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10 Benefits of Baja Rugs That May Change Your Perspective

Mona Sharif
Baja rugs with their simple patterns and fantastic variety in colors are in trend these days. Imagine a life without style. Boring right? Then, ima...
How to remove stains from rugs | RugKnots

How to Remove Stains and Pet Hair from Your Rugs Without Damage

Mona Sharif
Although we love our pets, we do not like the messes they create. Are you wondering how to remove stains from rugs? Well, keep reading! We have ple...
Oriental Rug Buying Tips

How to Buy Oriental Rugs – Tips for 2020

buy an Oriental rugMona Sharif
Without the best Oriental rug buying tips, you may face some hitches when shopping online. We are here to guide you. For many people, it can be qui...
Clean a Bath Rugs

4 Easy Ways to Clean Bath Rugs & Mats at Home

Bath RugsAlessandra Santos
Seeing your precious heirloom fill up with gunk and grime causes one sickening feeling. All the more repulsive is walking over one such bath rug. N...
Polypropylene Rugs

How to Clean Polypropylene Rugs at Home In Just 5 Minutes

area rug cleaningRyan Henry
Have you ever been bothered about cleaning polypropylene rugs that adorn your workplace or your lounge at home? Well, the good thing about these c...
how to keep rugs from slipping

5 Best Tips on How to Keep Rug Tape From Slipping

Oriental RugsAlessandra Santos
When a one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted oriental rug tape meets hardwood floors, lots of homeowners get nervous. Almost any rug you buy will slip on yo...
Bohemian Rugs

Bohemian Rugs To Transform Your Home

Bohemian RugsAlessandra Santos
A splash of brilliant colors, a labyrinth of intricate details and a stunning home accent — these are what you’ll be getting from a lively and exci...
How To Choose Right Area Rug

How To Choose Right Area Rug | Home Decorating Ideas

Area RugsAlessandra Santos
Whether it’s an executive suite from a fancy hotel, a friend’s pod or a high-end lounge, certain elements add up to the warmth of an area. The snug...
Clean Kids Rugs

3 Easy Ways to Clean Kids Rugs Easily at Home

Ryan Henry
This Short Guide written by professional cleaners, will help you to easily Clean Kids Rugs at home. While the design and the look of a rug hold sig...
Professional Rug Cleaning: Cost Breakdown

Professional Rug Cleaning: Cost Breakdown

Alessandra Santos
For those of you who own a rug, you know all too well just how important it is to get it professionally cleaned every now and then. Many people ...

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