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Large Area Rugs

A home needs proper care. Some items help in maintaining the homes in a better way. There are also items which decorate the living spaces. Large area rugs act like two in one item. They help in keeping the homes clean. They also help in beautifying homes.

Why do we need rugs?

Rugs not only enhance the quality of home decor they also have many practical uses. They can be placed in living rooms, dining rooms or in any other area of the house. There are even outdoor rugs which do not let the dust from feet enter your house. Outdoor rugs also enhance the outer look of the house. They show that a home is given complete care. They can also provide a great sitting area even in the open areas of the home. Having runner rugs also helps a lot. They cover a huge area and make the home more protected. You can also move anywhere in the house without wearing shoes. We all try to bring ease to our homes because home should be cozy and warm. Home is the other name of love and comfort. Home is the only place in the world where we feel relaxed. This is why we should only bring home the stuff that increases the comfort for us. Rugs are simply a source of convenience. There are several uses of rugs.

  • Extra-large rugs make the homes look spacious.
  • Large area rugs cover the floors and keep them new for a longer time.
  • Having them on entryway ensure a cleaner home.
  • They help in keeping the house tidy.
  • They show your creative side.
  • The beauty of rugs gets you to praise from guests.
  • Rug pads help in keeping the furniture in its place.
  • They do not let your dining tables move.
  • Placing round rugs under chairs and bar stools save them from tripping.
  • They provide more sitting space in homes.
  • Children have more space to play.
  • Save the toddlers from getting hurt if they fall.
  • Rugs reduce the sound which is made by walking.
  • They stay underfoot and save feet from getting dirty and cold.
  • They trap allergies from the air.
  • Rugs separate different areas from each other.
  • You can create a different space in a bigger area with the help of rugs.
  • They are easier to clean and wash than carpets.
  • Rugs bring beauty and elegance to the home.
  • Rugs are stylish and comfortable.

Designs and materials of rugs

We often hear that Moroccan and Persian / Safavieh carpets and rugs are excellent. But do you know what are rugs made of usually? Rugs are commonly made up of jute, shad, natural fibers, and polypropylene fibers. Wool rugs are also received huge appreciation. Shag rugs are made up of plant fibers and give a soft and smooth texture to the rugs. Other materials help in making low-pile rugs. Low-pile rugs are knitted with smaller and tighter knots. Rugs are made in different color schemes. Runners are flatweave rugs. They are constructed without knots. They are also known as hand-tufted rugs. Blue area rugs, navy rugs, gray area rugs, and black area rugs are loved by all. These rugs go with all types of home decor and complement all interiors. These materials give rugs long life and strength. Buying rugs which are made up of natural fibers like seagrass create a great and healthy environment in the home. Stain-resistant rugs are also found now. They are made up of special polyester fibers. It is easy to maintain these rugs for a long time.

When we talk about designs of rugs then nourison rugs hold great importance. These rugs have timeless designs. These designs are in use for a long time and still loved by all. Trellis rugs also have traditional designs with a modern touch. Moroccan trellis and nuloom rugs have wavy lines on them. These patterns are loved by everyone. Sisal rugs are also loved by designers. They have more strength than the jute rugs or shag area rugs. They are mostly machine-made. They have a simple and beautiful look and give a beautiful and charming touch to any area. People who want to have outdoor areas that look like gardens they can buy extra-large area rugs which look like grass. They can decorate special areas with the help of these carpets. They look like grass and separates other space from that area. Creating a garden-like area is not the only option. You can get creative and you can create different separated areas with the help of the rugs. You can also build play-areas with them. Just put a rug anywhere, add some toys and play area is ready.

Rugs are found in different sizes and shapes. They can be rectangular or square. They also come in circular shapes. They also come in small / medium / large / extra-large and even in huge sizes. You can choose the rug of any shape and size that goes well with your need. Large area rugs provide the most practical use and comfort of all the other rug size.

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