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Every few years, there is a particular design aesthetic that lasts for some time until we move onto another. In interior design, especially, we all love trying to experiment with different styles now and then.

For one love redecorating my place through accent pieces every year, something new comes in!

Want to know what's one of the most popular trends in interior design this year? Yes! Our very favorite Scandinavian decor, and it is here to stay!

The Scandinavian decor has a uniquely pleasing aesthetic marked by minimalism, neutrals, and simple, streamlined forms.

What is Scandinavian Decor?

When you hear "Scandinavian Decor," the first thing that might come to mind is the trendy Swedish furniture store Ikea.

But I'm here to tell you that there's more to Scandinavian interior design than just the big blue building!

Scandinavian Decor

Though Ikea's furniture and decorations are a great representation of Scandinavian decor, there's much more to it. I'm here to tell you why it's so beautiful and so fashionable!

But first, a little background! "Scandinavia" is the name for a region in Northeastern Europe, which includes Norway, Sweden, Finland Denmark, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

These Nordic countries excel in innovation, design, and fashion. Scandinavian decor is, at its heart, a combination of function and style.

Scandinavian furniture and Scandinavian home design are meant to be no-fuss, but that doesn't mean there's no beauty! Scandinavian furniture is some of the most beautiful and unique you'll find in the market today.

Function lends itself to form, combining to create a streamlined, simple look that is decidedly Scandinavian.

One of the premier features of this style is simplicity in lines and forms, like the tree pattern above. The fabric designer uses simple lines to give the impression of shape and texture.

At first glance, you can see that they're trees, but when you look a bit closer, you can see their brilliant simplicity!

What is Scandinavian Home Decor?

Scandinavian home decor involves the use of Scandinavian design through functional and less ostentatious items.

The functionality of Scandinavian decor possesses the ability to communicate modernism.

That, too, without doing much and just through the use of minimalist furniture and other elements.

For this very reason, people have adopted Scandinavian home decor and transformed their spaces to minimalist haven! Remember!

Simple lines create a clean, neutral, open style!

If you are seeking Scandinavian decor on a budget, then you will be glad to know that this design is based on this very aspect! Yes! With such modern elements and minimal use of furniture and maintenance__it is actually very budget-friendly!

10 Elements Of Scandinavian Decor

Following are the ten most essential elements of Scandinavian design;

1. White Walls With Pops Of Color

If you google "Scandinavian design," the first thing you'll notice is the dominance of white walls.

Scandinavian designers are all about light and bright, making white the perfect color choice.

If you think white is dull and can't be vibrant, I'm here to prove you wrong! White is clean, minimal, and beautifully simple.

But that doesn't mean that Scandinavians avoid color! They skillfully use color in bright pops, rather than overtaking a room with it.

For instance, Scandanavian wall decor will usually involve painting the three walls of the room in a shade of white (think egg white, off white or vanilla) and leave one wall for a fun color that pops! You could either paint it or have different hues or patterned wallpaper over it.

2. Form And Function

It's easy to spot Scandinavian furniture pieces because of their beautiful shapes and simple lines.

The chairs below are designed to be sat in, not to be pawns of interior design. Comfort and function are most important to Scandinavians.

The beautiful chairs above are designed to be comfortable, to easily slide under a table, and to be the perfect height for sitting.

What results from the necessity of function? Simple lines, artful form, beautiful furniture!

3. Organic Patterns

The art and textiles of Scandinavian style are recognizable for their botanical and natural features. Scandinavian design often features many different colors, and pure plant forms, as you'll see below.

Other vital components include simple lines and designs, like the lined plants below.

Also, designs sometimes feature characters! The art of Scandinavian decor is doodle-y, whimsical, and fun.

The organic patterns with their curvy linear forms look very aesthetically pleasing when combined with the sleek, functional furniture items. The upholstery and furniture come together to give you that beautiful Scandinavian decor

When I was a child, I had a blanket from Ikea similar to the one below, and I could stare at the characters for hours!

I believe they were a frog prince and princess, and I would love looking through to find the pictures, it was like a game of I Spy!

The exciting patterns of Scandinavian art are probably my favorite part of the design style. I love how the textiles can make a room so quirky and fun!

4. Natural Materials

Along with seeking function, Nordic designers search for natural materials like wood, wool, felted wool, cotton, and fur.

Cowhide rugs and Oriental Rugs are particularly popular because of their natural materials. At Rug Knots, Scandinavian area rugs are made with 100% New Zealand wool, and are hand-knotted to perfection! We use all-natural vegetable dyes that won't run.

Check out some of our Oriental Rugs

The coral rug above is a beautiful way to bring a pop of color to the natural wood floor.

5. Open Spaces

Along with their simple color schemes, Scandinavian designers choose not to clutter up their spaces with too much furniture.

Scandinavian interiors are often free, adding to the minimalist, clean feel that white walls create.

Walking into Scandinavian home decor is like taking a breath of fresh air, looking outside into a bright landscape, and floating in the clouds! So make sure you leave some breathing space while decorating your place.

6. Low Handing Lights

Another one of my favorite features of the Nordic design is the long-hanging lights that seem to be popular. These lights come in various styles, though they are always simple.

Sometimes several lights hang low together, but I prefer the look of the singular view.

This is a simple yet bold design choice!

7. Wood And Metal Finishes

Scandinavian decor involves the use of both wood and metal finishes. I love how you can alternate between the two through accent spaces.

For instance, a wooden coffee table could be complemented well with brass chairs.

Metal finishes of copper and brass can add shine to the room.

8. Warm Textiles 

The three countries, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are all generally frigid with some harsh winters! It is no surprise that Scandinavian home decor would involve maximum use of warm textiles to cozy you up in your own space.

Home furnishing is usually paired with shaggy area rugs and shaggy throws over chairs, beds, and sofas as part of the upholstery.

Warm textiles like sheepskin wool and soft cotton throws are preferred. Throws that can be used as a decorative element as well as snuggled in with!

9. Fresh Flowers And Botanical

I can always make space for some plants in my abode! They can add so much freshness to space without doing much!

Adding fresh flowers and plants is, in fact, a pervasive element of Scandinavian design.

Along with adding life, these botanicals add so much color to your room, as well. Especially with the neutral tones of Scandinavian decor, fresh flowers, and botanicals complement the space through the use of colors in accent pieces. 

10. Fire Places

Because it gets so cold in Scandinavian countries, fires are a must. But these fireplaces are anything but boring or traditional. Scandinavian stoves are pieces of art in themselves, like a sculpture.

The fireplace above is a bit of a simpler wood-burning stove, but it's still warm, cozy, and inviting!

The fireplace above looks like it belongs in a hobbit house! I love the built-in compartment for stacks of wood and the simplicity of the structure!

I can imagine this fireplace outdoors, in medieval times or in my own house!

Combine this with an organic patterned rug by the fireplace, and you have yourself your favorite spot! (and personally mine too!)

At Rugknots, you will find all sorts of patterns in curvilinear forms that will speak volumes for your Scandinavian decor by just existing!

What Are the Scandinavian Decor Colors?

I love the Scandinavian color palette! The Scandinavian decor mainly deals in neutrals, most notably shades of white, grey, beige, and lighter tones of pinks.

But that does not mean that Scandinavian decor is entirely devoid of color! It very cleverly uses pops of color in little elements or through accent pieces.

If you are thinking of playing with an understated color scheme with minimum use of colors, then go for Blush pink and grey-blue!

They are, by far, the most used colors in Scandinavian home decor.

The fireplace above is a bit of a more straightforward wood-burning stove, but it's still warm, cozy, and inviting!



Valerie Thomas - July 15, 2019

I absolutely love scandinavian design I have been working on my own living space choosing simple pieces to create a peaceful place

malak - April 17, 2019

great and helpful, thank you!

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