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Area rugs are an essential part of every household. Without these, the house or home décor is not at all complete. They literally transform the outlook of your room/ space. With the rising trend of buying rugs for every household space, so has the construction demand of area rugs. Manufacturers are going mad after the construction of as many rugs as possible and that too for all the justified reasons. The role of Area Rugs has increased in not just homes but also in work/ office spaces, cafes and even play areas. Every area rug store wants to provide the most exclusive offers and packages to the consumers so in order to get their attention and grab as many customers as possible. For that matter, we see a lot of area rug sales, too which obviously garners much customer attention. Most of the stores get the most amounts of capital/ revenue during the sale season only. That’s because the customers are most diverted towards stores only in sale seasons and that is pretty much self explanatory. As there is an extra high demand during the sales, you might want to doubt the overall features and consequences of buying an area rug that you bought from sales. There are a lot of factors that you must consider when not just buying rugs in normal seasons but most importantly in the sales season. In this blog post, we tell you all the questions that you should definitely ask yourself and might as well, the salesperson when you are buying Area Rugs On Sale. Don’t fret, because we got your back always. After reading this, you might not even hesitate buying rugs on sale next time. All you gotta do is to continue reading!

Question#1: Why Do You Need One?

Ask yourself, are you buying an area rug just for the sake of buying it? Or is it just because of the sale? Well, if the answer to these is; yes, then you should rethink your idea of buying rugs. You shouldn’t just buy rugs just because they are on sale and on a lesser price. If you already have the needed amount of rugs in your house, there is no need to buy anymore. That would lead to stuffing and congestion in house. However, if you are considering dumping the old ones to make room for the new and modern ones, then you should definitely go for getting your favorite area rugs on sale. But stuffing your house with rugs and placing them at places where they are not even needed will look awkward and your home décor would also look kinda weird. It is not a very pleasant visual. It would not only look devastating but also drain your pockets. It’s like a waste of money that no one wants. So, whenever buying rugs, always ask yourself if you really do need them otherwise, you are perfectly good with the existing items at your place.

Question#2: Is it really worth buying?

One thing you need to get sure about is the fact that is this rug even worth buying? Forget about the cost for some time and focus upon the condition of the rug. Don’t just get head over heels upon the price, but rather, think beyond that. See if the rug is in good condition. Inspect the overall texture and look of the chosen item. See if the fabric, knots and texture of it. Once you are fully convinced, only then is the final decision of actually buying that. What happens is, that the sellers manufacture in high quantities without actually caring about the condition. As a result, rugs contain poor quality and people actually fall for such scam. Most commonly, in online buying, people don’t really feel the necessity of reaching out to the seller and asking about its specifications and fall for the so-called “picture” that they see online. Ask the required questions, research and surf through the internet, have sufficient grip over the item you are buying and you are ready to roll. Don’t flatter yourself real quick but instead, dive into the deeper details of the area rug on sale.

Question#3: What Material Is That?

By far the most important thing that needs to be checked instantly is the fact that what material is used in the construction of a certain area rug. The material used says a lot about the eventual condition of the rug. it also tells you about how you would have to use and treat the rug. Moreover, it also specified where and how to place it as well. Due to these reasons, it is obviously very important to know about the material. Always know what area you want a rug and then go for rug materials that suit that area. There are multiple rug materials but most commonly they are specified under natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Most common that fall under these categories are:

Wool (Natural Fiber)

They can be placed a t high traffic areas as they are durable and can take high foot traffic. Moreover, they are found to be extremely durable and are eco friendly, too. Not only that they are easy to clean and maintain and their texture is very soft and warm, however, they cannot be placed outdoors as their color tends to fade in sunlight.

Silk (Natural Fiber)

They are a little hard to maintain and cannot be placed at high traffic areas. Although best for low traffic areas and are the most royal and beautiful looking material rugs. However, they are found to be extremely durable and less absorbent.

Cotton (Natural Fiber)

They are cheaper than most other rug materials categorically, those that fall into natural fibers. They are dye-able and easy to wash and clean. However, their high levels of absorbency make them very less suitable to be placed in areas where there are minors or pets. Also, they are not very durable, too.

Hemp (Natural Fiber)

They are pet friendly and stain resistant. Maintenance cost is low and can be placed at high traffic areas.

Jute And Sisal (Natural Fiber)

This is a very strong fiber and is one of the most durable ones. The best part is that they are renewable and eco friendly. They are color resistant and don’t fade even if placed in sunlight But, they are not weather resistant and can’t take humidity, thus, not suitable to be placed outdoors.

Propylene/ Olefin (Synthetic Fiber)

These rugs are affordable and have a soft texture. They are stain resistant and color resistant too as they can be placed in front of sunlight. So, they can be placed outdoors, to

Polyester (Synthetic Fiber)

They are very soft and are set at their slip as they won’t even slip. The most stain resistant but are less durable as compared to other synthetic fibers. They should be placed at medium traffic areas but they are good water absorbents.

Nylon (Synthetic Fiber)

The most stain resistant material that can take any spill and stain without you causing much hassle to clean it. They are extremely durable and are best placed at high traffic areas. Also, they are affordable.

Viscose (Semi-Synthetic Fiber)

They are Handmade Rug material and are budget friendly. But, they need to be maintained very closely.

Animal Skins

They are stain resistant and can be washed easily. They display amazing visuals.

Question#4: What Area Are You Buying For?

This is yet again a very important question. Where do you want to place the rug you are buying is the foremost question you would have to ask yourself when buying area rugs on sale. When you are buying a rug, you need to analyze a lot of things that eventually make it possible to be placed in a certain area. That’s also because; the traffic an area receives eventually makes an important point in what material needs to be used. The intricate designs, material and texture of the rug decided where it needs to be placed. For example, materials such as cotton, nylon and polyester are best to be placed at high traffic areas such as living areas or bedrooms. However, materials such as silk and polyester need to be placed at areas of low traffic such as drawing rooms. Also, other specifications such as the fact that a rug is stain resistant and absorbent such as nylon can be placed at areas most likely to get stains and spills for example, the kitchen. And outdoor areas need to be entertained with rugs that don’t fade color when exposed to sunlight and are weather resistant such as sea-grass and propylene (olefin). All these features of the rug have to be checked and investigated whenever you are buying a rug. Don’t just buy it and then decide where you need to place it. You would also have to match it with the rooms layout and design so it’s obviously very important to first decide where you need a rug and then start looking for one.

Question#5: What Color And Pattern Is This?

As I have mentioned above, too in a little chunk that a rug needs to be matched with the overall rooms layout, design and color. It needs to be matched with your spaces color, texture and pattern. You would ultimately choose a color that goes with the already existed or decorated, too. For example, asking yourself if my room (if that’s the place you are buying a rug for) looks good with a bright colored rug or a dim one. For instance, if your room has multiple patterns then you should rather go for a rug that does not have a lot of patterns. That way, you would be able to achieve equilibrium. Go for a neutral colored or even a bright colored rug of one color. In contrast, if your room is kinda neutral then you can go all out when buying rugs. You can pick a rug of as many patterns and colors you want. It won’t cause you or your room any harm. However, if your room has a very subtle vibe or you want a quiet aura, then rugs of dim and dull colors might work best with your room.

Question#6: What Size Do I Need?

The size of the rug is eventually decided by the area it’s going to be placed as well. Don’t commit the mistake of buying a rug that is too small or even small. It would cost you a lot and you won’t be able to undo that mistake of yours. And remember that shipping your rug back and forth is one hassle that you never want to get into. Moreover, take risks in terms of size. Don’t just “estimate” the size but get extremely sure about it. All you would have to do is to measure it yourself. And trust us; it is way less work than getting a small rug and returning it back. All you need to do is to get a measuring tape and measure the dimensions i.e. length and width of the area you want to place a rug at. Once you have gotten a perfectly accurate size, only then get an area rug of that’s size. However, it is also safe if you get a Large Rug as it helps your room camouflage and sometimes even makes your room look even large. Remember, whenever you are taking measures, make sure that you cover your furniture, too. For example, the front of your furniture should be at least covered. It looks awkward if you don’t follow these steps so never take risk in terms of the size of the area rug you are buying on sale.

Question#7: What Type Of Rug Is That?

There are some types of rugs that again are very important to investigate about. Rugs are specified as machine made rugs and handmade rugs which have different construction techniques. The types vary in prices and there are some steps that rather make a rug expensive or cheap. Some of them are:

Hand- Knotted Rugs

They are handmade rugs. They are fully hand knotted and the knots per count eventually have a say in its price. They take a lot of time to be made and sometimes take months and years to be made which eventually means that they have a higher market value. Also because they are made with so much delicacy and assistance, they cost higher than others. They are professionally made with very experienced assistance. So, don’t just believe blindly when they say that the rug is handmade and give thousands of dollars but rather investigate. You can identify that by looking at the back of the rug and seeing if the knots are in order.

Flat-Woven Rugs

These rugs are most commonly found in the form of kilims and dhurries. The specialty if these rugs are that there is no pile involved in it. But, they are affordable and durable. These features set them apart than many other rug types. They are also flat which adds to the visual aesthetic. They are most commonly made up of wool and cotton materials with the pile being absent.

Tufted Rugs

These rugs are made with the yarn that is looped through a backing cloth. They somewhat resemble the Hand Knotted Rugs but they are more affordable (cheaper) than the other. Moreover, they have a shorter and denser pile which eventually means that they have a better quality.

Machine Made Rugs

This rug type is pretty self explanatory. They are made by machine. Every process such as the weaving, “knots and colors are done through the machine. They are less time taking to be made and less labor intensive, too which makes them a lot cheaper than Hand Woven Rugs.

And that’s a wrap! We hope that you found this rug helpful. Buying area rugs on sale might be a risk for some people but it might be a piece of a cake for many out there. People buy the mist in sale seasons and that too for all the right reasons. It is pretty self explanatory why people buy the most during sales. However, when buying in sales, there are some questions that you must ask yourself while getting your hands on your favorite rug. Most of the time, things might not be the same as they look so proper inspections need to be done while shopping. You can make use of these tips and tricks and buy your favorite rugs.

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