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Farmhouse style homes can be more ancient and vintage in appearance or more modern in appearance. Think old posters and distressed furniture when it comes to country design. Distressed wood and wrought iron are popular farmhouse decorating components. White, grey, cream, navy, and sage are all popular hues for designing in a farmhouse style. If you like this design, try displaying your favorite knickknacks and heirlooms on open shelving. When looking for a farmhouse art or theme, get creative with upcycling—farmhouse designers adore it when the old becomes new. Are you ready to transform your home into a farmhouse? Choose your rug first, then work your way around it to finish the remainder of the space. Here are some tips for selecting the proper rug to transform your home into a welcoming and comfortable farmhouse. Read our blog about 14 tips to transform your home with farmhouse rugs and take help to incorporate rugs in your décor.

1. Use Traditional Patterns

Because the modern farmhouse style is founded in history, we recommend using classic, mix-and-match patterns like stripes, plaid, and gingham, as well as natural motifs like leaves or modest florals. We enjoy using a rug to provide a sense of pattern to the floor, but you can also use pillows, curtains, blankets, artwork, and accents to create more patterns. Farmhouse style isn't pretentious, as previously said. There is no need for ostentatious decoration or ostentatious adornment. It looks well with earth tones and natural furnishings. What earth tones work best in a farmhouse? The obvious neutrals are beige, grey, and white, but deeper shades like slate, sage, navy and darker greens are fantastic earth tones that may turn your home into a farmhouse. Painting your kitchen long cabin in an earth tone color, such as navy or sage green, is one design technique. This light grey and ivory farmhouse style rug is excellent if you prefer to keep things simple and neutral. This sage green rug will be a lovely addition to any farmhouse home if you prefer some color. Another lovely blue rug option, this time in a classic farmhouse color.

Use Traditional Patterns

2. A Variety of Shapes to Match

Natural materials found on a farm are used to make farmhouse rugs. For hundreds of years, they have been used not just to keep dirt and mud off your feet but also as a decorative item in people's houses. These rugs are available in a variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangle, and oval. When it comes to choosing a farmhouse area rug, the shape is one of the most crucial considerations. Rectangular, round, and oval are the most common shapes. Rectangular Rugs are ideal for use in front of more formal furniture sets or those who want their room to feel polished and high-end. Round rugs are ideal for use as an accent piece or at the end or side of a bed with tall posts since they hang down further on both sides than rectangular rugs. Oval-shaped rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas such as the hallway, kitchen, and modern farmhouse living room, where more coverage from all sides is required. RugKnots has a variety of search filters to help you find everything from square rugs to round rugs, as well as rectangular and octagonal rugs. It's simple to locate your perfect match with so many alternatives!

A Variety of Shapes to Match

3. Incorporate a modern feel into the farmhouse

In terms of modern decor style, you can achieve a farmhouse vibe in your home while being contemporary. Wrought iron elements, modern kitchen equipment adjacent to vintage cupboards, vintage rugs with white shag rugs laid on top, and antiques strategically placed on modern floating shelves characterize a modern farmhouse. You have a little more leeway when it comes to choosing a rug for a modern farmhouse. You can choose more modern styles, such as contemporary rugs with traditional prints reimagined. This contemporary pattern rug, for example, has a rustic, down-to-earth vibe. This simple beige rug would certainly pull the area together if you want a modern and minimalist aesthetic. A flatweave rug with a quarter-inch pile height is a modern trend. This style of rug can have a farmhouse feel while still being modern and elegant with the proper pattern. Of all, a room isn't complete without functional and attractive furnishings. You don't need everything in your guest room to be filled with vintage charm—after all, you do need some modern touches! —but a few important elements that lend farmhouse character are recommended. Windsor dining room chairs, tables with carved or spindle legs, and anything with a worn wood finish are examples of vintage-inspired iron beds, lanterns, or lighting with woven shades.

4. Experiment using natural materials

Stick to materials with a natural element in modern farmhouse art design to play up the rustic concept of the space. Think rattan baskets and decorations, jute rugs, chunky knits (like our warm, sweater-like Braided rug), and anything else with a lovely tactile look and feel. We enjoy how woods of all stains and treatments match with other natural materials like leather, linen, galvanized metal, brass, and exposed brick in our furniture.

Experiment using natural materials

5. Keep It Neutral

If you're looking for a farmhouse-style rug, start with a neutral color rug. Neutrals work with everything and have a timeless appeal, so you'll be able to keep your rug for a long time! Pick a rug for the room, not a rug for the space, to channel your inner designer. You don't want to design around the rug; instead, you want to be able to incorporate it as a finishing touch! White, cream, grey, neutral blues, and beiges are all good choices. As a starting point, you can't go wrong with any of them. Stick to neutral hues, especially in your rug, to achieve a true farmhouse look and feel in your home. Using neutral fabrics on furniture and distressed wood items to add warmth to your house is a terrific method to do so. With a neutral rug to tie it all together, your home will feel light and airy. Peace and tran quillity are evoked by neutral hues. Rather than using colored accessories, opt for rich, deep green house plants. You don't have to stay away from color entirely to be neutral. You can use a generally neutral rug with colorful elements. This traditional rug features splashes of seafoam green and purple to add some color to the item. Beige, brown, and camel aren't the only hues that can be considered neutral. The term "neutral" refers to a range of grey tones. The best illustration is this silver grey old rug.

Keep It Neutral

6. Soothe the senses with COLOR! 

Although we previously stated that farmhouse style rugs are all about neutrals, a modest splash of color may be a great addition! Especially if you already have a lot of neutral in your home. Subtle bursts of rustic blues or pinks are a great way to add color while still maintaining the farmhouse theme. When the rug appears to be distressed or has an antique appearance, we love bolder patterns even more. The peaceful, serene, and welcome sense of modern farmhouse design is part of its allure. So play around with great colors like blue, cream, brown and beige, grey, green, and yellow, or go monochrome with soft and earthy colors like blue, cream, brown and beige, grey, green, and yellow.

Soothe the senses with COLOR!

7. With Jute, You Can't Go Wrong

Natural fibers are a great way to achieve a farmhouse vibe. Jute rugs are frequently used in farmhouse design. The natural fibers are a hue between off-white and brown, making them perfectly neutral. Because of its hue and popularity, jute has earned the moniker "golden fiber." Never underestimate the power of a simple jute rug, particularly if you're going for a country theme. Jute is stylish, comfortable, simple, soft, and pleasing to the eye. This is a basic jute rug that would look fantastic in any country setting. Jute rugs don't have to be plain and straightforward; in fact, they can come in a variety of colors, such as this blue jute rug. This lovely jute rug features a diamond design, white accents, and fringe tassels on the ends. A gorgeous oval-shaped jute rug would provide a farmhouse, vintage atmosphere with natural texture.

With Jute, You Can't Go WrongFarmhouse rugs are available in a variety of styles and sizes. What type of rug you should choose depends on how you want to define the space and how long you need it to last. A jute rug is a more cheap choice that is also incredibly durable. Jute rugs are usually hypoallergenic and are also safe for pets and children. Jute rugs are incredibly useful and, more importantly, they go with any décor style. They look fantastic in farmhouse-style homes, but they also look great in bohemian and industrial-style settings. It's the all-purpose rug and the go-to choice for those of us who aren't exactly the design and feng shui experts.

8. Combining Old and New

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is all about creating the proper blend of old and new, as the name suggests. Antique stores and flea markets are great places to get bargains and things with the real vintage charm you're searching for, so that's one of our favorite methods to bring in your "something old." On a cheap shopping trip, we'd pick up woven baskets, pitchers to use as vases, old books with gorgeous spines and covers, small brass accessories, well-made wood furniture... we could go on and on!

Combining Old and New

9. Color Palette That Goes With Any Décor

Farmhouse rugs have been a decor classic for decades. They were once intended to keep dirt and debris off of floors in homes with dirt floors, but they have now become fashionable as decorative elements for any area. If you're undecided about the colors to use for your farmhouse rug, this article will assist you in making the ideal color choice for your home. Here, we'll discuss what color rug would look best with a white or grey farmhouse style, as well as offer some advice on how to locate the perfect rug for your home! Which item should I purchase first? Farmhouse rugs are available in many different colors, textures, and sizes. If you're arranging your kitchen in a white or grey color scheme and want an area rug that won't show stains, consider choosing one made of wool, which doesn't absorb spills like other materials. 8 × 10 ft. is a perfect size to start with, but feel free to change it up. The nicest part about these bright selections is that they all go well with the rest of the furniture in the space. Navy blue, light grey, beige, ivory, cream, brown, olive green, tan, black, and white are the basic hues we offer.

Color Palette That Goes With Any Décor

10. Handle High-Traffic Areas Beautifully

Farmhouse rugs are a lovely touch to any room. Here's what to look for in a high-traffic location if you're seeking one that will last. I'll go over the various sorts of farmhouse rugs and help you decide which one is right for you. You'll also discover the price of each rug! Let's get this party started! Did you know that a loop pile rug is the greatest type of rug for high traffic areas? This indicates that it will survive significant foot activity. In cold weather, the loops provide additional insulation, keeping your feet warm! You're on an endless search for the ideal rug for your outdoor space. You've looked at everything from synthetic to wool rugs, but none seem to be the right match. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and when picking a rug, several elements, such as function and durability, must be considered. Here are three distinct sorts of materials that create fantastic outdoor rugs to help you narrow down your choices: jute, synthetic grass, and nylon.

Handle High-Traffic Areas Beautifully

11. Bring a Vintage Feeling

Allowing your family antiques, treasured vintage pieces, and unusual accessories to shine out is crucial to perfecting the farmhouse style. Everything else must be repressed in order to accomplish this. Couches and upholstered chairs should be covered in neutral textiles. Use muted and muted hues instead of bold and brilliant ones. Use natural items to decorate, such as a bunch of flowers or a dish of fruit. Instead of utilizing seats to surround the dining table or coffee table, add a bench to the mix. Finally, look for a rug with a lovely vintage finish. This old blue rug is ideal for a retro-inspired farmhouse. An old rug does not have to be uninspiring. Pops of azure blue are strewn throughout the intricate pattern of this vintage rug. Do you believe it's impossible to combine vintage and current styles? Reconsider your position. This vintage patterned rug's steel grey gives it a modern edge that would look well next to more modern furniture.

Bring a Vintage Feeling

12. Incorporate a Homey Feeling Into Your Farm

A soft patterned rug with a little more depth and comfort is a terrific alternative if you're seeking the ultimate farmhouse style rug! This selection is ideal for you if you don't require a rug that is extremely durable. If you have hardwood flooring, a soft and inviting rug will help to break up the room. The rugknots rug will be a hit with you! It's the right length and features incredibly neutral tones, so it'll work in any setting. If you're not a fan of white, go for a light grey or beige rug with white highlights and undertones instead. When selecting a pile height for your farmhouse area rugs, there are numerous aspects to consider. Knowing which rug is suitable for a given room is crucial since it has an impact on how the space feels and appears. A Shaggy Rug, for example, would be ideal in a bedroom because it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want something with more flair and sophistication, choose an Oriental rug or a wool rug. There are a lot of various kinds of rugs on the market these days, and the variety might be daunting. One thing to consider while selecting a rug is the sort of flooring you have. If you have tile or hardwood floors, for example, a thicker pile would be desirable, but if you have the rug, a thinner pile would be better because the rug doesn't require as much grip on the bottom as hard surface floors do. If any of this is still unclear, give us a call at (301) 660-7046, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you!

Incorporate a Homey Feeling Into Your Farm

13. Consider the Budget

Considering your budget is the greatest approach to purchase a good rug for your home. You should think about your budget because it will make it easier to choose something that meets your requirements and is reasonably priced. You don't want to have a lovely home but not be able to afford much on the inside, so before you go shopping, think about what's important to you and your family. When looking for a rug, the first thing to consider is your budget. The budget will determine the type of rug you can purchase as well as the amount of time you spend looking for one. There are many various types of rugs available, ranging from low-cost synthetic rugs to high-end Wool Rugs, but each has its own pricing range. If your budget doesn't allow for higher-end or more natural-feeling items, synthetics are your best chance for a temporary solution until you can save up enough money to acquire something better. Most people nowadays prefer an area rug since it gives warmth and comfort in the winter and helps to make a room feel cozier. You may acquire affordable rugs with free shipping and delivery at our top discounts, making your rug more budget-friendly.

Consider the Budget

14. Try Something Out of the Ordinary

Finally, please keep in mind that the advice provided above is intended to be a guideline rather than a set of hard and fast laws. So go ahead and personalize the modern farmhouse design! We adore the notion of incorporating these farmhouse features into your existing design and believe that part of the appeal of this look is that it can be done in a variety of ways. Do you enjoy a bohemian vibe? Throw in a Moroccan mat for good measure! Are you a big fan of vivid yet fun colors and patterns? Take a chance! You'll be well on your way to creating a pleasant, warm home if you combine your favorite pieces with some or all of these modern farmhouse themes. Use muted and muted hues instead of bold and brilliant ones. Use natural items to decorate, such as a bunch of flowers or a dish of fruit. Instead of utilizing seats to surround the dining table, add a bench to the mix. Finally, look for a rug with a lovely vintage finish. This old blue rug is ideal for a retro-inspired farmhouse. An old rug does not have to be uninspiring. Pops of azure blue are strewn throughout the intricate pattern of this vintage rug. Do you believe it's impossible to combine vintage and current styles? Reconsider your position. This vintage patterned rug's steel grey gives it a modern edge that would look well next to more modern furniture.

Try Something Out of the Ordinary

Frequently Asked Questions About Farmhouse Rugs

Why Would I Purchase a Farmhouse Rug?

Instead of going overboard with a large-scale rug, utilize an area rug to draw attention to a specific section of your home. Choose one that is stain and fade resistant, as well as robust enough to withstand high traffic. An area rug is the best way to add a pop of color to your rustic farmhouse decor.

What is the idea of a farmhouse rug?

Farmhouse rugs are sometimes praised as being ideal for a country-style home, where their rustic appearance may provide a much-needed touch of authenticity and warmth to the home decor. The farmhouse rug comes in sizes ranging from 12x16 inches to 16x24 inches, so you're sure to find one that fits you well! Traditional patterns and adaptable motifs are featured on these rugs, which are constructed of natural materials and have a hearty texture. They are fade-resistant and ideal for hardwood floors.

Is it necessary to put a rug pad under my farmhouse rug?

Yes, a rug pad should be used underneath your farmhouse-style rug. It will prevent slipping and preserve the floor beneath it from dirt and oils that may be tracked in on shoes or paws. They still need to be protected from the natural oils in your home, even though they are constructed of synthetic material. If you're putting a rug cushion under a patio rug, make sure it's water-resistant to keep the rug from slipping.

Is it okay if I put farmhouse rugs on the front porch?

For the front porch, farmhouse rugs are ideal. Just remember that they will get wet, so place them on a rug pad rather than straight on wood or concrete flooring to avoid harming them. To add an aesthetic and a perfect finishing touch to your family room, choose any style or multipurpose design.

What is the best way to clean a farmhouse area rug?

Cleaning a farmhouse area rug is not difficult, and you can save money by doing it yourself. Begin by shaking your rug from time to time to remove dirt and other particles. If something spills on your rugs, or if they need to be cleaned more frequently, apply mild dish soap diluted with water evenly over the entire area of the floor rug.

What are the best places to get high-quality modern farmhouse rugs?

Traditional wool to more modern synthetic blends, farmhouse area rugs are available in a variety of materials and styles. It's ideal to consider size, style, color, material type, and price while looking for the perfect rug for your needs. RugKnots has the best farmhouse rug ideas to help you change your mind about rugs. You'll fall in love with the beautiful rug selection.


We adore our farmhouse area rugs, and we're confident you will as well. RugKnots offers a number of styles, including more durable and softer options. Furthermore, they are available in over 30 solid colors, ensuring that everyone may choose a neutral shade that suits them. Don't forget that all items come with free shipping and delivery, as well as a 1-year warranty to protect your investment. Visit the RugKnots store today to learn more about what makes these rugs some of the best-selling online! These rugs have real-life inspired patterns and non-slip backing to prevent slippage in households with children and pets. You may find your rug in any rug size on this page, and you can receive the information of width, minimum, and minimum length min from our customer service report, so come to our site now before our customer service closes. With this new rug beauty inspired by nature, you may create the perfect home décor. RugKnots has the best selection of farmhouse area rugs to help you create a welcoming and relaxed environment in your home. So, have a look at our selection and pick the finest one for you based on your preferences and requirements! If you have any inquiries about rugs, please contact us through email at or by phone at (301) 660-7046. We will gladly respond to your questions.

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