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Hand tufted Wool Rugs

Have you ever heard of Hand Tufted Wool Rugs? These are great rugs that can brighten up your house areas. However, if you are not aware of these kinds of hand-tufted wool rugs, then let us take you through it. We are going to walk you through a basic understanding of hand tufted rugs, their types, benefits, along with how to care and maintain them. Let us begin!

What are Hand Tufted Rugs?

A rug created without the tying of any knots is known as a hand tufted rug. Instead of these knots, artisans use a tufting gun that uses wool strands that are shot across a specific canvas. These affordable hand tufted rugs are easier and quicker to make, as compared to the traditional hand knotted carpets. This factor impactfully lowers the production cost, resulting in more affordable hand-tufted rugs.


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What Are the Types of Tufted Rugs?

There are several different types of rug designs and patterns in the category of affordable hand tufted rugs to select from. We recommend using hand-tufted rugs are available in modern designs, printed ones, version designs, and lastly contemporary designs.

Hand Tufted Wool Rugs

To date, Hand Tufted Wool Rugs are amongst the most popular types of rugs often produced in high demand. We produce Hand Tufted Wool Rugs using high wall quality from New Zealand and India. Additionally, we incorporate rug fibers like jute, viscose, and bamboo silk. Silk and wool are a unique yet, a popular combination blend in tufted rugs.

Modern Hand Tufted Rugs

For hand-tufted rugs, modern tufted rugs reach a higher peak for their popular ongoing patterns. We design these rugs, especially using geometrical patterns.


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Persian Hand Tufted Rugs

If you are searching for a substitute hand knotted Persian rugs, then you can always opt for Persian hand tufted rugs. These Persian hand tufted rugs are not only cheap but are extremely beautiful in comparison to the hand knotted rugs. On the contrary, hand knotted Persian rugs are in high demand and popularly appreciated. However, they are less popular because of their high cost. Everyone cannot afford these royal rugs. If you enjoy decorating your home using Persian rugs and are running on a tight budget, then you can always opt for Persian hand tufted rugs.

What are the Advantages of Hand Tufted Rugs?

Hand tufted rugs can provide numerous benefits. You would be surprised to know that these hunt after drugs can consume more than 60% of all other rug pile types. These kinds of area rugs can provide several benefits as they consist of the finest kind of fiber. Our artisans use wool materials to produce these hand tufted rugs. Alongside wool, they also use polyester, viscose, acrylic, jute, and bamboo silk to make these tufted rugs. Let us learn about their benefits listed below:


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Quicker Production Time

Whether it is an extra-large or just simply a small sized rug, it will take less of a time to produce either of them. The average size of a rug that is 8 x 10 inch, usually takes around a maximum of 5 to 10 days for its production. This also includes the dying process of wool.

Less Expensive

In comparison to the traditional hand knotted rugs, these affordable hand tufted rugs are very much like traditional rugs and purchased at a cheaper cost.


Although hand tufted rugs may not be as durable as the traditional hand knotted rugs, however, they tend to last for much longer.


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Size and Shape

These hand tufted rugs are available in an extra-large size and even small ones. Moreover, at RugKnots, we produce hand tufted rugs in different shapes like a triangle, square, and even round shape. Often our designs include birds and animal figures. You can always visit our online website (RugKnots) if you wish to buy hand tufted rugs in the US.

Variety of Colours

Hand tufted rugs are available in a variety of colors. You can easily match these colors with your curtains, walls, and even floors. 

Can Include Different Design Types

We produce these rugs using different patterns and designs apart from distinctive shapes and colors. You will be surprised to find out that these drugs can easily mimic the appearance of a hand-knotted rug. The hand tufted rugs are available at RugKnots in contemporary, traditional, and modern designs.


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No Pad Requirement

These rugs consist of a latex material located at the back of the rug, which forms a rubber-like appearance and serves as a binding for the rug. The purpose of this padding is to prevent the rug from any kind of slipping. Such a pad is not essential for hand tufted rugs.

How are Hand Tufted Rugs Made?

There are a few steps involved in making these hand tufted rugs.

Step 1

The artisan stretches a huge canvas or cotton cloth tightly and then pins it to a metal frame. This frame consists of a tooth, needle-like series on all its inside. Hand tufting becomes quite clear and easier using a tight canvas and provides a clear-cut design.


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Step 2

Before the process of drafting, the artisan uses a transparent paper to draw the desired design. Then the artisan compares the semblance of this transparent paper to a paper. Then, the artisan pierces tiny holes into this paper to create a unique design. Then he or she places it upon a canvas and rubs the ink onto it. The artisan uses a white cloth to dip it into the ink. This causes imprinting the design on the canvas from the paper.

Step 3

A tufting gun is used after incorporating the color dye in the wool and silk fabric. This tool is less expensive and causes minimum labor requirements. Wool is woven right across the canvas, and its loops then become visible on the back of the canvas. The canvas serves as the rug’s foundation. The blue colored ink allows the weavers to carry out the process on the canvas easily.


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Step 4

Once the process of looping is complete, a complete Canvas design is then removed from its frame and is sent away for washing. The process of washing causes additional sheen and luster to the rug.

Step 5

A protective layer is added on the looped canvas to secure the pile of the rug. This will prevent it from being separated from the rug. A hand tufted rug requires two sets of latex learning.

Step 6

The last step requires the process of scrim, which is adding rubber to the rug. A latex glue layer is added on top of it, which helps the canvas and wool to stick together.


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How to Manage Hand Tufted Wool Rugs?

Managing and cleaning Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs is quite a simple and easy task. A professional cleaning session is not necessary. Without any hassle, you can easily clean your Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs at home. Make sure to never resort to wet washing for your affordable hand tufted rugs. Also, make sure that they do not get wet. If, by any chance, the water reaches the back of the lock, it can cause a reaction and damage the glue. This will cause the weakening of the latex present at the back and will loosen the wool gripping. To clean your tufted rugs, you can resort to a vacuum machine to clean it. This will prevent any kind of soil accumulation. To give your Hand Tufted Wool Rugs a new and fresher look, you can recommend for a minimum of one or two times each month. You can use a paper towel and blot a specific stain for the cleaning of the stains. For large stains, you can always turn your rug over after blotting. This technique will not allow the stain to reach your rug’s back or its deep fibers. To clean it, you can use a mixture of detergent soap, shampoo and mix it well with cold water. Now soak a white-colored cloth or a towel into this mixture, and rub it across your rug to clean the stains. You can repeat this process until you get rid of the stains and then leave your rug to dry.


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Decorating Tips for Tufted Rugs

You can use these kinds of tufted rugs as an accent piece for your hardwood floors. Make sure to place these rugs in a low traffic portion, for instance, avoid placing them in the hallway entrance to add to their lifestyle. You can decorate these hand tufted rugs by placing them in your dining rooms under your tables, chairs, and sofas. You can place small-sized tufted rugs in your vanity area, your bathroom, and then your bedroom. On the contrary, you can use large-sized tufted rugs in bigger spaces, like your lofts. Avoid placing them in sunlight, more traffic area, and from chances of spills.

Difference Between Hand-Tufted and Hand-Knotted Rugs

It is easy to differentiate knotted and tufted rugs by their leaving techniques and, of course, washing. Each of them consists of their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to your choice to choose one based on affordability, usage area, and durability.


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What Is Shedding?

The time is chatting with her study coming off fibers from your rugs. Many times, you may notice that A few fibers tend to shed, as you bring home a new hand tufted rug. However, there is nothing to panic about, as this is a completely normal process that occurs with all kinds of different handmade rugs. These hand tufted rugs may shed fibers for a maximum of 2 to 5 days after which it stops.

Hand-tufted rugs come with top-rated quality as compared to a machine-made rug. At RugKnots, we use a highly skilled team of artisans and provide you a more durable and valuable product. You can always resort to our design team to help you in guiding you to buy top-rated Hand Tufted Wool Rugs for your home.


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