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Do you know the easiest way to change the overall look of your room? The rug is an option to do so. Yes, wool area rugs have this power to transform the appearance of your room. However, shopping the right wool can be a headache for you. Several dealers are dealing with the purchase of traditional rugs. Therefore, if you are in search of a quality rug for your home, room, or office, bookmark this article. You will get to know amazing information in this article that will assist you in buy traditional rugs of high quality. A beautiful, attractive, and best area rug can turn the tone of a room into a fantastic tone. If you would like to add a soft-spoken addition to your room, then you should go for a neutral rug. On the other hand, if you would like to create a new and breath-taking view of your room, then you should choose a boldly hued pattern. However, changing the overall furniture is not necessary, but just swapping a new carpet may work well. Just with the addition of an area rug will improve the overall scheme, and space will give a fresh effect. Along with adding a style statement, choosing a perfect carpet will also add softness to your room. You will feel comfortable in sitting and conveniently standing on the floor. In addition to it, buying a new area rug can insulate the room when you have a chilly atmosphere. Besides, the buffering sound will not create an echo in the home. Therefore, it reveals that you should be very careful while selecting a rug as it comes with various benefits. Hand-knotted wool rugs can prove as a remarkable option. When you are going to purchase a rug, your main query would be about where to buy wool area rugs.

Things to Know when Buying Wool Area Rug 

When buying rugs, there are certain things and factors that you need to keep close eye on. Here we discuss exactly those factors.

Find the Right Company

The first and foremost step when you are going to buy wool area rugs is to find the right company. As you know, various companies are purchasing 100 wool rugs out there. So, it becomes difficult to find out which company is the best among them. For this purpose, you have to take some specific measurements. Keep the fact in your mind that finding the right company before moving forward in the procedure of purchasing anything is the crucial step. If you become successful in this step, then it will be easy for you to buy wool area rugs that prove to be quality. Therefore, the question arises on how to find the right company. It is quite simple if you apprehend fundamental aspects. Check out their gallery and read the descriptions of the traditional rugs that attract you. In this way, you will get to know all the information related to carpets. Check out their range of products. If you are looking for handwoven or machine-made traditional rugs, then it is compulsory to check the gallery. In this way, you will know if they have the specific rugs as per your desire or not. Knowing the credibility of a website or source is necessary. For this, you may check their customer reviews. They will help you in getting an idea about their services and quality. You may also observe if a trusted source is offering a discount or free shipping. It may also help you in finding the right place to buy an oriental carpet for your living room.

Find the Right Rug

The next step is to find the right rug. What is the right carpet? It is different for everyone, as every individual has different requirements. Some people may focus on the color, and some others may want to focus on the texture, while some others need machine-made rugs. Hence, being a customer, you need to consider various things as you need to find the best area rug for your living room bedroom. You have to choose as per your requirements and room size. You should notice fibers, construction, color, and cost. These are the essential elements while looking for a quality rug.


Fibers can be good, bad, or ugly. Now, you need to have guts to identify. Until now, material wool is the best fiber used in making an area rug. It is the most resilient, vibrant, and most durable fiber to be walking on. If you would like to purchase a carpet for your living room where traffic is high, then material wool is highly recommended by experts. Also, this fiber assists in hiding the soil and dust, and it looks clean for a long time. If you are in favor of saving this world, then wool should be your choice. It is a sustainable and environment-friendly fiber. The manufacturing of all other fabrics includes petroleum by-products. Wool also comes in different qualities. When you go to buy wool area rugs, you may check by rubbing your thumb on the material. On the other hand, if you are purchasing from an online source, then previous customer reviews can help. One more fiber used in carpet manufacturing is silk, usually. However, this is a costly option to go with. Moreover, wool is long-lasting as compared to silk material. Silk fibers are just as strong, but if you get high traffic in your living room or office, then you should not go for the silk fabric. It cannot resist high traffic, and so the durability suffers. Hence, if you want to hang them on the wall or place on the table, then you may go for it.

You may categorize fiber into three groups — the good, bad, and ugly.

  • Neutral fibers are good. They include silk, wool, and cotton. They are durable, most reliable, and best to color. Specifically, for high traffic areas, they do wonders. These materials work for manufacturing both handwoven and machine-made rugs, which serve as the best option for you—manufacturing companies using material wool in the production of high-quality machine woven traditional rugs, such as Karastan.
  • Synthetic fibers include polyester; acrylic, olefin, and nylon come under the category bad fiber. They are not a good substitute for a wool area rug. However, you may go for their purchase if you know the reality, and you do not need durable rugs.
  • Jute, sisal, and viscose come under the category of ugly fibers. They are crummy carpet fibers. They may prove as one of the horrible choices that you have ever made in your life. These fibers are weak, and they are not durable at all. They shed within a few months and become yellow.


You may categorize dyes into good, bad, and ugly terms. When you are thinking about dyes, you may think which color suits if you are taking an area rug for the room, bedroom, or dining room. However, it is about the color combination that you want to give your room. The main thing that you need to consider here is how much the color is durable and long-lasting.

  • The good category includes the colorfast dyes. It is not an easy task to check this aspect. Hence, you can take a close look from the visibility and at the back of the carpet to check if it is of the best quality. In the case of buying from an online source, do check their reviews. Besides, you may ask the customer support correspondent about it. He may clarify your query.
  • The bad category includes fugitive dyes. They are not colorfast dyes. Therefore, they simply bleed if you fall on them or pour something liquid. It may happen because the excess color did not rinse off properly at the time of weaving.

If you face any issues in the dying and it is because of the excess color, then you may get rid of this problem. All you require to do is to remove the additional color. The bad category includes the problem in dyes that happen because of the negligence of makers. When during processing, the manufacturers skip some essential steps; it may create the problem. Therefore, if a carpet has a tag with a warning, think twice before you buy traditional rugs online. The next category, which is ugly dyes, contains over-color treatments. It happens when the coloring procedure comes after the woven process. Over-dying and tea wash are the popular procedures of this category. It is similar to the color that you get in your hair. This color gives you a shiny color, but it washes out in a few washes. Hence, some of the procedures are better as compared to others. They may last for years, but why should you take a risk?

Rug Construction

You can make a wise decision while buying wool rugs when you know all the essential things before time. Therefore, it is necessary to know aspects related to rug construction as you understand different aspects related to other categories. Let us group the rug construction into three categories, just as we did for the other types. Whenever we talk about a good oriental area rug, it is about material wool and woven carpets. Woven rugs are easy-to-clean and durable. Checking the next slide and previous slide of the area rug can assist you.

How to Check If the Oriental Rug Is Woven or Not

Turn the corner of the rug and check if the same design appears on the backside, just like the front. If yes, then congratulations, the Oriental rug is machine woven or handwoven. You should go for the best-constructed rug as you can keep it clean, and it gives a mesmerizing appearance to the dining room or office. You need to use some more skills to determine if the carpet is handwoven or manufactured by using a machine. Hence, the basic rule is to check the knots. You can identify traditional handwoven rugs by observing that their knots are around the threads. Handwoven rug – fleece strands are folded over the warps. These specific strands move vertically to create a fringe. With machine woven carpets, the tufted are folded over thick weft threads, and the border is stitched on with a sewing machine later on. The sides are completed with the use of the machine. Machine-made carpets have the fleece folded over the wefts. The border is stitched on by the use of machines, and sides are stitched, as well. From a development point of view, both handmade and machine-made Oriental rugs, with great material wool and great colors, will come under the category of quality carpets. The handwoven are more significant. Though if you are searching for a durable, decent floor covering that is going to last with you, you need to search for a woven carpet.

Cost of Traditional Rugs

One essential aspect that you need to consider when you buy wool area rugs is the cost. The cost may differ for all traditional rugs as every carpet comes with different specifications. If you have a limited budget, then you may surf the website according to your budget. You may favor the company that is providing free shipping. Hence, if the price is not your concern, then you should buy traditional rugs in the US because of its beneficial aspects and quality. Just ignore the price tag and go for the quality. You should buy the best carpet so that it can be durable. The above discussion can help you in getting to know which things are essential to get the best rug. Search for the best material, color, and construction style.

Where to Buy Wool Area rugs Online

Now, when you know all the essential things that you have to take into consideration before you buy traditional rugs online, the next thing is to know where to buy wool area rugs. Several online websites are dealing with rugs purchasing. Hence, finding the best source is necessary. According to customers, RugKnots is a reputable source for traditional rugs. They contain a huge variety of area rugs of material wool. You can visit this website and check their range of beautiful and durable rugs. When you search for trusted dealers of rugs, you will find RugKnots on page 1. It depicts that they focus on quality. They have thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world, especially the UK and the US. Their correspondents are always available to serve you. Therefore, you may contact them anytime in case of having any query related to traditional rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a list of frequently asked questions to help you in finding the answers to your queries related to rugs. Have a look!

Do Wool Rugs Work with Pets?

Yes, wool rugs work with pets. However, you need to take good care of your carpet when you have a pet at home. Some of the people do not recommend having both wool rugs and pets in the same house. However, if you can take care of your rug and train your pet well, then it is the right combination.

How to Clean a Wool Rug?

You can clean a wool rug easily by following the following steps!

  1. First, you need to take the dirt out of the rug.
  2. Next, vacuum it thoroughly.
  3. Take a bucket full of mixed detergent. Take another bucket full of clean water.
  4. Scrub the rug gently.
  5. Rinse off the clean area.
  6. Use a clean towel to blot over the rug to take away moisture.
  7. Lastly, let it dry before placing it back.

Can I use a rug doctor on a wool rug?

Yes, you can use a rug doctor on a wool rug. It is entirely safe to use a rug doctor on a wool rug to clean it along with the hot tap water.

Note: You should only not use a rug doctor on the products that come with the caution of dry clean only as it may damage its color and fabric.

A wool (oriental) rug is famous for its sound-absorbing, warmth retaining, environment-friendly qualities, and durability. Do not feel fear and clean your rug with confidence. All you need is to use the right direction.

How much is an Oriental rug?

The machine-made oriental rugs come with different numbers of price. The price may depend on various aspects, including size, quality, color, and other essential aspects. However, you may find the option of free shipping in some stores. I suggest that your focus should be on quality and not on the price and free shipping.

As you know, the crucial things that you should consider before you buy wool area rugs, so it may become easy for you to buy traditional rugs like these. Buying wool area rugs will prove as one of the best investments that you have ever made in your life. It will not just make your room beautiful but also boost your quality of life. Also, it is not necessary to use traditional rugs only in your house, but you may place them in an office. Hopefully, this article has proved helpful for you, and you will be successful in finding a beautiful and desired carpet.

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