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Need a Brilliant Home Decor Tip? Buy Overdyed Rugs

Buy Overdyed RugsMona Sharif
Stuck with overdyed rugs but not sure how to decorate them in your room? Well, guess what? We all have been there! As we buy overdyed rugs in the U...
rug on carpet

10 Ways to Place a Rug on Carpet in Winter 2020

Ryan Henry
“Winter is coming” may have become an iconic quote but at this time of the year, we can firmly say winter really is coming. The brisk and fresh air...
Make Education Interesting With Classroom Rugs

Make Education Interesting With Classroom Rugs

Alessandra Santos
Do you remember any specific thing from your elementary school classroom? There would be many things for sure – I remember a chart paper with fasci...
Rug Placement Guide

Rug Placement Guide- Fit Your Rug in a Suitable Space

Ryan Henry
Choosing a rug is only one part of the journey, finding it a suitable spot is another. Rug placement can be a daunting task, even more so than find...
Rug Shape

Choose the Best Rug Shape for your Space

Alessandra Santos
Rug shaping is serious business! Choosing the wrong shape and size for space can make it look awkward or cause impractical annoyances. We've foun...
How To Become An Interior Designer

How To Become An Interior Designer

Interior DesignAlessandra Santos
Interior design is an industry on the up, with more opportunities to learn, refine and ultimately make a career out of it than ever before. But w...
how to decorate open floor plan

How to Decorate Open Floor Plan With Stunning Rugs

Ryan Henry
Open floor plans are fantastic for entertaining. But they tend feel unfinished, like something is missing. When you are designing a kitchen, dinin...
expensive rugs

Why Are Oriental Wool Rugs Expensive in 2020

Oriental RugsAlessandra Santos
 In June of 2013, an anonymous bidder phoned in to Sotheby’s auction house in New York City. Up for sale was a 17th century rug known as the Clark...
how to choose a rug color

How to Choose a Rug Color Which Best Matches Your Space

Rug ColorLogan Funk
We're so glad you asked! We want to tell you how to choose a rug color because choosing rug color for your space is both a financial and visual in...
rug sizes

Read This Rug Sizes Guide Before Buying a New Rug

Alessandra Santos
So,You have a room you would like to add an area rug to, but where do you get started with finding one? How do you know what rug sizes to pick? Ho...