Taupe Rugs

100 Best Taupe Rugs For 2023

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While most people are aware of the importance of picking the perfect rug to match their home, many struggle with finding one that is both aesthetic...
Silver Rugs

100 Best Silver Rugs For 2023

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Silver area rugs are the perfect way to make a room feel cozy and luxurious. Looking for a beautiful and elegant rug to add some glamour to your ho...
Neutral Rugs

Everything You Need To Know About Natural Fiber Rugs

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A rug is a practical way to add warmth and beauty to your home. It can also be used as an area for play, or as a place for pets to rest. When it co...
9x9 rugs

30 Best 9x9 Rugs For 2023

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A 9x9 area rug is a great choice for anyone who needs to cover a large space. The options are endless, and there's sure to be something that suits ...
Hand Loomed Rugs#https://www.rugknots.com/collections/hand-loomed-rugs

20 Best Hand Loomed Rugs For 2023

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In these modern times, hand loomed rugs are becoming more and more popular. Why? They're a great way to add some color to your home or office space...
Coral Rugs

20 Best Coral Rugs For 2023

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Coral is a color that has been trending in interior design for many years now, but it isn't just the paint on your walls. Coral rugs have been popu...
Teal Rugs

20 Best Teal Rugs For 2023

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It's that time of year again when the colors start to change, and you start feeling a little more optimistic. It can be challenging to find the per...
Area Rugs

100 Best Area Rugs For 2023

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Nothing adds comfort and light to your home like an area rug, whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting or natural hardwood floors. Rugs, which diffe...
Black Area Rugs

100 Best Black Rugs For 2023

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According to the latest interior design research reported by the united kingdom designers, the beauty in black area rugs can never go out of fashio...
Jute Rugs

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Jute Rug

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Jute rugs. What are they? Why are they so popular? Jute rugs are a hot topic in the interior design community, but are they actually worth the inve...
oriental Rugs

100 Best Oriental Rugs For 2023

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Oriental rugs are made in many countries, but the most popular comes from Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Tibet, and Pakistan. These are reputed ...
Round Rugs

100 Best Round Rugs For 2023

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The right area rugs help you bring the room together, so how do you pick the perfect rug for your home? First of all, your rug size, shape, and als...
Coastal rugs

How to use Coastal Rugs in your Summer House. A complete guide

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When we think of summers, we think of the beaches and the beautiful natural destinations where we can enjoy this weather. To display that cool bree...
overdyed rugs

9 Tips To Bring Vintage Look In Your Home With Overdyed Rugs

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Rugs are a beautiful compliment to any room in the house. There is no decor motif that a rug cannot compliment, whether it is contemporary or class...
jute rugs

10 Tips And Tricks To Consider Jute Rugs For Your Home Décor

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Despite some flaws, designers and clients continue to request these stunning and textural weaves year after year. They acknowledge the constraints ...
shag rugs

11 Tips And Tricks To Stand Out Shag Rugs In Your Home Décor

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Have you ever seen those fluffy, puppy-like rugs? Have you spent your entire life noticing how soft they are when you come across one? But you had ...
Persian Rugs

12 Tips And Tricks To Buy Persian Rugs For Home Décor

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There are many Persian rugs that can be used in your home décor. They come in a variety of shapes,  sizes, and designs to suit any taste or prefere...
Modern Rugs#https://www.rugknots.com/collections/modern-rugs

17 Tips To Transform Your Contemporary Floors With Modern Rugs

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Modern rugs are modern, right? They're the newest thing in the market. But wait, modern rugs have been around for a long time! Modern rugs are not ...
Kids Rugs

12 Tips To Transform Your Little One Room With Kids Rugs

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Kid's rooms are wonderful locations to exhibit your creativity by creating a welcoming and inviting setting in which everyone will enjoy spending t...
Nursery Rug

20 Tips To Buy An Ideal Nursery Rug

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It's crucial to get the proper rug for your new Nursery. After all, the ideal floor covering will soften your footfall, ensuring that you don't wak...
Bathroom Rugs

20 Tips for Decorating And Installing Bathroom Rugs

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A bathroom can be a place for relaxation and privacy as well as a social gathering spot. Many people choose to decorate their bathrooms in their fa...
Kitchen rugs

20 Tips For Picking Ideal Kitchen Rugs

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Adding a rug to your kitchen may be a terrific way to add color, texture, and comfort to the room, whether it's a runner between the island and the...
Dining Room Rugs

The Ultimate Guide For Choosing Ideal Dining Room Rugs

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In a dining room, an area rug can not only offer comfort, style, and color to the space, but it can also frame the dining room table and make the e...
Bedroom Rugs

13 Styling Tips To Incorporate Bedroom Rugs In your Dream Home

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Whether you're going for a modern, transitional, or traditional look in your bedroom, rugs may make a big difference. In terms of mood and aestheti...
Outdoor Rugs

How to Decorate With Outdoor Rugs

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Rugs can make your space look eternal. A lot of people might think that once they have decorated their living area, kitchen, bedroom and room, thei...
Area Rugs

How To Find the Right Rug Size

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Area rugs are essential for homes. It is not only significant for decoration purposes but they also play a very important part in the protection of...
Geometric Rugs

How to Decorate With Geometric Design Rugs

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Geometric rugs are sure to give your home a makeover without even trying so hard. These rugs will transform your home into something you had never ...

How to Give Your Home a Vintage Décor

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Giving your home a vintage touch is everyone’s dream and we exactly know why. Getting that ageless vibe is one of the most desirable. People go hea...
Moroccan Rugs

7 Ways to Give Your Home a Moroccan Décor

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Moroccan décor is one of the most desirable decoration styles. You might think of it as an over statement which is understandable- we get it. But, ...
area rugs

10 Myths About Rugs That Need To Get Busted!

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Rugs have been the most common accessory in every home. Not only do they add to the room’s style but, they certainly bring the whole area and room ...