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Rugs and carpets are the most popular flooring options. Many of us think about the floor before painting the walls, buying the furniture, putting on the lights, and doing other decorative stuff. We think about what kind of carpets will further beautify the house and where we can buy them from. Be it Wool, Cotton, Silk, Synthetic, Nylon, or Geometric rugs, some qualities of rugs make us fall in love with them!

  1. They Are Soft and Comfortable

Yes, wooden flooring is trending, but nothing beats the comfort rugs, and carpets provide. Besides, Geometric carpets being our favorite is not only comfortable but also soothing for the eyes. Watching beautiful and intricate patterns colored to perfection makes the heart feel happy!

  1. Design with Comfort – Guaranteed.

The material used to make the rug matters. The pile height also matters because the higher the pile height, the softer the rug feels. The softer it is, the more comfortable it is for you or anyone to sit on. If you buy geometric rugs for the bedroom, it could be the best feeling to wake to its softness under your feet first thing in the morning. We guarantee your comfort in all our rugs at RugKnots.

We also have a collection of Porcelain area rugs with attractive geometric designs. Some of our Moroccan rugs also have geometric designs and are made of pure sheep wool. You will love them!

That said, we are here to save you and clear all the misconceptions you or anyone you know have so you guys can buy Geometric rugs, Pakistani rugs, monochromatic rugs, Moroccan rugs, Persian rugs and so many other rugs available at RugKnots with zero tension on your mind.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), established in the USA in the 1790s, is a pioneer of the carpet industry. They also acknowledge the beauty and definition rugs and carpets add to a place and therefore believe in educating people about properly cleaning them up and using them. They also play a vital role in discrediting people’s mythical beliefs on carpets and rugs.

We at RugKnots have some of the best Geometric rugs in the USA.  Oh yes, we have a sale going on so you can easily buy Geometric rugs online and any other type of rugs at super amazing prices!

At RugKnots, we have Geometric rugs for sale all year round; because we know by the time our avid readers visit us, they would want to order one.

So, let’s start by clearing the misconceptions and convince you to buy geometric rugs from RugKnots!

The Fifteen Misconceptions About Geometric Rugs

  1. Geometric Rugs Are Out of Style:

Most people think that Geometric rugs are out of style because they think of them as a rug with a pop of bright colors, which is not true, and for many, that’s not IN anymore. But Geometric carpets are available in the dark to neutral tones with mind-blowing patterns and are always in.

Don’t believe us? Check out Geometric rugs for sale at RugKnots, and you will find a rug for every space! Name it, and you will have it!

  1. Too Dark:

As Geometric rugs offer accentuating color and patterns, many people have this misconception that these can get too dark for their taste and space. Well, if this is the case, we wonder if they have seen the Porcelain area rug from the family of Geometric carpets.  The colors aren’t too dark.

  1. Make the Room Look Small:

Owing to the bold patterns and colors, a common myth has it that these rugs make the room look small. The last we heard, careful interior designing, or even simple on-the-mind-décor of the room can never let this happen. Oh, and by the way, to use Geometric rug – designing and planning are not necessary.

  1. Mandatory to Finalize Other Elements Before:

They say planning is critical, and we agree, yes. But when it comes to Geometric rugs, it’s not. Even if you have chosen your rug before finalizing other elements like wall paint, carpet, furniture – you can always play with these while the rug is with you. Sometimes the rug can help you plan the space. That’s how flexible Geometric rugs are!

  1. Same Rug and Different Places:

This has to be the biggest misconception ever. Some people believe that they cannot place Geometric carpets with similar designs in one room. Do you know it’s so much fun positioning the rug? Place it on top of the other, behind one another or a bit away – what we want you to know is that you can use similar rugs in one space.

  1.  Too Much Happening in a Rug:

The Geometric rugs have shapes and patterns with beautiful colors. As the patterns and colors are bold, many people feel that a lot is happening on the rug. But if you look closely, everything is in perfect alignment. Try it!

  1.   No Unified Look:

As stated above, the patterns have a lot going on in the rug, to have a unified and composed look for a Geometric rug is impossible. This is what they complain about, but they will not after checking out some of our collection of best and unified Geometric rugs in the USA available!

  1.  Not Sophisticated:

Some of the best designs of Geometric carpets at RugKnots are very sophisticated. Our collection is proof!

  1.   Warms Up Space:

This is a common perception that dark colors attract heat. This perception has created a common misperception that Geometric rugs dark in color attracts heat and warm-up space, which is not true. Rugs are small in size as compared to carpets. They are not capable of attracting heat for the whole room. Maybe something else needs a check.

  1.   Designs Are Common:

What if we tell you that all the rugs, including Geometric carpets, have different constructions? Yes. All rugs and carpets in the world are designed based on different patterns, material, and colors, so the designs cannot be common. Geometric carpets have this quality that playing with patterns always ensures uncommon designs.

  1.   They Are Expensive:

Because Geometric carpets are hand-made and machine-made, both, a common misperception is that they are expensive where they are not. Yes, some hand-tufted ones do start at about $3000, but this does not mean that all the rugs are expensive. Check to explore our store, some of the best and reasonable Geometric carpets are waiting for you!

  1.   Cause Allergies:

Okay, so this misconception relates to not only Geometric but all the rugs and carpets. People believe that they attract dust, dirt, and other harmful substances, and they not only give but worsen allergies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted studies that disprove this myth.

  1.   Material Is Uncomfortable and Hard:

A lot of people believe that rugs made of natural fibers are hard, rough, and uncomfortable. But hand-made rugs and blended ones with wool are not uncomfortable.

  1.   Vacuuming Destroys the Quality:

We all know that dust is a common problem and to maintain hygiene, cleaning manually or by vacuum is quite important. Most people avoid using vacuum thinking. It will destroy the quality, but this is just a myth, believe us! Now vacuums have special features that cater to the concern so, vacuum without worry!

  1.   Cleaning the Geometric Rugs Is Not Necessary:

Because some believe that Geometric carpets have flashy colors, the stains are barely visible; cleaning is not required. However, as we have already cleared, not all rugs are flashy, and even if they are, hygiene should be a top priority!  


We can go on and on.

But as for now, with all the misconceptions cleared, buy Geometric rugs online and explore the fantastic variety of rugs we have for you!

Happy shopping!

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