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If you want to give your home a more subtle, simple yet earthy look then Geometric Jute Rugs are the ones for you. Reaching on top of the ladder Geometric Rugs have certainly become a must-have for every home. They are unique, quirky, and successfully bring out a sense of unique style. Unlike other Traditional or Oriental rugs, Geometric Jute Rugs have an ethereal and delicate quality to them. Rugs like Porcelain Area Rugs or even Shag Rugs, display and offer a soft and satiny feel to them and bring out an elite sense of style. In the same way, Geometric Jute Rugs to inhibit a class within. However, if you want to learn more about these rugs then here, we have jotted down all the things that you may or may not know about these rugs.

What You Know About Geometric Jute Rugs And What You Don't Know

Everything You Should Know About Geometric Jute Rugs

These Rugs are different in an obvious way. Their design pattern might not be unusual. Nevertheless, the process of making them with a distinctive kind of fiber and its natural color tone makes them one of a kind.

What Are Geometric Jute Rugs

Well, as the name suggests these are the type of rugs made from a special material taken from the jute plant. Jute Rugs are quite popular in the rug community for their simple and sleek look. However, the most popular and loved Jute rugs are Geometric Jute Rugs. They are aesthetically quite pleasing infused with artistic patterns and designs that bear subtleness to them.

Everything you should know about Geometric Jute Rugs

The Basic Design Pattern

Well, Geometric Jute Rugs are quite basic when it comes to the design patterns. However, it does not mean they are boring and unappealing. Rather the similarity in the repetitive geometric pattern is what makes this rug more appalling. There are several ways to make designs for these rugs. That includes, horizontal, vertical, a bit of both or even slanting geometric patterns. Also, small geometric round motives spread around on the rug is also quite a popular Geometric Jute carpet design.

The Basic Design Pattern

The Natural Color

These rugs originally come in the natural colors of the jute plant. However, many companies attempt to dye the fibers to bring in more diversity in the rugs and make it more captivating. Generally, the base color remains in its natural tone while dyed fibers help make the geometric pattern. This way the originality of the Geometric Jute Rugs remains intact.

The Shapes to Explore

Like any other rug, Geometric Jute Carpets also come in various shapes. Nevertheless, square, and rectangular-shaped rugs are more famous and most people use them to decorate hallways and rooms.

The Natural Color

Amalgam Of Different Materials Used

Keep in mind that these Rugs might not be as fluffy as other rugs but they still are very soft. As Jute is naturally very soft material and when twisted and woven together, it becomes even more subtle. Well, originally, these rugs had jute as a core material. However, later, other materials were subsequently added in to give it more vibrancy. Wool and cotton fibers are often woven in between the jute fibers to give Geometric Jute Rugs a unique identity. This combination of different fibers also helps in bringing about more color, texture, and softness. Well, buying these rugs would not be a bad idea, after all.

Amalgam of Different Materials used

Process Of Making Geometric Jute Rugs

There are multiple ways to create patterns for Geometric carpets. Here at RugKnots, you will find different types of fine quality Geometric Jute Rugs online. Jute ticking, flat weave jute Rugs, woven jute, and jute Soumak are different types of Geometric Area Rugs. The process is quite exquisite; artisans use yarns of natural Jute to make the Jute Ticking and Flat Weaved Jutes. The knots are in unison with dyed vegetable-based pigments and vegetable fibers. The only difference between them lies in the type of knots opted to make them. Woven Jute usually comprises thick and strong jute yarn. The process of weaving jute fibers requires using metal rods around them to give these rugs a heavy knit. On the other hand, to make Jute Soumak, the process used is somewhat technical. They are very textural and have braids of larger loops with an additional warp. So, when it comes to the Geometric Jute carpets, the options are quite far-fetched which is quite a treat to witness.

Process of Making Geometric Jute Rugs

Why Buy Geometric Jute Rug

Despite their resemblance with burlap, Geometric rugs offer a completely different experience. Without a doubt, they are must-have rugs to revamp your home décor and we will tell you why;

The Distinct Design Pattern

The earthy look that these rugs offer brings out the best styling technique. The geometric pattern effortlessly makes a room look more modern and spacious. The design infused with the natural jute color tone creates a more textural and cozier environment.

Why buy Geometric Jute Rug

The Level Of Durability

The most prized quality of these rugs is the extent of durability. Geometric Jute Rugs are more sustainable, as they comprise thick jute fiber. This naturally makes them stronger. It can handle a decent amount of foot traffic and can also hold up efficiently under the furniture. The use of natural strong fiber makes them very stalwart and ageless. They can easily last up to many years if properly taken care of. Hence, perfect for any busy space.

The Level of Durability

The Impeccable Textural Quality

Because of the coarser material Geometric Jute Rug displays a great textural quality. The raw feel displayed through them adds a nice touch to hard surface flooring. Also, it works wonders with more colorful decor and can keep any room organic and exotic.


Not all rugs are eco-friendly, or health hazard free but with these rugs, there is no such trouble. They are perfect for homes with pets and children. There is no danger of dust particles sticking to the fibers of the rug that may bring dust allergies. The best thing is that Geometric Jute carpets are recyclable and biodegradable. Also, they are easy to clean and vacuum.

The Impeccable Textural Quality

So, keeping all the pros of getting a Geometric Rugs, we are offering one of the best qualities for these rugs that will only make you grin.

The Downside To Geometric Jute Rugs

While these rugs seem to be the answer to many problems, there are still several cons to them;

Keep Away From Water

Geometric Jute Rugs are quite absorbent. Hence, it makes its placement quite limited. The humid and damp areas are not suitable for them. Besides, it becomes significantly hard to dry them up in case of any spills.

The Downside to Geometric Jute Rugs

Continuous Cleaning

The dust might not get on top of the rug but instead it settles under the rug which is not pleasing at all. So, it becomes imperative to clean these rugs regularly. Additionally, it is best not to place these rugs under the direct sunlight as it may fade away the color.

Continuous cleaning

Tips To Decorate With Geometric Jute Rugs

So, here are some tips on how to decorate your amazing house with these rugs;

As these rugs are more sustainable, it is best to place them in areas that have high foot traffic. Living rooms might be the right place for these as they can easily handle the day to day wear and tear. Because of their organic and earthy look Geometric Jute Rugs can arouse a right sense of balance anywhere. So, it would be best to place them in areas like hallways, living rooms, or places with colorful decor. As this would be the best way to make any area appear more spacious and subtle. These rugs can brighten up any room. So, when placed at the bedside the balance will thrive. Besides, their sustainability makes them perfect for a children's room. Just let the geometric design pattern do the talking for you as it will make any room look chic and modern.

Tips to Decorate with Geometric Jute Rugs

Taking Care Of The Geometric Jute Rugs

Geometric Jute carpets are just like any jute rug. Their maintenance is quite easy and can last many years if kept with care. All you need is a regular vacuum cleaning to ward off any dirt that settles on it. Also, make sure to keep it away from areas with exposed dirt and dust. Not to mention, clean the rug right away in case of any spill as it is a hard task to remove any stains later. Remember, never to wash these rugs with water or any other liquid. Just use a paper towel to remove the stain and give it a gentle rub.

Taking care of the Geometric Jute Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions About Geometric Rugs

1. What Are Geometric Rugs?

Geometric rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. You can get them as small as one foot by three feet or as large as eight feet by ten feet! They're often made with wool, cotton, polyester, nylon, anything that is durable enough for the specific area you need it for. These rugs have a geometric motif and vivid pattern perfect for tile floors and decor style for your interior. With their power loom construction and very reasonable price, these rugs are perfect for your house.

2. Are Geometric Rugs Hand-Knotted?

Yes Geometric rugs are machine-made as well as hand and come in a variety of materials, not just wool. The hand-knotted feature of this style makes it a best quality rug for your home. Although machine made rugs are also made of good quality, they are not as good as the hand-knotted rugs.

3. Where Can I Place A Geometric Rug?

Geometric rugs are great for any room in the house. They're designed with a modern feel that will complement your home's interior design and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal to give it an extra pop! You can place it in your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and kids room Geometric rugs are for both indoor-outdoor areas. The outdoor rugs are perfect for polypropylene location as are made of synthetic material that is fade-resistant and has a medium pile.

4. Would You Recommend A Geometric Rug?

If I were to buy one, I would. It depends on your taste for the design and size though. There are many different designs with varying colors and weaves so it's up to you if this is what appeals to you or not! Geometric rugs are perfect for your place if you are looking to add a texture, pattern, and color. The best thing about only this rug is that they provide a cozy and inviting feel to the kids as they love the colorful pattern and geometric pattern on their bare foot.

5. How To Clean A Geometric Rug?

Geometric rugs are made from a variety of materials. They can be woven, knitted, tufted or even felted so the best way to clean it depends on your rug material. We recommend checking with the manufacturer for their recommendations and guidelines before cleaning! If your rug is stained, It is recommended to clean the stained area immediately with soap and water and then the entire rug.

6. Are Geometric Rugs Good For High-Traffic Areas?

Yes, geometric rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas. They add a pop of color and texture to your place while providing you with some protection from dirt on shoes! The geometric patterns and intricate shapes are also aesthetically pleasing and will make your space look more inviting. Your kids will also love to play on these gorgeous colorful rugs.

7. How To Take Care Of Your Geometric Rugs?

It is recommended to vacuum your rug at least once a week and occasionally use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or hair. Be cautious of using too much water as it can damage colors in some cases, and make sure not to drag objects across the surface of your geometric rug. If you want your rug to last long, it is important to keep your rug clean and dry.

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