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Creativity is everywhere. January is International Creativity Month, and whether your gaze is out the window, or across the room, there are so many beautiful things to admire in recent interior design advances. Have you been looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your home? Have you considered flooring options that are both modern and innovative? If not, then this blog post is sure to inspire you. By reading through this article, we will take a look at 12 creative and innovative flooring ideas that can help bring life back into any home.

12 Creative & Innovative Flooring Ideas That Will Inspire You

12 Creative Flooring Ideas

If you are a creative type yourself, and subscribe to the adage that “If it is worth creating, it is worth creating in a big way,” then you will simply be thrilled by these innovative flooring ideas. From placing area rugs to adding 3D effects on your floors, we'll tell you all. Funky floors and innovative flooring products are becoming more and more popular in home interior design. Here are some of the most innovative and rare picks available on today’s market.

12 Creative Flooring Ideas

1. Glass Floors

It is easy to see clearly how glass floors can create amazing first level floor coverings in open living designs. It might surprise you to note that glass floors are actually strong in structural nature and work well to create stunning focal points and seating areas.

2. 3D Painted Mural Floor Art

Oftentimes we marvel at the beauty of 3D murals that adorn walls or ceilings within churches, museums and capital buildings, yet we fail to consider a hand painted mural as a flooring option. When searching for mind blowing creative floor ideas, we fell in love with this water themed 3D floor mural. We simply love this intricately painted 3D motif created in vivid colors that presents an illusion of texture and height.

3D Painted Mural Floor Art

3. Copper Floors

A penny for your thoughts on adorning your floors with cold copper cash? This penny floor was glued down using Weldbond glue, and was coated with 11 gallons of epoxy to create a 1/8” top above the coins. This particular floor ended up being a bit spendy, as it was created with a total of 37,088 pennies.

4. Lacquer Painted Floor

When wooden floors sustain damage that requires significant repair, opting to sand the floors and painting them with a black lacquer paint is a great salvage idea. Black can cover a multitude of imperfections. Not only that, but black is timeless, and blends with any type of color palette. This room features a classic black lacquer floor with a shiny sheen. We love how the colorful Oriental rug seems to pop with color on the dark floor background.

Lacquer Painted Floor

5. LED Light Up Carpeting

Out of the 12 ideas in this post, this one may be the most illuminating idea. Consider turning your carpet into a light show. This LED Eco wool carpet can light the way for guests. The wool carpet’s embedded LED lights are programmable, and can be tailored to fit any mood. If you have a room you wish to illuminate, LED carpets are one of the most unique flooring ideas on today’s market.

LED Light Up Carpeting

6. Inlaid Wooden Floors

Wood inlaid floors that create intricate murals are revered and considered to be one of the most sophisticated of all creative floor ideas. Most often found in expensive hotels or historic mansions, the ancient craft of inlay, or intarsia actually originated in France in the 19th century. Modern techniques used to apply wood inlays today are created by using laser cutting technology. Often, the wooden inlay floor’s design will be first created by CAD or vector file. Differing pieces of wood are chosen and cut individually by hand laser to create these amazing floor motifs.

Inlaid Wooden Floors

7. Google Maps Carpeting

Since the launch of the first Apollo rocket to the moon, the topography of the earth’s surface has fascinated mankind. In the jet age of 2015, many individuals use Google maps to view actual photos of locations all over the world. Selected overhead satellite photos became the inspiration for this Google Maps carpet. The graphics in this carpet are authentic and were printed from Google Earth. We declare the result is out of this world.

Google Maps Carpeting

8. Resin Epoxy Floors

Resin epoxy floors are creative floor ideas that are attractive to eco-friendly designers. This bright and white floor was created by using a resin, epoxy that was chemically engineered from plant resin. Resin floors are soft and smooth to the touch. They provide a seamless look. This poured flooring was inspired by ice. The designer has added lighting and an open staircase to resemble a night out at a club. Hopefully you can imagine the cocktail glasses clinking.

Resin Epoxy Floors

9. Painted Concrete Sub Floors

If you need to replace carpet, but do not have the budget, consider painting the concrete subfloor. This floor was created in 7 steps by Painters Place. While the task may take a person a few hours to perfect, the cost can be less than $100. If you need to go cheap, this is one of the most inexpensive, but awesome creative floor ideas we found.

Painted Concrete Sub Floors

10. Hand Painted Stenciled Wood Floors

Hand painted, stenciled floors have become one of the most popular creative floor ideas of 2021. Hand stenciled floors are shabby chic and work well in bedrooms, entryways and laundry areas. Designs can range from simple to very intricate. This green patterned floor is simply gorgeous and would look beautiful in an exclusive all white themed room.

Hand Painted Stenciled Wood Floors

11. Herringbone Tile Floor

This zig zag mission tile is beyond amazing. The entire bathroom design was visualized by a Danish interior designer. Notice that the rest of this bathroom was kept straightforward. This allows the tile floor to be the focal point.

No matter what the recipe that is being featured on the nightly menu, this beautiful kitchen floor selection adds taste. While kitchen areas have a number of viable options for durable flooring, this interesting 3D pattern Geo vinyl tile is a mind-boggling pattern choice. Practical because vinyl is easily mopped, and it also provides a soft and a padded feeling underfoot.

Herringbone Tile Floor

12. Placing stylish area rugs

If you want to add some style and personality to your dining room but you do not want to make a costly renovation, colorful area rugs are the perfect solution. They are practical because they can be easily moved around and replaced with ease. Choosing different patterns and shapes is a good way to make your dining room more fun and interesting, while still being practical.

Placing stylish area rugs


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers

1. How can I make my hardwood floors softer?

To make your hardwood floors softer, you need to add a rug, you can choose from our contemporary rugs that are low pile which will make your floor even softer! Plus they look great too because of their unique style and patterns! Rugs will provide a great contrast in your room! It will also give your floors some color! Our contemporary area rugs are great for any room in your house, you can even choose from our transitional area rugs that will offer a little more cushion to make the floor really soft. These transitional pieces look amazing under beds or couches because they come with different patterns and sizes to maximize coverage throughout your rooms! You'll be pleasantly surprised with the designs and colors of our transitional area rugs!

2. How can I decorate a marble flooring?

You can decorate your marble flooring in a variety of different ways to make it stand out! One idea is to use shabby chic furniture that will bring in some color and mix the new pieces with the marble flooring. You can also add patterned rugs or area rugs for your home such as stripes, circles, stars ,or any other patterns you like! These transitional rugs will complement the light floors of your house. As marble is a type of hard surface flooring, you can use area rugs to create a walking path for people. These are just a few ideas on how you can decorate your marble flooring at home! A new idea is to add some plants and flowers around the house that will give it more life and color! You'll be pleasantly surprised with all of our design options when it comes to updating your home.

3. Can I place a rug on a laminate flooring?

No, you should not use a rug on the floor of your laminate. Using an area rug over top will cause it to slip and slide around which can lead to someone tripping or getting hurt from slipping. It is also going to damage the surface of your floors as well. You could get them fixed but that's just more money and is not worth doing. You should use rugs on a wood flooring, vinyl flooring or any concrete floor. A rug with bold patterns would perfectly lift up the marble look of your floors.

4. What is a porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles are made up of a material which is formed into sheets. It's usually about an inch thick and can be cut down to almost any shape or size you need it to be. Porcelain has been popular for years but in recent times, there have been new advancements such as porcelain stoneware flooring and porcelain wood flooring that have made it even more attractive. A tile flooring is a great option if you want to give your home a modern look.

Porcelain tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes as well, depending on the porcelain's quality or thickness. We can use colored tiles to make the flooring more attractive. Tiles are very durable, long lasting and easy to clean too which makes it a popular choice for many people. They can withstand high traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms where they get exposed to water often without getting damaged easily. Porcelain tiles also work great in outdoor patios because of its ability to withstand weather changes.

Another popular choice of flooring is the hardwood floors. It looks more attractive than tiles and it can last for long years too depending on how you maintain them which makes this option very cost effective as well. They are easy to clean, especially if they have a glossy finish because dust can't stick on to them easily. They are also easy to replace in case they get damaged. So, You should look for affordable alternatives to decorate your beautiful floors. A solid hardwood floor with a beautiful finish is elegant and easy to maintain. The natural beauty of the wood is visible through these floors, making them an ideal choice for large rooms where they can be seen from every angle. These kinds of flooring are durable, but as all hard surfaces require proper care.

5. How can I decorate bathroom floor tiles?

Tile floors are easy to clean and durable. When selecting tiles for your bathroom, consider their color and texture carefully as the floor must look beautiful but also be practical. Mosaic tile can give a unique touch of style if you choose an unusual design or shape such as octagonal shapes or hexagons.. You should avoid large areas of plain tile, as they can look monotonous. Instead, try to create a pattern or use tiles of different shapes and sizes that fit into each other. You can decorate your bathroom floor tiles by creating a border with stones, mosaic or other decorative elements. You can also place a patterned area rug or mat over the tiles for a more dramatic effect. Using cheap flooring ideas can give your home a modern look.

Using carpet tiles can give a cheap and easy way to update your floor. The tiles can be easily replaced or moved around when you want something different in the room.. Vinyl is another cheap option that adds texture and color with few maintenance requirements. If the bathroom gets wet often, consider installing vinyl floors instead of tiles for easier cleanup.

6. What is an engineered hardwood floor?

An engineered hardwood floor is constructed by layering different hardwoods and binding them together with a wood or plastic base. These floors are more durable than solid hardwood because they are less likely to expand and contract with changing humidity levels. This flooring is also known as "stomped" or "sandwich" floors for this reason, since the layering process looks like a stomped on sandwich. These types of floors are often found in commercial buildings due to their durability and ease of clean up. Engineered hardwood floors are becoming more popular in homes, however they can be quite expensive due to the technology required for processing them. If you choose engineered wood flooring, make sure that it is backed by a warranty usually about 25 years long.

7. How can I design spaces using unique rugs?

You can use rugs to create a focal point in your room. For example, you could place an oversized round rug in the center of your space or use multiple small patterned rugs together for warmth and interest. If you want to decorate living rooms, you can use rugs to define different seating areas. You can use budget friendly options in areas where you may want to change the look down the road.

8. Can I place a patterned rug on a concrete floor?

You can place a patterned rug on a concrete floor, but you should know that it will slip. You should also take into consideration the size of your room and how much traffic the area receives before making this choice. A patterned rug with random pattern placement will be less likely to slip and is a better choice in high traffic areas. The most popular options for decorating homes include using rugs, because they offer warmth and comfort that can't be found anywhere else. You can use them throughout your living room, dining area or bedroom depending on the look you want to create. Rugs provide a thick and comfortable surface for your feet. They also feel great on bare skin, especially during cold seasons like winter or fall. If you're shopping online, remember that rugs come in a huge range of options and sizes so it's important to check the dimensions before buying.

9. What is the most popular option to decorate homes with flooring materials?

The most popular option to decorate homes with flooring materials is using natural stone. They are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, plus they offer a beautiful look that can't be found anywhere else. You'll find them in many different shapes, textures and styles so finding the right one for your home won't be difficult at all.

10. What are the benefits of using creative floor ideas?

Creative flooring ideas are incredibly versatile and can help you make your home look amazing. For example, if you want to add a beautiful focal point in the dining room or living room then using an asymmetrical design is perfect for that purpose. It will be sure to catch people's attention immediately when they enter the house so it'll definitely give you the impact you've been looking for.

In closing, we hope you don’t mind if we suggest viewing some of the unusual and one-of-a-kind hand knotted high-end rugs within the Rugknots collection. When you consider that each rug takes an artist from 3 to 9 months to make, they certainly qualify in their own right as valuable and beautiful creative floor ideas to consider for your home space. For more information please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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