Bohemian style,


or "boho-chic,"

is a style widely influenced

by the hippie movement

of the 1960s and 1970s.

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Found most commonly

in women's fashion

and home decor,


the bohemian style is characterized by


loose, free flowing clothes,

ethnic patterns, florals, mandalas, lace,

bohemian tree

mismatched layering,

and unconventional patterns.

Bohemian Bedroom :: Beach Boho Chic :: Home Decor + Design :: Free Your Wild :: See more Untamed Bedroom Style Inspiration @untamedorganica:


The bold colors and ornate details

of this style make it  PERFECT for oriental rugs...

20 chic boho-inspired rooms to inspire your home decor.:


How to Bring a Boho Flair to your Home

So you've got the free spirit and flowing hair of a boho-chic gal,

but your home isn't showing it.

How can you bring the liveliness and ease of this style into your home?

We're here to help you out!

Here are a few staples of bohemian interior design:


1. Bold Wall Color

A bold wall color or wallpaper sets the scene for a truly bohemian space,

bold bohemian styling

The wallpaper above is colorful and vibrant and a little bit busy,


a lot a bit busy.

But even if the example above is a little much for you,

you have to admit that it's thoroughly unique!

The natural wood above is a more muted example than the crazy wallpaper.

This example gives that cabin-in-the woods natural feel

that goes so well with prints and tribal patterns.

boho boudoir

This dark blackish green would be way too much if it wasn't offset by the brighter colors in the room.

It gives the room a unique depth and feel,

to go with the cool accessories throughout the room!

2. Oriental Rugs

Because of their ornate details and bold colors, oriental rugs are perfect for this style.

Here are a few of my favorites:


My favorite style of rug to pair with a boho flair are Peshawar Ziegler rugs:peshawar zieglerThe ornate details of these rugs,

along with their organic patterns and natural colors

make them the perfect choice!

The floral patterns

are just GORGEOUS.


The modern colors of overdyed rugs, along with their ornate patternswould make them a great addition to a boho room:

overdyed rugs 

I love the overdyed pink rug because it is just out there enough

to bring a youth and vibrance to any room.

The multicolored patchwork overdyed rug

is truly boho because of its mix-and-match style and bright colors.

In one place there is a bold red floral,

in another lime green,

and the gold border brings it all together!

It is utterly unique, and would bring a bohemian flair to any room



These ikat rugs would bring a bold and vibrant flavor to your space:

ikat rugs

Both of these rugs have a cool tribal vibe.

Don't the shapes of the first look sort of like a scene of men riding horses?

(Sort of.)

And the second rug's geometric shapes look a bit like arrows.

Both rugs certainly has a lot of movement and contrast


These rugs would pair very well with other bohemian choices...

They are seriously so lush and unique!


bokhara rug

The strong red

and detailed border

of this Bokhara oriental rug

would make it the perfect centerpiece

for a boho-chic loft.

Red is a popular color in bohemian design

because it is so bright.

The geometrical patterns in the border of this rug

contrast slightly with the floral diamond motif in the center,

perfectly mixing and matching patterns

like a true bohemian!

3. Canopy Overhead

A trend in modern boho-chic design is to include unique canopies.

These are usually in the bedroom,

boho bedroom

Like this light canopy over a lush, cozy bed.

Or this floral canopy:

floral bohemian

Isn't that beautiful?

I don't know how long a floral canopy would last,

but it certainly makes a pretty picture!

boho pictures

A window canopy is another way to add brightness to a room!

How great is this? I love the deep, rich gold. Might have to make a spot like this in the living room for the kids! | From: http://roomdecorideas.eu/:

And I don't know what this is, but it sure looks cozy! A blanket canopy?

A reading nook canopy?

that lavender and gold color combo is perfectly boho!

4. Ottoman

You have to have a pouf in a boho space!

ottoman bedroom

Not only do they provide extra seating, a place to rest your feet, or a coffee table,

they have such unique and interesting designs that I think everyone should have one,

even if you're not really bohemian.



floor pillows

They're like colorful, beautiful pillows for your floor!

Ottomans help add a feeling of lushness and relaxation to a boho space,

letting you know that you can lie down at any time

and enjoy your beautiful cozy home!


5. Candles

Another element of the boho cozy factor is the inclusion of candles.

Candles bring in interesting scents

and a warm, comfortable glow...

garden tent

The dim light of candles has a warm, serene feeling...

Spas have candles everywhere,

you light candles before sinking into a lavender-infused tub,

you light candles for a romantic dinner...

Candles give that feeling of special occasion,

and EVERY DAY is a special adventure when you're a boho girl.

bohemian candles



6. Lots of Pillows

Along with ottomans, a boho space requires lots and lots of comfy, fluffy pillows.

This is one of the ways bohemian spaces include SO MANY different patterns,

because each and every pillow is different!

floor cushions

Whether you put your pillows on the floor or on your bed,

the whimsical mixing of patterns simply encapsulates the boho style.


Finding peace in my little neverland.#bohostyle #bohemiandecor - a little too much stuff, but the ideas are good:





and unique...

Vintage, bohême et féminin, j'adore la maison de Rebecca Williams.:

And the pillows showcase it all!

 bohemian style





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