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The goal of a child's playroom is to encourage creativity and play. What better way to accomplish so than with a fun design? Playful accents like a rainbow wall hanging, polka dot wallpaper, or a bright area rug can instantly transform a room. You've got yourself a kid's playroom that will be spoken about for years if you add plenty of wonderful storage for the toys. Rugs open up a space and increase the level of comfort in a room. A children's playroom is a place where your child will feel most at peace and will be able to do whatever they want. You must also ensure that the floor is comfy enough for them to play on. There has to be a relaxing influence that makes it easier for you to enjoy your time with them. Area rugs for playrooms are a great addition to any child's space. They're warm and inviting, and they make it easier for your kids to play freely. We can't overlook the fact that rugs are a terrific method to make a space more comfortable because they bring comfort everywhere while also adding color and warmth. Playrooms can be dirty at times, but with the addition of a good playroom rug, the space can be made to appear complete and inviting. Despite the fact that this is the space, you are free to experiment with colors and interior design. As previously stated, they can be an excellent kind of necessity. As a result, we don't want you to waste time here and there. There's nothing wrong with conducting some research and figuring out what's best for your child's room before jumping on the bandwagon and buying something you'll later regret. As a parent, you always want the best for your child, and RugKnots makes sure that our customers get exactly that.

8 Tips To Choose Right Playroom Rugs For Your Little Ones

TIP #1: Choose a simple and relaxing playroom rug

One of the greatest area rugs for a kid's playroom adds a modest but noticeable flash of color to an otherwise monochrome space. This blue kid's playroom rug's textured design lends a sense of tranquility to the space without taking away from other unusual design features like the pyramid wicker storage baskets and the "Play" wall decor. This simple design is ideal if your child's playroom is located in a common area of the house. The light wood pieces blend in perfectly with the modern green and cream rug creating a bright and airy look. Because so much of your child's playtime is spent on the floor, we recommend laying down a soft rug in his or her play space to offer maximum comfort and a fashionable, finished look. We adore putting faux sheepskins (even small ones!) over other rugs for added comfort. Our new washable rugs line, which you can see in the photo above, is our current obsession for play spaces (and really, any area that can get messy!). We enjoy having the option of simply tossing the rug in the laundry to clean when any spots arise because life is messy, and kids are especially dirty.

Choose a simple and relaxing playroom rug

TIP #2: Let's Mix Up the Colors in the Playroom kids Rugs

What better location than a child's playhouse to experiment with vibrant colors? It may appear to be a lot of work, but if you obtain a kid's playroom area rug with wild designs and brilliant colors, it will be well worth it. Then all you'll need is a few pieces of white furniture. Add a wall decal like this height chart to complete the look, and you've got yourself a fantastic play area. There's no rule that says a kid's playroom can't be stylish, even if it's a little out of the ordinary. Take, for example, this one. Its warm muted tones are sophisticated and fashionable, but the whimsical accents, such as the wall hangings and toys, ensure a good time. For the closing touch, a Persian-style colorful playroom area rug in rich tones of coral and teal would tie it all together. There's something about this modest kid's playhouse that makes it feel like a secret hideout for daring adventurers. It could be the mismatched furniture, the tacked-on rainbow wall hanging, or the small round rug, but they all contribute to the warm atmosphere. This colorful spherical rug has a viney flower design that is both classy and unconventional.

Let's Mix Up the Colors in the Playroom kids Rugs

TIP #3: Match Playroom Rug Patterns to the Theme of the kids Room

Though the general theme of this kid's playroom is sleek, there are a few design details that lend a welcome dose of whimsy. Any child would feel right at home in this playroom with the flower design on the bright playroom carpeting, the wooden rocking horse, and the blue and green wall art in the corner. This rainbow-themed children's playroom is overflowing with joy. The rainbow rug and matching throw pillow complement the uneven multicolored polka dot wallpaper and pom-pom garland. All you need now is some storage for all the (rainbow-colored) toys, and you've got yourself the ideal playroom. Our designer rugs' brightness is often achieved by layering rugs. Your youngster will love trying to figure out how the transparency works, and our multicolored rugs are ideal for teaching color names to younger children. Kids rooms are delightful places to be, but they can be difficult to decorate for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there is a scarcity of space! Second, all of the toys and debris might make your home feel out of place. Fortunately, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for creating a functional space for your little ones to enjoy. You should break down the design aspects of the area before beginning your search for the appropriate rug. You'll have to think about what your child enjoys. Try to involve your child in the process of designing a space for them. You may easily show them the rug selection we've put together for them on RugKnots, and they can choose their favorite from there. This will offer them a sense of accomplishment, not to mention the fact that it will be a terrific activity for you and your children to bond over. Sticking to a theme, whether it's a safari jungle, an automobile, or a hot air balloon theme rug, is the easiest way to narrow down your top preferred rug designs. If you keep to a theme, it'll be easier for you to select what sort of rug you want in your children's playroom.

Match Playroom Rug Patterns to the Theme of the kids Room

4. Kids Rugs Should Be Both Fun and Practical

From the polka dot wallpaper to the multicolored geometric area rug, everything about this kid's playroom screams excitement. It's also extremely practical, given the abundance of storage. There's a space for everything between the two bookcases, the white seat under the window, and the black wire baskets, so everything can be put away and retrieved quickly. Everyone requires their own place, especially now that so many of us are attempting to stay at home with our family. While your child or children are cooped up indoors, it's critical that they have their own cozy hideaway where they can unwind and let their imagination run wild. So, if you have some free time, now is the perfect moment to add a kid's rug to your kid's bedroom. A rug in a child's room can double as a soft floor covering and a safe play area. The velvety texture of the rug will protect your youngster from a harsh floor but keep this area away from any potential furniture hazards. Wool rug is better for kids but for outdoor playgrounds , you should prefer jute rug.

Kids Rugs Should Be Both Fun and Practical

TIP #5: Select the best flooring material for your child's room

A rug will protect your flooring from scratches, and it will be easy to clean and maintain if you choose the correct material for your child's rug. Wool is the greatest material for a kids bedroom or playroom because of its durability and comfort. The synthetic fiber in rugs should be avoided since it can cause allergies and may be treated with dangerous chemicals. Natural-fiber rugs are typically more durable, with superior heat retention and sound absorption (great for improved acoustics). A woolen rug is a stain-resistant, long-lasting material that makes dealing with spills a breeze. The robust pile will preserve its form and springiness in a playroom rug that will be walked, jumped, and rolled over. Your wool rug will remain as soft and squishy under your hands and feet as it did when you first bought it if properly cared for. It's also crucial to think about how the rug you want is made. Hand-knotted rugs are heirloom quality (excellent long-term investment) since each knot is produced entirely by hand on a vertical loom. Hand-tufted rugs, on the other hand, will still look wonderful in 20 years. They're less expensive to create because they're made with a hand tool that's loaded with wool and then punched into the canvas. You can also use jute rugs in high traffic areas.

Select the best flooring material for your child's room.

TIP #6: Experiment With Different Rug Shapes For Floors

Always keep the rug size and shape in mind. In a child's room, the rug should at least cover the floor space that the youngster uses to play. An area rug is advised if the room is larger. The larger rug for your child should be at least two feet (60cm) shorter than the room's width and length. If you want to divide the area into multiple sections, use two smaller rugs to create the illusion of separate places, such as one for play and one for study. Round rugs perform particularly well in smaller rooms, giving the impression of greater space than they actually are. One of our favorite playroom ideas is that they should be functional. You want to make a room that feels like an extension of your children's personalities—a place where they can unwind, play, and let their imaginations run wild. Display their favorite toys, hang up inspiring artwork (particularly any works by your children! ), and organize stuff by color. We're prepared to bet that the more imaginative they are, the more enjoyable they will be.

Experiment With Different Rug Shapes For Floors

TIP #7: Use vivid rugs to lift your child's spirits

Colors have the ability to completely change the vibe of a space. Yellow is the color of happiness because it has been scientifically shown to help you feel happy by releasing serotonin. Many of our designs incorporate it because of its potential to uplift your spirits and promote creativity. Green evokes a relaxing sensation that promotes relaxation by imitating nature. Reds and oranges can assist your child in maintaining their vitality, while vibrant pinks can convey a sense of hope and inspiration. Vibrant rugs, regardless of color, are excellent for engaging a child's intellect and creating a joyful environment in which to spend time. Rugs come in a wide variety of styles, but geometric and abstract rugs are the greatest for conveying both originality and style in a timeless design.

Use vivid rugs to lift your child's spirits

TIP #8: Create a learning environment

Playrooms are for playing, but they can also be used for educational purposes. We love the concept of putting a small table and chairs in the corner for schooling, arts and crafts, or a snack. A colorful wall of books or a blackboard arrangement (rainbow chalk not included!) will make it feel more exciting. Creating quiet nooks that are excellent for naptime, reading books, hide-and-seek, and anything else your little one dreams up is one of our favorite playroom ideas. For the ultimate relaxing area, set up a fun fabric tent and fill it with plush pillows, or match a few floor cushions with a tonne of blankets. Because most houses lack the space for a specialized playroom, we've devised a simple solution. To create a play enclave within a bigger room, lay out a small rug (like the living room). Even our tiniest 2' x 3' accent rugs will make the area feel like its own room, and a round rug in the corner will feel unusual and amusing. It will also encourage your children to keep their toys and any messes in their corner, which is essential for keeping sanity in a tiny environment! Toys, literature, and painting supplies are all available in play spaces. And with all of that comes a lot of clutter! So, whether it's cubbies with labeled bins, an easily accessible low-slung dresser, a color-coordinated bookcase, or attractive woven baskets, every playroom needs something to keep it all organized. These items will help to aesthetically streamline the room and (plus!) make it easy to clean up after the fun is over.

Frequently Asked Questions About Playroom Rugs

What Are the Benefits of Playroom Rugs?

A playroom rug is a kind of floor covering that cushions your feet while you're having fun. Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, or mohair are commonly used in playroom rugs, which come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. Because they are often constructed of soft fabrics, children's rugs are highly popular in playrooms.

What Are The Best Playroom Rugs For Children?

Nursery Rugs are among the best playroom rugs because they have a fun and colorful design, can be used on a variety of flooring types, and are manufactured of high-quality materials. The best nursery rugs are simple to clean, long-lasting, and constructed of high-quality materials. Rugs are an important element of any room set-up for any family with children, so choose wisely. Rugs protect their feet and teeth from harsh floors, they elevate things that dirty feet drag into the room (which function as dirt magnets), and they can keep them occupied if you choose the proper one. If your child is feeling concerned about all the changes, the proper nursery rug might help them feel at ease in their new surroundings.

How Should A Rug In A Children's Playroom Be Cared For?

Cleaning a playroom rug is simple if you follow these steps:

1. Remove spills and messes as quickly as possible. Allowing them to dry on the rug will force you to work harder later, resulting in extra wear and tear on the rug's fibers.

2. Vacuum with a brush attachment on a regular basis. This will assist in maintaining the fibers clean and the appearance of your rug at its best!

3. After vacuuming, don't forget to spot-clean any stains or messes that occur.
4. Finally, don't be alarmed if you need to deal with a larger spill: simply follow these procedures for massive spill cleanup.

Where Can I Find Free Shipping On The Best Playroom Rugs?

Different internet companies such as Lil mo, eBay, Wayfair, West elm, and RugKnots can help you choose the greatest playroom rugs. RugKnots is one of the most popular rug brands in the United States, with over 8000 rugs in various patterns and designs. So, what are you waiting for? RugKnots offers free shipping on all of its products, so what are you waiting for? Now is the time to order your preferred rug from our assortment of playroom and baby's room rugs.

Is Using A Rug Pad In A Kid's Room Necessary?

Yes, a rug pad is required in the children's room. It absorbs sound and protects the floor from bumps. For the best results, choose from a variety of padding materials such as rubber, felt, or cork. A rubber mat provides a quiet surface while also protecting your floor. The material provides an anti-slip function, allowing youngsters to play on it safely. We recommend using foam underlayment or heated cork padding if you have hardwood floors because they give better insulation.

What Colors Should You Use For A Playroom Rug?

The ideal colors for playroom rugs are purple, red, green, and yellow. Because they provide contrast, darker colors look fantastic on light floors. Lighter tones, such as cream or white, have an elegant look that complements darker wood flooring. If your floors aren't dark, lighter-colored rugs can be used instead. A playroom carpets can be any color, but there are some that you should avoid. Black absorbs light, making the room appear darker than it is. Greens frequently have low contrast ratios, making them difficult to see against lighter-colored walls or furniture, or becoming buried in muddy flooring tones. Blues are simply too "cold" for playtime; everything is shown in hues of blue, making it impossible to see other items on the floor or notice if one has fallen down. The warmest color should match the heating system; for example, browns and tans will make warmer temperatures feel cozier, while fluorescent lights will appear better against cooler colors such as whites and greens.

Is it OK to put a nursery rug outside the playroom?

Outside of the playroom, nursery, bedroom rugs can be used in other areas of the house. They're handy to have on available for times when you need to protect your floors from spills or ordinary wear and tear, such as during parties or while food is being prepared. This is permissible because no toxic chemicals, polymers, heavy metals, or fumes are present. The choice of natural or recycled-content fibers also ensures that the rug will last a long time and will not stink. Flooring, in general, can absorb dirt before it is wiped away, causing rugs to stink. Of course, don't walk on it if your shoes are filthy! Simply use soap and water to clean your rug! Vacuuming your rug on a regular basis is also a good idea because dirt can be detrimental to babies crawling about on the floor. If you have any uncertainties about what is best for your child's safety, please use your best judgment!


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