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Buying an area rug for your space is one difficult task which can shatter your dreams of having the perfect home décor if you make mistakes while buying rugs for yourself. Obviously, it does have some techniques and solutions to problems that you might make. Area Rugs contribute a lot to your overall look and vibe. You do not want to mess that all up! People get extremely critical and sometimes quick while buying rugs and end up making some critical but noticeable mistakes. Having bought a wrong kind/ type of a rug for say for example, your room can be seen as a considerable mismatch and will definitely kill the whole vibe, as well. A good and well matched area rug can make your space look complete and perfect. Not only does it perfects the vibe and look but also has other benefits such as; it helps keep your feet clean and comfortable and protects. So to give your house the perfect décor without having to make any mistakes, keep reading!

1. Fetching The Wrong Size

This is probably the most common mistake that people make while buying area rugs. You might as well see it everywhere but, people still tend to make the same mistake. What happens is that mostly people buy rugs that are either too small or sometimes too big. It looks extremely awkward when your rug size is smaller than your furniture above. The mistake lies here is that people have a propensity of just guessing the rug size that they need rather than actually measuring it. Which in turn, turns out to be the wrong size and destroys the look of the area. All you would have to do is take a measuring tape or any other measuring equipment. Take the length and the width for the area you want an area rug for. After measuring the correct dimensions of your area, only then buy a rug for yourself. You do not want to go through the displeasing phase of shipping and then again returning the rug since that’s a pretty hectic procedure. So, in order to be safe that way and not fall to misinterpretations and misunderstanding, it's better to take enough precautionary measures before only and that you can take by measuring the dimensions i.e. length and width of the area and you are good to go!

2. Ignoring To Buy A Rug Pad Or The Rug Underlay

Yet again the most widely common mistake is not feeling the necessity to buy a rug pad for your rug. A major population out there thinks that they are done with the task of buying a rug and now there is nothing more to look upto. And, guess what, they are completely wrong and baseless. Getting a rug pad is as important as buying an area rug for yourself. They think that it is not worth spending money on stuff that is not visible. Well, not everything we do or buy is to show off, right? Not everything should have a flashy appearance in order for you to feel that that “money spending” was worth it. Some things are for protection and security and that’s exactly what rug pads are for! Rug pads enable your rug and your floor to stay protected. Rug pads enable slipping of the rugs. You might relate to it when your kids are running around and suddenly one of the slips from the rug, well that’s not because your child was not careful but it was because you didn’t consider buying a rug pad for your area rugs. So, who’s at fault? Yes, you! It disables slipping from the floor and the overall placement of your rug is also not disturbed by it. Secondly, it helps your floors stay protected as well. Moreover, it absorbs the foot- traffic at high- traffic areas. As a result, the life of your rug prolongs because there is something to protect your rug in the best way possible.

3. Not Assessing The Material

Buying the wrong material for a wrong area is the worst nightmare.  There is a wide range of area rug materials that you can choose from such as nylon rug, Silk Rug, Wool Rug, Polyester Rug, Cotton Rug etc. But, with that vastness comes great confusion, too. People are going and buying the rugs with lack of research or professional assistance as to what material is best. Buyers need to first analyze, evaluate and then decide as to what material is the best for them. In a nutshell, which area rug material will work best for what area i.e. considering the traffic that area receives, its placement, and what area to be placed at. For example, for your kitchen, you should buy a rug that can easily take off spills and stains, the one that is stain- resistant/ absorbent, has high durability, washable and the one that can take high- traffic/ high foot trafficking. The best material for such an area would be nylon or polyester. Same implications should be addressed and considered while buying rugs for any area such as living room and bedroom. Imagine, if you get the wrong material for your area, it will cost you loads; there won’t be one day when you can actually breathe with relief. So, in order to not get into a hassle like such, always buy rug materials that would work best for your area!

4. Being Too Quick To Buy

Most of the time, people get in an extreme rush to get a rug for their homes as soon as possible. In this hurry, they tend to overlook the little but important faults in a rug. Most importantly, they misjudge the material. They don’t investigate but rather, get too convinced by the salesperson. They forget the fact that it is equally important to know each and every bit and detail about the rug they are buying. This mistake is most common amongst online shoppers. They see something but receive something. They might see the most perfect and extravagant picture on the online rug stores but when they finally get it, all the expectations are down the drain. All you need to confirm is the durability, the type of material and the specifications regarding the rug. Also, look if the price is justified, as you might be new to the rug world and get scammed by buying a simple rug at a high price. Moral of the story is to never hurry in buying your rugs, always investigate till the core until you are one hundred percent sure that the item you are buying is free from any faults.

5. Matching Or Mismatching A Little Too Much

There are two kinds of looks/ feelings that an area rug will give; either a complete mismatch or a little overly matched (and there is no in between). People incline to match everything from the furniture to wall colors and even rugs as well! In this process, their room or area may look a little overly matched. That is because; it looks mainstream and might lose the uniqueness it should be giving out. Whereas, buying rugs that not at all match with your room is also a big no! What we are trying to say is that you need to understand and analyze how to maintain that balance within your “match- making”. Remember, to not overdo it nor under do it! Try maintaining the equilibrium by experimenting with different styles and patterns. Always make sure that the patterns and colors align with the overall ambience of your room/ space. Furthermore, it is likely that people either choose their area rugs after they are done with all other things or before doing everything else. We don’t believe in limiting anyone over that. Since, we believe that it only depends upon the room structure and functionalities. Go, you’re free on that!

There is a higher probability that you are planning to buy a rug. Wondering how we knew? Well, you wouldn’t be surfing through the internet over this topic duhh. We hope you found this article helpful and you must have calculated the mistakes that people make, but don’t worry, you are good to go! Since, you’ve got your hands over the problems as well as the solution to these problems as well. It's okay to make mistakes but it’s not very okay if you commit a mistake that you were informed about. We trust you and are pretty sure that you won’t be making these silly mistakes.

Planning to buy an area rug, guess what? You won’t find a better option than RugKnots! We prepare the most high quality material rugs solely for you. We know that you have started to decorate your home with rugs and you know where you need to shop. We not only present you with the best options to buy area rugs but also provide assistance. We want you to know that we are always there and there is no need to freak out. If you are unsure about anything and are hesitant to commit a mistake, don’t worry because we got your back. Contact us anytime you want and we are there.

Happy decorating!

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