Amazing Ways to go GREEN with Bamboo Flooring and Oriental Rugs

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There are so many ways to be environmentally conscious,

whether you're recycling,

decreasing your water usage,

turning off your lights when you leave your house,

or even antiquing.

We like to keep everything environmentally saavy here at Rugknots,

even our floors!

But, still...

that begs the question,

what's the big deal about bamboo flooring? 

It isn't new,

in fact,

it's been around for nearly twenty years now.

So why is bamboo making such a HUGE comeback recently?

As beautiful as any hardwood floor,

and more durable because of the new "strand-woven" method of manufacture,

bamboo flooring is not only beautiful, 

it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

bamboo; bamboo floors

That's right!

Bamboo flooring is as GREEN as floor can be!

Just like Bamboo Silk Rugs,

Bamboo hardwoods are a sustainable product

because bamboo grows so fast.

Whereas a red oak takes 20 years to mature,

bamboo can grow in about 5 to 6 years,

from the same stalk, no less!

For anyone with sustainability in mind,

these floors are the perfect choice...

And guess what?

They happen to go perfectly with oriental rugs...

bamboo floor kitchen; runner in kitchen; bamboo floor and oriental rug; oriental rugs; runner rugs
This 2.5 x 10' Tan and Grey Peshawar Ziegler Runner Rug plays off the warm colors in this kitchen, especially the warms of the bamboo flooring!

In this post,

I'll tell you all about bamboo flooring,

why you should choose bamboo,

how bamboo flooring is made,

different types of bamboo flooring,

and why an oriental rug is the perfect choice to pair

with your bamboo hardwood floor!

Why Bamboo?

Like I said before (and I'll say it again),

bamboo is so much more sustainable than other woods,

but that's not all it has going for it.



There's so much more!

How many outstanding words can I use to describe bamboo flooring?

It's versatile,



easy to install,

and on top of all that it has that classic hardwood look! 

You should choose bamboo floors if you want the beauty of hardwood...

for 1/3 of the cost,

with more life and durability than your typical hardwood!

(Did I mention it's sustainable? Oh, I did?)

living room


How are bamboo floors made?

Bamboo floors are made with a specific type of bamboo,

which can grow up to 80 feet tall.

bamboo growing

Moso bamboo is the most used in flooring,

and when it is fully mature,

the stalks can have a diameter of up to 8 inches!

bamboo diameter

When manufacturers produce these floors,

they slice the bamboo stalks into thin strips

which are then bound with adhesives

and milled.

bamboo detail

There are three ways to mill bamboo flooring,







Horizontal bamboo floors make the most use of the stalk.

With a classic bamboo look,

the strips are adhered edge to edge,.


These floors come in natural,


and carbonized treatments.

(Carbonized means that the planks are heat-treated during manufacturing

to give them a darker hue)


Vertical bamboo floors consist of thin strips

adhered together, with the cut edges facing up.


These floors are less likely to show wear and tear,

but don't often come stained,

as it's hard for the stain to absorb into the thin strips.


Strand woven floors are new and up-and-coming.

This milling process is quicker and makes bamboo floors much more durable.

Bamboo floors made this way are actually 2-3 times more durable.

bamboo detail 2

To make these floors, manufacturers soak strips in adhesives,

lay them out together,

and press the layers into a solid rectangle,

which is then cut into floorboards.

Because this method provides a much denser product,

these floors are easier to stain than horizontal or vertical bamboo,

meaning that you can really get that hardwood look,

for half the price!



bamboo floor kitchen

Things to consider about bamboo floors...

Bamboo floors are a great bargain,

but that doesn't mean that the quality is always up to par.

Like any industry,

the bamboo flooring industry has some duds.

Some manufacturers of lesser-quality floors use adhesives

which contain urea-formaldehyde,

which can cause off-gassing in floors,

which means that these harmful chemicals are released into the air of your home.


What finishes/types of bamboo floor are there?

Because there are three ways to make bamboo flooring,

and strand-woven bamboo floors can be easily stained,

there are countless options for bamboo floor finishes!

Remember, the glossier the finish you choose, 

the easier the floor will be to scratch.

These are just a few of our favorite bamboo finishes!

bamboo finishes

Like I said,

those are just a few of the endless options!


Staying GREEN with Bamboo Floors and Oriental Rugs

We at RugKnots love the beauty,



and durability of bamboo floors...

but can you guess what we love even more?

We're here to show you how to pair a wool rug with a bamboo wood floor,

no matter the color!

Let's keep our floors environmentally conscious!

Here's a list of examples and things to think about when pairing a rug with a wood floor...

1. Bamboo Silk Rugs

If you want to continue a theme of sustainability in your home,

look no further than bamboo silk rugs!

(Except totally look further because we have more suggestions...)



This 8 x 10' pink and green wool and silk rug

adds a touch of warmth to these light bamboo floors!


rug collection


Like bamboo hardwood flooring,

bamboo silk rugs are made with sustainable materials.

Not only are they beautiful and soft,

they are so environmentally friendly!

green rug

This 7.1 x 10.1' Blue and Ivory Wool and Silk Rug 

has beautiful warm colors.

It would look perfect with a rich, dark bamboo floor.

To learn more about bamboo silk rugs,

check out our blog post! 


2. Overdyed Antique Rugs

Another sustainable rug solution is the overdyed rug.

Overdyed rugs are vintage or antique rugs

with colors that have faded.

Instead of throwing out these rugs,

they are desaturated and redyed another


modern color

with all-natural vegatable dyes! 

Green overdyed rugs,

like this 9 x 11' Green Overdyed Antique Rug,

green overdyed

are an especially popular trend right now.

Bringing green into a space adds an organic touch,

making a room feel healthy, vibrant, and full of LIFE.

Though green is an amazing choice,

especially if you're trying to GO GREEN,

there are countless color options available for overdyed antique rugs.

blue rug

This 8 x 12' Blue Overdyed Antique Rug

goes perfectly with the strand bamboo flooring underneath!

blue overdyed rug

Both choices,

the multicolored bamboo


the blue overdyed rug

are bold and the rest of the room's natural tones create a cohesive look.

Overdyed rugs are a colorful, unique way

to bring a modern splash of color into the room.

Keep reading to find out more sustainable rug choices



3. Overdyed Patchwork Rugs

Like overdyed rugs,

overdyed patchwork rugs are made of old or antique recycled rugs.

Instead of overdying one rug in one color,


overdyed patchwork rugs include pieces of several rugs,

and each piece can be dyed in a different color,

patchwork rug

Like this 5 x 8' Multi Colored Overdyed patchwork rug,

or different tones of the same color.

pink overdyed rug

Like this 8 x 10' Purple Overdyed Patchwork Rug. 

These rugs are the perfect modern centerpiece

for any room,

like this rustic bedroom with a grey overdyed patchwork rug

turkish patchwork rugs

This rug is more muted in color

than the ones above,

but definitely not in style!

In fact,

overdyed patchwork rugs work well in any style and in any room!

Like this bohemian living room,

And this bright, eclectic space

living room | Larnie Nicolson:

A similar rug by Rugknots,

the 8 x 10' Sky Blue Overdyed Patchwork Rug 

is the perfect way to bring the sky inside!

blue patchwork rug

No matter the color,

overdyed pathwork rugs are beautiful statement pieces

That will quickly become beloved heirlooms!

You have to love their eclectic style,

smaller price tag,

and sustainability!

4. Antique Rugs

Antique rugs are a piece of history

to have in your home!

If you're looking for the classic oriental rug

with all the charm and beauty of a historical piece,

an antique rug,

like this 9 x 12' Green Antique Sootri

could be the option for you!

antique rug

hand-knotted antique rugs

have a timeless quality...

since they've been in style for


Antique rugs are especially




you guessed it!


Buying one of the high quality, genuine antique rugs

that Rugknots has to offer saves



and materials!


vintage rugs


Antique rugs really compliment the vintage,


eclectic styles that are trending right now.

Buying antiques gives you a connection to the past,

and something beautiful to look at for years to come!

Just imagine the stories these rugs could tell!

Modern White Hall with Vintage Oriental Rug:

The antique runner in this minimalist space

gives the hallway a classic, fresh look.

Its faded colors just make it even more beautiful!

Picture from Romantic Irish Homes, by Robert O’Byrne, and photography Simon Brown. The Drawing Room - Higginsbrook House,:

Antique rugs,

like the ones above,

(and below)

give a home a well-travelled and comfortable feeling.

An Eclectic & Cool South Austin Bachelor Bungalow — House Tour | Apartment Therapy:



There you have it! 

If you're looking to keep your homes, 

and specifically your floors, 


consider looking into bamboo flooring 

and an oriental rug, 

whether it's

bamboo silk,


overdyed patchwork, 

or an antique... 

Your floors will thank you! 


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