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If you are trying to add some color and comfort to your lackluster home, then buy area rugs!

Better yet, buy area rugs for sale at RugKnots for the most affordable prices. We believe in investing less money for more value.

Many people buy area rugs online. Consequently, the web is swarming with consumer reviews and detailed assessments of their rug experiences, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, we scoured through our web for you, and were able to pick out 5 of the people’s favorites from our RugKnots area rugs collection!

5 Bestseller RugKnots Area Rugs for Sale in 2020

These rugs are winners in terms of durability, softness, material quality, dyes, and pricing.

So, let us present to you our top 5 bestsellers for 2020.

1.      8’ x 10’ Black/Gold Pak Persian Rug

Hand-knotted in Pakistan and constructed from 100% pure New Zealand wool, this Pak Persian rug is a sight of wonder.

An intricate pattern of gleaming gold and violet floral swirls against the midnight black backdrop will be the first to catch your eye every time you enter a room decorated in this Pak Persian rug.

As far as buying area rugs go, anyone who placed their money on this one will have a lifetime quality purchase on their hands.

If you are looking to buy area rugs in the US with a touch of old Persian charm, this rug is calling out your name! It is in the classic 8’ x 10’ size, perfect for a living room or a dining hall.

Most people are hesitant when they buy area rugs online. But if you want a lush and luxurious wool rug of the top-notch quality, close your eyes, and buy this Pak Persian area rug. We guarantee that you would not regret it.

This rug sports traditional Persian rug patterns and has the skilled artistry of Pakistani rug weavers. If you find this rug on our area rugs for sale collection, grab one for yourself without a second thought!

Pakistani artisans weave this area rug using top-quality wool and organic, colorfast vegetable dyes.

So, if you are contemplating buying area rugs in the US, this one is our top recommendation.

2.      Ivory/Black/Charcoal Grey/Light Blue Boho Chic Rug

Constructed in Turkey from polypropylene and polyester, this Boho chic rug is one of the best affordable area rugs in our collection.

It has delicate floral designs in shades of charcoal grey and black, with accents of light blue against an ivory white background, this rug is incredible in its beauty.

If you are into buying affordable area rugs, this Boho chic rug is an excellent choice. It is a tremendous display of Turkish artisanship.

One of the bestsellers in our Brooklyn Heights collection, this Boho chic rug is one of the best cheap area rugs on the market.

A trendy combination of classical white and elegant grey, this rug is second on our list of the best area rugs for sale.

3.      4' x 6' Scarlet Bokhara Oriental Rug

This gorgeous Bokhara Oriental rug is another one of RugKnots’ best-selling area rugs on sale. The deep red in this Bokhara rug brings life to your living space and adds a touch of tradition to your décor.

The scarlet Bokhara decorated with motifs presents a vivid palette of sophisticated patterns that will fit perfectly in any home of any style.

Hand-knotted by Pakistani artisans with 100% pure New Zealand wool, if you are looking to buy affordable area rugs from our Bokhara collection, this one is for you!

The rug has a luxurious, heavy pile that provides a soft underfoot at very reasonable pricing.

Buying area rugs in the US can be a challenge, especially if you are on a budget. This Bokhara piece is one of our most durable and affordable area rugs that will fit your budget perfectly!

This rug will be the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, or home office. So, hurry up now and get this rug from our area rugs for sale collection.

4.      8’ x 11’ Coral/Black Ikat Rug

This black and tan conservative, traditional Ikat rug is just what you need to spice up your home décor. If you are thinking of buying area rugs online, this one is our top recommendation.

It has the highest standards of quality and will last you through the decades. The rug is hand-crafted by skilled rug weavers in Pakistan with 100% authentic New Zealand wool.

With long-lasting and durable quality, we guarantee this Ikat rug is a promising purchase for every homeowner out there!

And if the 5-star reviews are anything to go by, we believe our customers agree 100%!

This Ikat rug is a classically traditional rug with a hint of modern design and incredible attention to detail. It is one of the finest handmade creations of the expert artisans of Pakistan.

A soft and cool Oriental rug dyed with organic, vegetable dyes, this piece has all the makings of a fine, sophisticated area rug designed to be the center of attention.

So, if you catch this rug in our area rugs for sale collection, waste no time and bring it home!

5.      Multi Colors Moroccan Rug

A machine-made polypropylene rug from Turkey, this Moroccan piece is easily one of the cheap area rugs we have in our collection.

Most of you start your search for area rugs with an “area rugs for sale near me” on the Google search engine. You do so because you know a high-quality and affordable area rug is difficult to find. Even more so, if you are buying area rugs in the US.

At RugKnots, we understand your plight and make sure we include cheap area rugs in our collection for those of you who are looking for a quality purchase on a budget.

And this Moroccan Berber rug is the perfect pick if you are looking for a cool and funky, easy to clean affordable area rug.

It has the perfect blend of vibrant colors on an elegant whitish-grey backdrop that makes the design stand out. This rug is the perfect fit for your living room or the kid’s room.

So, check out our area rugs for sale to get your hands on this beautiful Moroccan rug!

What Shape of Area Rug Should I Buy?

Buying area rugs is tricky, but selecting the shape of your area rug is even trickier. Ultimately, it all depends on the shape of your room.

Here are two simple tips.

If you have a square-shaped room, you should get a square or round shaped area rug.

But if your room is rectangular, buy area rugs in rectangular shape facing the same direction the walls of your room.

What Size of Area Rug Should I Buy?

The size of your area rug depends on the décor and the size of the room.

If you are buying area rugs for your bedroom, you can get two runners for each side of the bed and one larger rug to place under the bed.

You can buy runners that are the same size as your bed or get a size smaller. A 2’ x 3’ runner works perfectly for a small bedroom. If you have a large bedroom space, go for a 3’ x 5’ runner rug.

For a larger area rug, make sure you buy a rug large enough that one-third of it is under the bed, and the remaining two-thirds stick out from the sides and foot of your bed.

Make sure you leave at least 5 inches of space between your rug and your bedroom walls.

For the living room, leave at least 3 inches of space between the edge of the rug and the walls. You do not want the area rug to curl up against the walls of the living room.

When you place a rug under the furniture, make sure the front legs of your armchairs and couches are on the rug.

For a dining room, buy area rugs that stick out by at least 2 to 3 feet on each of the sides of the dining table. This way, when you pull out the chairs during your meals, they will not go off the rug and get wobbly and unbalanced.


Wrapping things up, these are our best-sellers from the RugKnots collection of area rugs!

We hope this was an informative read for you and answered some of your questions about decorating your home with area rugs!

From expensive Oriental pieces to affordable area rugs, RugKnots houses a vast collection of area rugs on sale just for you!

So, when the sale season arrives, make sure you buy yourself a beautiful rug from our collection of area rugs for sale!

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Happy shopping!

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