transform your space. With its soft plush texture, accompanied by its modern look, it creates a very contemporary and stylish space. Shag rugs look ideal with both contrast and match colors. So if your furniture is in bold and vibrant pretty colors or even in neutral hues, add in a shag rug would work great with both. One of my favorite looks utilizing shag rugs is accompanied neon-colored furniture with a beige colored shag rug. If you have modern furniture, shag rugs work best with them. For instance, if your bedroom is assisted by a modern bed set, add in neon-colored bed sheets and pillow- accompanied by a beige-colored shag rug. This would take your place to the next level styles.


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        4. Jute Rugs

        It’s a common misconception that jute rugs aren’t exactly the ideal choice for area rugs. They aren’t considered to be as luxurious as other rugs because of their texture. However, this is not the case. If you prefer a more minimalistic and simpler look yet still creating an ideal place, adding in jute rugs is the way to go. Jute rugs can go with any furniture pieces, whether they’re in neutral colors or even in vibrant colors. They create a natural look, giving a breath of life to your space. cheap jute rugs are easily available in the market and online.

        5. Tropical-inspired area rug

        Make a statement by adding in a bold tropical-inspired area rug. Its vibrant and rich colors accompanied by its beautifully designed patterns would bring your living area to a whole new level. Choose the accent colors from the rug and add in pillows on your sofas in matching colors. Add some artwork to create and a more exciting feel.

        6. Striking shapes and sizes

        Rugs in different shapes and sizes will for sure catch the attention of anyone who comes over to your house. These rugs, if used in the right manner, will create a very modern and artistic look. Jigsaw shaped rugs are quite in fashion these days. Especially in a fading monochromatic tone. Jigsaw shaped rugs widen the floor space while adding a touch of sophistication and extends the sense of grandeur. 


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        7. Pop art living room

        Be bold by adding in a monochrome striped rug complemented by eye-catching bright colored furniture. The sharp contrasts between the two would create a look you won’t be able to stop staring at! If you have laminated wooden floors, then wait no more and recreate this jaw-dropping look styles.

        8. Pre-loved Rugs

        Previously used vintage rugs that have handles with care can be a great addition to your space. Especially if you a huge living area and the furniture seems to be spaced out, put an end to it. Rugs have the ability to transform your space into luxurious heaven without even doing much. Since rugs are handwoven, they have high durability and last for many many years, which is why you won't have to worry about these rugs already being used.

        How To Buy Pre-Loved Rugs At Antique Shops?

        Morrocan Inspired Shag Rugs

        Moroccan rugs are undeniably beautiful and make your space look like its right out of a magazine! However, a drawback of Morrocan rugs is that they are considered to be quite expensive. If you’re interested in placing a Morrocan rug in your home, but it’s a little out of your budget, we have the perfect solution for you. Interior designers have introduced Morrocan rugs patterns used on shag rugs and we are absolutely in love with them! They give almost the same look that Moroccan rugs do while being cheap. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get that Morrocan inspired shag rug and transform your space right now!


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        Patterned synthetic rugs

        Patterned synthetic rugs are not only beautiful but they are also very durable. Their strands can hold their shape really well and they have a tough texture as well. Another great thing about it is that the colors of synthetic rugs never fade away and are stain-resistant as well. Patterned synthetic rugs can unify the whole look of the room together and give it a bigger, and fuller look. Patterned Synthetic rugs, especially nylon rugs, can give you the same touch as oriental rugs. These rugs are cheap yet still happen to create a comfortably nice living space. However, the material isn’t as good as wool and is machine-woven which still doesn't quite bring the same effect as traditional rugs. Nevertheless, they’re a great substitute for traditional rugs.

        Rug Pad

        A rug pad, or an underlay, acts as a protective shield for your area rugs, and even your hardwood floor! A rug pad of good quality can make a huge difference in the life of the rug. Rug pads ensure to extend the life of the rug while protecting it from wear and tear from underneath. They also tend to be more comfortable than rugs without any padding. It provides you with extra cushioning, softness, and even adds in warmth in the room! This factor is really helpful, especially in winter. It also helps to reduce noise to a great extent. Adding in rug pads prevents scratches to appear on the hardwood floor and stops it from discoloration too! This is why it’s essential to invest in a good quality rug pad- no compromises styles. There is a common mistake that customers make while get rug padding is that they often confuse ‘rug underlay’ with ‘carpet underlay’. You definitely shouldn’t make such mistakes because carpet underlay is not designed for rugs and might even damage your hardwood floor. To help you understand better, let's take an example. Most carpet underlays are made out of a substance known as ‘Polyvinyl chloride’. If an underlay made out of this substance is used for an area rug, this will cause discoloration on different types of flooring.


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        This even lacks the rubber backing that firmly holds the rug in place which prevents slips. Usually, there are 3 materials used for rug padding: 

        1. Felt
        2. Natural Rubber
        3. Combination of felt and natural rubber

        Natural Rubber and Felt are perfect for flatweave rugs. This is because the needle punched felt exterior hold on to the bottom of the rug to secure it and the rubber prevents it from sliding. The combination is perfect to provide the right amount of cushioning and support it needs. It also provides the rug with a non-skid base. If you’re layering a carpet with an area rug, make sure to use a carpet padding instead. This is to protect the carpet laid underneath. Since a carpet’s padding is thicker than a rug’s padding, it prevents the rug from puncturing into the carpet. It also prevents it from bleeding through. For its size, you’re going to need an area rug pad that is smaller than the area rug itself. If you have an area rug that is 8x10 inches, you want it to be 7’10x9’10- it being 2 inches less on each aspect, or 1 inch less on each side. Get a rug pad that is the correct size, or a larger pad so that you can cut it according to your area rug. Sugarman creations nonslip pad is budget-friendly and of great quality too! This pad has a unique and distinct design- it cuts down the amount of padding without compromising the level of grip and comfort. These pads are made out of foam, leaving in spaces for the rug to help the air to leave while cushioning each step laid on your carpet.


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        How To Make An Inexpensive Rug?

        Adding in area rugs is a beautiful way to add warmth and comfort to your space. It brightens up a room and adds to the overall aesthetic of your space. One of the greatest things about area rugs is that they have the ability to bring the whole look of your room together. I have myself and seen others who often decorated their place but there was still something very off about the room. Even though it felt like you’ve almost broken your bank in the process! Well, just add in an area rug and you’ll see for yourself! However, it can be really tricky to buy the right rug. Several factors have to be taken into account; the size, styles and price range. The price range can be quite a burden when it comes to rugs. Rugs are considered to be quite overpriced. In fact, most people refrain from getting area rugs just because of this. Well, there's no need to worry- because we’re going to help you in making cheap rugs just within a day! Keep reading ahead to find out the tricks and techniques you can use while making your own piece of artwork selection! We all know how plain a porch can look like if it just has plain patio furniture. Even if you add in various colored flower pots, there still seems to be something missing. Adding in certainly brings the whole look together. But one thing that stops all of us from getting a rug is how overpriced they are! The only ones cheap are rugs that are plain. And let's be real- they do look a little boring to be rugs. You want something more lively and outspoken. Don’t worry, we’re going to teach you how to make a cheap rug in no time!

        Supplies needed:

        • A cheap plain outdoor rug (6x8 inches)
        • Masking Tape/ Blue Painters Tape or Stencils (Depending on the kind of pattern you want)
        • Paint or Spray Paint
        • Spray Adhesive


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          Scrap or Newspaper

          The first thing you need to do is purchase a cheap rug. They’re super affordable and can be found online too. Once you’ve done that, now you need to decide what kind of pattern you’re looking for. Whether you are interested in having a striped rug, a floral/ geometric rug, or even just a plain bordered rug, keep reading ahead! If you’re interested in having a striped rug, begin by placing the plain rug in an area with open space. Next thing, Begin free-handing the design with the help of your masking tape, going past the edges of the rug. This would help to keep the rug in place so that it’s easier for you to spray paint the rug. You can tape the rug according to the stripes you want; horizontal, vertical or diagonal. For the next step, bring in the spray paint! You can use any colored spray paint, even neon ones! You can even mix the colors, using different colors for each stripe to create a more fun look. Begin by spraying from the end and slowly working your way upwards. After you’re done spraying, do not peel the masking tape off. Wait for a whole 24 hours to dry, allowing the spray paint to completely settle in the fibers of the fabric. Carefully peel the masking tape off. Voila! Your rug is ready in no time!  However, if you’re more interested in having a rug in floral or geometric patterns, you should use high-quality stencils instead. For this look, Begin by spraying your spray adhesive on the backside of your stencil. Choose one corner of your rug to place your stencil at. Make sure it’s leveled correctly. With the help of newspapers, covering the area around the stencil. For the next part, spraying your spray paint on your stencil. For full coverage and to prevent the rug from bleeding, spray your paint directly on to the rug and hold the can close to your rug- about 4 inches. Wait for the paint to dry, and move on to the next section. After you’re done painting, allow the rug to thoroughly dry. Once you’ve done that, your patterned rug is ready to be shown off for selection! If you prefer a rug with just a simple border, it’s even easier to make than the others! Begin by taping your rug. If you want a wide border, tape your rugby a distance of 8 inches. But if you prefer a narrow border, tape your rugs by a distance of 3 or 4 inches. As for the paint, you can choose any color you want. Make sure you’ve laid your rug on a drop cloth before painting. We recommend you to use a foam roller so that you don’t end up saturating your rug. Begin painting your rug, below the taped area. Coat it several times until you have solid coverage. After you’re done painting your rug, wait for it to dry. After it has been dried. Carefully take the tape off of the rug and your beautiful rug is now complete!


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          Make An Inexpensive Rope Rug

          Adding in a rope rug to your space creates a very vintage look. It adds in on your overall aesthetic too. These rugs have really made a statement and are not going away anytime soon. If you’re interested in adding in this beautiful piece of art in your space but it's a little too out of your budget, don't worry! We’re going to help you create this artwork in no time!

          Supplies needed

          • Tarpaulin
          • Liquid nails or super glue
          • Rope


            Let’s get started! Begin by lying your tarpaulin down. This will be the base that you will be gluing the rope on to. Begin to roll the rope you’ve bought into a small spiral. Apply the liquid nail glue in sections while rolling the rope. You may use a strong super glue too but you’re going to need loads of it. We’re using liquid nail glue instead because you can easily get a huge affordable tube with its applicator! Continue rolling the rope until you’ve reached your desired length. Once you do, cut the rope and trim the tarpaulin according to the rug's size. I’m going to admit, this does take quite some time to create, but the result is worth it, believe me.


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            Make a Pom-Pom Rug

            If you think that shag rug you own is comfortable, wait till you try this easy DIY pom-pom rug! Pom-pom rugs are an ideal choice to place in your little one’s room. To create this comfy and beautiful rug, all you need is:


            • Non-slip pad
            • Paper towel roll
            • Yarn 

              Start by cutting your paper towel roll in two halves. Wrap your yarn around the cut paper towel rolls about 90 times. You should use different colored yarn to create a fun look for your kid’s room. After you’re done wrapping the yarn, cut the end of the yarn and then pull it off from the paper towel rolls. For the next step, cut another piece of yarn, almost about 12 inches. Place the coiled yarn on top, utilizing the 12-inch string of yarn, tie a knot around the coiled piece of yarn. Next, cut the ends of the coiled yarn. Repeat these steps and continue making several looped yarns- preferably in different colors. Cut your rug to your desired size and begin sewing the coiled yarn rolls on the rug. Make sure to tie the tail ends of the yarn before attaching them on the rug. In just no time, your pom-pom rug is ready!


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              How to Find An Inexpensive Area Rug?

              Finding the correct area rug can prove to be quite difficult. You need to make sure that you find the right area rug that you desire while being within your budget. The first thing you need to do is gather all the information you can about various brands that sell good quality rugs. There are various elements you should take into consideration. Before moving on to brands, you need to be clear about the purpose of the rug. Even though you might just be adding in rugs to achieve that high-end look, there is more to rugs than just being decoration articles for your space. They add in a certain warmth and coziness to your place. Even if you’re adding in rugs to bring the whole look of your room together, you need to be aware of hues and patterns that will go with the aesthetics of your room. Since rugs have the ability to reduce noise, adding in rugs can create a more intimate and personal space for conversations.

              If you’re someone who enjoys music on loudspeakers, a good quality rug and rug pad can absorb the sound waves to a great extent- keeping your neighbors from search complaining! Once you’re clear on the purpose of your rug, choose the correct material for your space. This depends on the lifestyles you’re living, as mentioned above in the article. The next thing you should take into account is the hues and patterns. Choose whether you’re more interested in vibrant and bold colors or prefer rather neutral colors. After that, determine if you want your rug to be patterned or kitchen plain.

              Now that you know what you’re looking for, search for brands that offer what you desire in prices that are budget-friendly. Thoroughly do your research and compare the prices of different sales brands. We here at Rugknots offer you high-quality rugs with intricate patterns offered at affordable prices, including cheap cowhide rugs and rug runners.


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