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Given the plethora of choices at your disposal, rug shopping can be a real pain! While looking to buy rugs online, most people tend to remain undecided over the size of the rug they should buy. Being at a market place crowded with aesthetically pleasing unique designs surely does not make it easy to decide. The truth is, there is nothing like an ideal rug size – It is all about perceptions. Yet based on our experience, we have found that the 8x10 Rugs size is uncannily popular amongst the masses. Before we go into the reasons for why the 8x10 rug size is popular, let us get some insight into the size and design. To begin with, 8x10 rugs are almost always rectangular. There are the 8x10 Oriental rugs and 8x10 area rug as well. You may be wondering how big the 8x10 rug size is – to get a visual idea. You can take out your measuring tape and map out a rectangular shape measuring 8 feet by 10 feet or 240 cm by 300 cm. This should give you an idea of how big the rug is when spread out on the floor. Therefore, the rug is around 80 square feet in an area rug size. Well, if you intend to avoid all those measurements, the 8X10 rug is good enough for almost any dining room!

8x10 Rug

Some Details About The 8x10 Rug Size

Let us explain what makes size rugs 8X10 one of the most famous round rug designs. As mentioned earlier, it is good enough for almost any room. It is not too small to look ridiculous, nor is it too large to overdo the décor of the space where you use it. The 8x10 rug size is more of a ‘middle ground’. Therefore, most people prefer to go for this size in rugs. They fit anywhere comfortably. If you are wondering whether the 8x10 rug size is cheaper than other rugs, here is what you need to know. Not that 8X10 carpets are cheaper than others, but other traders in this business promote them with a middling price tag! The price tag, surely, should not be an issue when you buy from RugKnots because most of our collection is available at discount. In addition to that, when you buy your 8x10 oriental rug from RugKnots you are buying directly from a company that will promise you low prices and excellent customer service entryway. We always offer special discounts on all products. It can be difficult to visualize what the 8 feet by 10 feet rugs look like. That is why we created our ultimate rug sizing guide. We explained in vivid detail exactly what different rug sizes look like in various room sizes. Do check it out and bookmark it. You can use it as you shop for rugs in all the rooms of your house.

Some Details About the 8x10 Rug Size

Why Are 8x10 Oriental Rugs The Best?

8x10 Oriental Rugs are always a fantastic choice for every room in your home. They make amazing housewarming gifts and are the most popular rug pad we sell because they are:

      • Large & Luxurious
      • An Anchor to Furniture
      • Creator of Intimate Spaces
      • Amazing at Showing Off small Rug Designs
      • Perfect for Layering

Why are 8x10 Oriental Rugs the Best?

Works All Ways

We have already talked of the versatility of the rug size, but we can’t just get enough of it, can we? Regardless of it being an indoor carpet, outdoor carpet, or an indoor-outdoor carpet, the 8x10 rug size fits in anywhere. We could not have just left out the most prized piece of the information.

Large & Luxurious

8x10 rugs are one of the most luxurious rugs. As you unroll these rugs and place them in your room, you will feel the elegance!

Large & Luxurious

The Beauty Of The 8x10 Rug Size

It fills your room with supreme beauty. What a conversation piece too! We cannot forget to mention that at RugKnots, we only use organic dyes and New Zealand wool. This results in the softest feeling under your feet.

Anchors Furniture

All interior designers will tell you that to anchor furniture, you need a large rug that is larger than the space around the furniture. When the rug placement is too small, the furniture floats off the rug, it makes the room appear smaller.

Anchors Furniture

8x10 Shag Carpets

With a large rug, it fills up space and gives every piece of furniture a large anchor. Just look at this example. All the furniture is anchored to the rug, with parts on and parts of the rug. If you are indeed looking for warmth in your cozy bedroom, why not just go for 8x10 shaggy carpets? Only a few rugs offer more warmth when used as Bedroom Rugs.

Creates Intimate Space

The very purpose of décor is to create an intimate space for conversations to happen. Whether it is an outdoor carpet 8x10 or your cozy living room rug, they all suffice in creating that space.

Creates Intimate Space

Common Rug Size

People are naturally driven by what they see. If the furniture is arranged around a rug, it will naturally feel like a smaller place for people to congregate. Plus, no one can deny the warmth of a wool rug. It just feels comforting!

Shows Off The Rug Design

The oriental rugs at RugKnots are hand-knotted with intricate designs. There are floral loops and traditional shapes and patterns. And while our smaller rugs look fantastic, you really get a lot more WOW factor from the larger rugs. 

Shows Off The Rug Design

Perfect For Layering

Layering rugs is such a hot trend. This is seen most in eclectic and Boho decor. But there are also cottage and modern farmhouse decor with rugs layered tastefully. Start with an 8x10 rug. Then, choose a color opposite of the rug underneath. So, if the bottom rug is a dark red, place a beige on top. This makes both rugs pop and catches everyone's eye!

Perfect for Layering

What Kind Of 8x10 Rug Is Best?

Always buy authentic, 100% wool, Hand-Knotted Rugs. You can learn about why polypropylene is dangerous and does not last long on our blog post. The best thing about 8x10 wool area rugs is they can be overdyed and even reused in patchwork quilts. Plus, as they age, they wear beautifully! At RugKnots, we use wool from New Zealand sheep and organic dyes. Plus, all our rugs are hand-knotted. This all produces a rug of outstanding quality and beauty!

What Kind Of 8x10 Rug is Best?

Pros And Cons Of Using An 8x10 Area Rug

8x10 area rugs are very popular and commonly used in homes as they provide a nice focal point. But, there are some pros and cons of using these rugs. Many people go through the hassle of finding a rug that is the right size, color, and pattern. Others have to spend more money if they want something custom-made or of higher quality. You may also need to find an area where you can place it too!

Pros and Cons of using an 8x10 area rug


    1. Available in many different colors and patterns
    2. Easy to move if needed
    3. Fits a small space well without overwhelming it like most other sizes of rug would do.
    4. Great for pets because they are less likely to step on them and cause any damage (especially large dogs).
    5. They are big enough for furniture placement; the pattern makes them pop and catches everyone's eye.
    6. An 8x10 rug is perfect for those who want to create a glamorous atmosphere.
    7. These rugs are easy to clean and maintain, they can also be washed in a washer or dry cleaned.


    1. If you have small children and want to place the rug near their play area then an inch bigger may be better for safety reasons. If your kids are old enough not to crawl on it then this size will work out just fine though!
    2. Area rugs can be expensive so you need to be mindful of the budget.
    3. An 8x10 area rug will take up a lot of space in a small room.
    4. A hand-knotted 8x10 area rug would be very expensive and tough to maintain.

Placement Of An 8x10 Area Rug

This size rug is best used in a larger room where it can be placed in the center and not take up too much space. They're also perfect for all the areas of your house because they give a glamorous atmosphere and are easy to clean.

Placement of an 8x10 Area rug

Living Room:

An 8x10 area rug can be placed in the center with a coffee table and overstuffed loveseat. They are also great for any area of your home that needs to be comfortable, cozy, and easy to clean! If you have a small living room, you can put it in a corner. Or, If you have a large and spacious living room, you can put it on one side of the room or at the center of the room.

Living room:


An area rug in a bedroom may not be as necessary for warmth, but it can still add that extra layer of coziness and comfort to your space. They are also great because they provide an excellent foundation for any other bedding you have on top! You could put an 8x10 area rug next to your bed to give it a little extra padding or put one under your bed to create an entire sitting area for you.



Area rugs in the bathroom are often seen as more necessary for warmth than those in other rooms, but they can still be just as cozy and comfortable! Putting them near sinks makes washing hands easier, and they can be put under your feet when you're sitting on the toilet to make it more comfortable. If you have an 8x10 runner rug, you can place it right next to the bathtub as it can also be used to dry your feet after a bath.



Area rugs in kitchens are often used for a variety of purposes, but we think that one of the most common is using them as a place to stand and prepare food so that your knees aren't touching cold or wet surfaces. You can place an 8x10 rug in a kitchen, near the stove or sink. Also, If you have a narrow space between your stove and the wall, you can place a runner rug in that space to prevent spills from reaching your floor.



A basement is often seen as an unfinished area of the house where we store our belongings but it can also be used for other purposes such as entertaining guests with a game night or watching TV on its own couch. If you have a small basement, an 8x10 area rug would be perfect for the middle of the room. A runner rug would be perfect if you want to create more visual interest with your décor.



An 8x10 area rug is a perfect size to cover a patio. Patios are great for entertaining guests or even just relaxing on your own and an area rug is a quick and easy way to turn any outdoor space into a cozy spot. If you have a big patio, you'll want to consider getting an outdoor rug that extends the whole length of your space.



An 8x10 area rug is a nice, low-profile size for a hall. I like to put mine on the floor next to my front door and it softens the hard tile that was there before while still giving me plenty of room to walk without tripping over it.


Dining Room:

An 8x10 area rug is perfect for placing under a dining room table and chairs. Plus, the smaller size makes vacuuming much easier. If you have a small dining room, you may want to consider using an area rug under the table and a runner between your kitchen and dining room. It will help define and separate the spaces while still giving you plenty of floor space to walk on without tripping over it.

Dining Room:

5 Tips Of Using An 8x10 Area Rug To Decorate Your Space

Tip 1: Use An Area Rug To Define A Room's Space

An area rug is much more than just something that provides warmth and cushions your feet from the hard floor surfaces in your home; it can also help you create a sense of intimacy, division, or ambiance. The size and shape of an area rug are not just about what looks good in your home; they should also be based on the size and shape of the room.

Tip 1: Use an area rug to define a room's space

Tip 2: A 8x10 Rug For Wall Hanging

Decorating a wall with an area rug is one of the simplest ways to create a focal point in your room. You can hang it over the back of a chair or sofa, prop up on end by itself and lean against furniture or you can lay it across two chairs facing each other for use as an occasional tablecloth - depending on what you're looking for, the rug can be an incredible way to make your room feel more intimate.

Tip2: A 8x10 rug for wall hanging

Tip 3: Use Two Rugs To Beautify A Larger Space

Using two 8x10 area rugs will make a larger space feel cozier and inviting. This trick is especially handy in large, open areas like a living room that can be difficult to fill. You can use two rugs only a few feet apart or farther to create the illusion of a bigger space. Using two rugs would enhance the look of the room and give it more depth.

Tip3: Use two rugs to beautify a larger space

Tip 4: Try Using Colors That Are Different But Complementary

If you want to use two rugs, like in Tip number 3. You could choose two colors that contrast or complement each other. For example, try a bright yellow rug with a dark blue one as the second color. The result will be eclectic and stylish without being too matchy-matchy. Contrasting colors can really make the room pop and draw attention.

Tip4: Try using colors that are different but complementary

Tip 5: Be Sure To Use A Rug Pad With Your New Rug

A good-quality rug pad will protect your floor from dirt, scratches, spills, and other damage that comes from repeated contact. A rug pad also helps keep rugs in place so they don't slide out of position when people walk on them.

Tip5: Be sure to use a rug pad with your new rug

Here Is A List Of 8x10 Rugs With Different Colors And Styles Perfect For Home Decoration:

1. Green Bokhara Area Rug

The Green Bokhara Area Rug is a multifunctional piece of decor, beautiful in any interior. It can be used as a traditional rug to bring classic style indoors or turned into wall art for outdoor spaces with pegs attached to the backside. Either way, it brings charm and character wherever it may go! It is available in the size 8x 10 perfect for any space! Buy this gorgeous rug now by clicking the link below!

Green Bokhara Area Rug

2. Red Caucasian Area Rug

This gorgeous red caucasian rug is a perfect area rug for any room of the home, this 8x10 area rug will be what you see in every upscale design magazine. With the gorgeous red and beige colors, our rugs are handcrafted with a tr2 aditional Caucasian pattern that is beautiful, stylish, and provides an element of class to your space. Offering superior comfort underfoot, this rug will make your living space feel like a blanket - warm, welcoming, and comforting when you walk inside on cold days or rainy evenings! 

Red Caucasian Area Rug

3. Red Caucasian Area Rug

This red Caucasian area rug is a gorgeous addition to any home. Made of high-quality wool. Great for keeping your feet warm in the winter. With its traditional style and beautiful interior design, it's sure to make your room look comfortable, cozy, and inviting for all family members (especially anyone with allergies!). This rug comes in an 8x10 size which is common among many homes these days- buy one today!

Red Caucasian Area Rug

4. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

The Ivory Caucasian Area Rug is the perfect addition to any home. It’s beautiful and gorgeous, with a traditional design that will complement your decor. This 8x10 size is commonly used for bedrooms or living rooms, so it’ll be easy to find space for it in your home! You deserve the best of the best when it comes to your flooring. And this area rug has everything you could want – beauty, tradition, and durability. So order today and get free shipping on all orders.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

5. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

This gorgeous Ivory caucasian area rug is made of pure wool and hand-knotted by professional weavers. You will love this 8x10 rug as it is a perfect size for any space in your house. You can place it in the middle of your living room, or in front of your bed. The best thing about this rug is that the colors are very muted and neutral, which means they will go with any style of home decor. So, Don't wait any longer and buy this rug now!

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

6. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

This Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug is the perfect addition. It's hand-knotted, woven with an intricate pattern, and 8x10 in size. You'll love how beautiful it looks in any space! With its contemporary design, this rug will make your home feel fresh and new. The colors are soft but still vibrant enough to stand out against any wall or furniture color you have. And at such a great price point, you can't go wrong! Click on the link below to purchase this rug today!

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

7. Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

The Gabbeh is a traditional Persian design that has been around since the 16th century. It's beautiful, gorgeous, and intricately patterned with an intricate design. This rug would be perfect in any room of your home or office! You'll love this addition to your living space because it's both contemporary and common. It will add color and texture to any room you put it in! Plus, it looks great on hardwood floors or carpeting. And did we mention how affordable it is? Click here now to purchase this rug from our website!

Orange Gabbeh Area Rug

8. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug is an 8x10 size hand-knotted woven design that is intricately patterned. This lovely addition to any contemporary home will be commonly used and loved by all who see it. You'll want this beautiful, gorgeous rug in your life! It's the perfect piece of art for your living room or bedroom. The intricate pattern and traditional beauty make it a wonderful addition to any home decor. Get one today! 

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

9. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

This grey Gabbeh Rug is an exquisite and beautiful addition to any home. It’s hand-knotted, woven with intricate patterns, and available in 8x10 size. This traditional design is commonly used in many homes today. You can use it as a focal point or accent piece for your living room flooring. These rugs are perfect for adding warmth to the room while also providing comfort underfoot. They come in various colors that will match any decor style of your house! Whether you want something more traditional or contemporary, this rug has got you covered!  

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

10. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug is an 8x10 size hand-knotted and woven into a gorgeous design with an intricate pattern. This lovely addition to your home will be sure to make it stand out from the rest. It’s commonly used in contemporary homes and can be found in many different colors. With this beautiful rug, you can show off your sense of style without breaking the bank! You won't find another rug like it at such a low price point anywhere else on the market today. Don't wait any longer - order now and get free shipping!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

11. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

Looking for a new rug of 8x10 size? Well, This beautiful and elegant Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug is the perfect addition to any space. This hand-knotted, woven design features an intricate pattern that will make your home feel more contemporary and beautiful. It’s common to see this type of rug in many homes because it’s so lovely and can be used in almost any room of the house. 

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

12. Black Ziegler Area Rug

The Black Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect addition to any home. It's hand-knotted, woven with an intricate pattern, and has a contemporary design that will fit in well with any style of decor. This 8x10 size rug is commonly used in living rooms or bedrooms and it comes at a great price! You'll love how soft this rug feels underfoot and how beautiful it looks on your floor. With its traditional beauty, gorgeous design, and intricate patterning, the Black Ziegler Area Rug is sure to be the perfect addition to your home. Click here now for more information about this product! 

Black Ziegler Area Rug

13. Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

The Gabbeh rug is an elegant addition to any room. With its intricate pattern and traditional design, it’s perfect for adding warmth and style to your home. It also comes in 8x10 size which is great if you have a smaller space that needs some extra coverage. This beautiful rug will make your house feel like home! The Grey Gabbeh Area Rug is a lovely addition to any home. You'll love the way this rug feels under your feet as you walk across it in bare feet on a cold day. Plus, its contemporary design will fit right in with most modern homes! Get yours today before they sell out! 

Grey Gabbeh Area Rug

14. Brown Persian Area Rug

The Brown Persian Area Rug is an 8x10 size, hand-knotted and woven. It has intricate patterns that make it beautiful and gorgeous. This rug can be used in any room of the house, but it's commonly used in the living room because of its beauty and intricacy. It would also be perfect for your bedroom or dining area! You will love this addition to your home decor! Click here to purchase now before they're all gone! 

Brown Persian Area Rug

15. Ivory Ikat Area Rug

Ivory Ikat Area Rug is the perfect addition to any room. This beautiful, hand-knotted rug will be sure to make your space feel cozier and inviting. Its 8x10 size makes it perfect for any room in the house! The intricate pattern and lovely colors are sure to add an extra touch of elegance. Add this gorgeous rug today! You won’t regret it! 

Ivory Ikat Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About 8x10 Rugs

1. What Is The Most Common-Sized Rug?

The most popular area rugs measure about four to six or 8 to 10 square feet in size and average around two inches thick, making it easy to fit them under a coffee table or sideboard. The 8x10 size is commonly used at home for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas.

2. How Many Square Feet Does An Area Rug Cover On The Floor?

In general, a rug that is six to eight feet wide and ten feet long covers about 70 square feet. The large size of this would be an 11x14-foot area rug which can cover up to 140 square yards. However, always make sure to measure your space to get the most precise number. A square foot is a measure of area and equals 144 square inches or 1296 square centimeters. An eight-foot rug would cover about six feet (72in) by ten feet (120in) which equals 720 in² totaling 15600 sq cm). A larger rug such as an eleven-foot by fourteen-foot rug would have dimensions of about nine feet (108in) by thirteen feet (168in) which equals 1344 in² totaling 19800 sq cm). It depends upon which size you need for your areas.

3. How Heavy Is An 8x10 Area Rug?

The weight of an area rug will depend on the material and construction. A hand-knotted wool area rug can weigh as much as twenty pounds, while a polypropylene or nylon pile fabric may only have a weight of six ounces per square yard. The same holds true for tufted carpet which has denser piles than loop carpets which could weigh as much as three pounds per square yard.

4. Where Can I Place An 8 By 10 Area Rug?

You can place an area rug in a hallway, bedroom, living room, or any other space that you would like. An 8x10 area rug is also perfect for a dining room. You can place it under the table of your dining room or you can place it under the coffee table of your living room. 8x10 is a size that would fit perfectly anywhere you want.

5. How To Take Care Of An 8 By 10 Rug?

When caring for your rug, be sure to vacuum it often. You will also need to use a professional dry shampoo once every six months if you do not have enough time or the patience to wash and rinse with water. The 8x10 size is very easy for you to clean and maintain. But, Always remember that stains on rugs should be removed as soon as possible.

6. Where Can I Buy 8x10 Rugs Online?

A lot of people are wondering where they can buy an affordable high-quality rug online. There are so many online stores like RugsUSA, Wayfair, West Elm, RugKnots, Amazon, etc. You can buy the best quality 8x10 area rug from RugKnots available in different styles, colors, and designs.

7. Can I Place An 8x10 Area Rug Outside?

Yes, you can place your rug in an outdoor space because it is weather-resistant and durable. But make sure to follow the instructions for cleaning and maintenance before placing a new rug in an area with heavy foot traffic or outside of the home. You should also get a good mat if you want to avoid slipping on the floor when coming inside.

8. What Is The Best Material For An Area Rug?

The best material for an area rug is wool. Wool fibers are strong and durable, making them ideal for carpets that will be walked on a lot. Wool, cotton, sisal, and natural fiber rugs are soft to the touch and come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. However, it depends on your needs and the style of your home.

9. Should I Use A Hand-Knotted 8x10 Area Rug For High Traffic Areas?

Hand-knotted area rugs are often made from wool, cotton, or silk. They can be expensive and difficult to maintain. For high traffic areas, a synthetic carpet may work best for you because it is easy to clean up spills with these carpets. Wool rugs might also do the trick if they are not damaged by the traffic. So, Yes! You can use a hand-knotted rug for high traffic areas just make sure to clean it up every once in a while.

10. Can I Wash An 8x10 Area Rug In A Washing Machine?

Some people choose to wash their area rug. This is always a gamble because you never know how it will come out and if the quality of your rug decreases from washing it in a washer or dryer. You'll want to check with the manufacturer on this one before deciding whether or not to wash your new hand-knotted wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic rug. You can wash it in a washing machine.

11. Can I Place An 8x10 Area Under The Dining Table?

Yes! You can place an area rug under your dining table, but if you're using a dining set with chairs that have casters on the bottom, you might want to use non-skid pads or felt chair glides. Dining rooms are often carpeted, so a rug can help keep your flooring protected from food and spills. However, 8x10 rugs come under the category of Large Rugs when it comes to size, so they might not work for smaller dining rooms.

12. What Are The Benefits Of Using An Area Rug?

There are many benefits to having an area rug in your home: they keep feet warm and dry; they can make a room look bigger because you're not seeing all that flooring underneath furniture; they help with noise by absorbing sound waves from hardwood floors. An 8x10 area rug size is a great size for most homes because it's not too big or small.

13. Can I Place An 8x10 Area Rug Under My Coffee Table?

Yes! You can place an area rug under your coffee table, but if you're using a glass or metal top with no rubber grips on the bottom, you might want to use non-skid pads or felt chair glides. With these types of tops, it's important that the underside is completely flat so they don't break from the pressure. If you have a small area then too small a rug would look odd but if you have a larger space, then this is the perfect spot for an area rug.

14. Can I Place An 8x10 Rug Under A Round Table?

Yes, you can place an area rug under a round table. However, the furniture legs of the table will be visible and it might get in the way if you need to move chairs or furniture around. So, If you have a smaller area and are looking for some extra flooring then the rug would work but if you need to move furniture around regularly, this might not be a practical place to put your carpet. The chair legs must all be pushed into the center of your table before placing a rug under it. Remember to cover your bare floor with a rug to protect your floor and avoid slips.

We want to help you find the rug of your dreams, without overpaying. RugKnots is the best that way! We offer the best quality area rugs at affordable prices. If you have any questions about area rugs then please email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046. You can contact us with questions about the 8x10 rug size here on our website or via Facebook. We want to help you find the rug of your dreams, without overpaying.

Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
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Ivory Ziegler Area RugIvory Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Ziegler Area Rug - AR3597
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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
Rugknots Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
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Free Shipping

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
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