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Do you love creating a calming feel with your area rugs? You must look for the neutral colors then.  Neutral colors are soothing and visually restful. They are unsaturated and give a relaxing background to any space. Before getting into the other exciting benefits of neutral rugs, let’s first know the different neutral colors.

What are the neutral colors?

In the context of interior design, neutral simply means being without color or lacking color. Colors like white, beige, grey, ivory, taupe, and cream appear to be without color. These colors are muted hues and often have undertones. For instance, white might be slightly bluish, yellow, or ivory. Beige might have underlying tones of pink, tan, or gold. All these neutral colors do not compete for attention but rather allow other brighter colors to stand out.

Neutral Rugs match with every color and design

Whether you have a bold taste or an understated one, neutral rugs can anchor the look of any room. Perhaps the best thing about neutral rugs is that they match with everything! If you are trying to match color and decor in your home, you can consider a neutral rug to find the combination that suits you. Neutral rugs provide an ideal decorating background. They provide a foundation upon which a multi-layered well-designed room can be built upon.

Neutral Rugs are visually relaxing

As discussed in the start, neutral colors have very little saturation. They complement all other design elements in your room and share the spotlight. Their simplicity creates a cozy and relaxing vibe. We all love to make our living room a space that exhibits relaxation and calmness. Neutral rugs can achieve this perfectly.

Neutral Rugs do not curtail the decorating taste

People usually think of neutral rugs as dull and bland, but they aren’t so. No matter your design preferences, there is always a place for neutral colors in your room décor. Taking an example, you can pair a neutral rug with the fabric of your sofa in the living room. This will add a stunning visual interest to the room with wall art.

Neutral rugs function well in more adventurous design schemes as well. In bedrooms with colorful quilts and throw pillows, keep the textiles simple. A simple jute or flat-weave neutral rug can serve as an ideal base. Then, you can place a shag on its top.

Benefits other than style and decor

Like other types of area rugs, the benefits of neutral rugs go far beyond design and style. They are comfortable to stand on than a hard floor surface. Rugs feel a lot softer and can absorb some of the impact of your footstep. Area rugs have a great insulating property which gives warmth and can reduce the cost of heating your room.

Similar to other area rugs, neutral rugs are sound absorbers and reduce the noise and echo. They are much quieter to walk on. This is an added advantage of area rugs because the hard floor surfaces cannot absorb sound the way they do. They even absorb sound from the surrounding air and thereby create a calming atmosphere.

Cleaning these area rugs is less of a hassle. You can easily remove the dust from them with a vacuum cleaner. Area rugs also trap allergen from the air and prevent from floating around in the air for people to breathe in. This is highly beneficial for people suffering from allergies. You can easily notice that the presence of an area rug helps in lessening the allergic symptoms.

Area rugs are much easier to replace. Unlike the wall-to-wall carpet or the hard flooring, you can easily replace them at any time. Area rugs can do a number of different things to your room. They can divide your room into different areas, create a theme, be re-positioned or removed completely. You can do whatever you want with them.

Neutral Rugs for Living Room

Neutral rugs are an easy and effective way to update your living room. It brings warmth, versatility, and texture to your living room. Neutral area rug can be a brilliant option for a minimalist decor that matches every season of life. It can lift the mood of your living room’s color scheme.

Choosing the right neutral rug for your living room can be a little tricky as well. The right choice can make your living room look flawless while the wrong one can make it look incomplete. Let’s briefly discuss which rug material is best and how you can select the right one for your living room.

Wool rug is a great option for the living room. It is solid, warm, and easier to clean which makes it an ideal rug for the winter season. However, wool rugs are a little expensive, inclined to shedding, and non-corrosive to spills. You can also use wool mixed with human-made fiber that has lesser shedding and keep its shape.

Polypropylene is an artificial fiber and the area rugs made from it are the most resistant to staining. It’s incredibly intense material but is highly combustible. So, it is advisable to put it away from the fireplace. Neutral area rugs are also made of polyester, a material impervious to fading, speedy to dry, and resistant to water-based stains. One drawback of polyester in rugs is its difficulty in removing oil stains.

Area rugs made of jute are amazingly suitable for rural style living rooms. Jute is a natural fiber and generally comes in neutral shades. It’s comparatively a cheaper option as well. Sisal is another fiber used in rugs that are functioning well in high-traffic areas.

Skilled artisans make tufted rugs that are durable and artistic. Their knots are tied by hand with high care. They represent amazing craftsmanship and can last for generations.

After selecting the perfect material for your neutral rug, you determine the right size. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to be sure about your room’s measurement. The final size of your rug should be such that it anchors all of or some part of your furniture.

We at RugKnots, offer neutral rugs for living rooms, made of various materials, sizes, and colors. We supply high-quality neutral area rugs of wool, mix wool, shag, jute, polyester, polypropylene, and many other different materials. They range from small sizes like 3x5, 4x6, to 9x12, and even 12x15.

RugKnots’ neutral rug collection features nearly 300 different rugs that are second to none in every aspect. Let’s take a look at some of these awesome neutral area rugs.

Ivory/Ash Grey Neutral Rug

The exhibition of multiple small-scale patterns in ash grey on an ivory surface makes this neutral rug an eye-catching floor piece. This neutral area rug can complement any design element, furnishing, or wall.

This gorgeous area rug is made of synthetic blends of polyester and polypropylene. It is subtle yet bold with an ivory base and hints of grey all over. It’s durable, none-fading, and hard-wearing so it’s best for social places like the living room or dining room. This rug is also suitable for outdoor living space.

Beige Neutral Rug

This neutral rug in monochromatic beige color with massive floral design can easily tie in with existing design elements in your living room. It is made of wool blends and viscose pile. Viscose is versatile and blends easily with other rug materials. It makes the rug durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting.

Sapphire Blue Neutral Rug

This rug can create a refreshing, calm, and relaxed space with its cool sapphire blue color. It is made of pure viscose which feels soft because of its silky fiber. This is basically a hand-tufted area rug. You can add this amazing rug in your living room to have a soothing space.

Ivory/Copper Neutral Rug

You will be amazed to see the design on this neutral rug. It is an absolute art piece you'll want on your floor or hanging on your wall. When decorating a living room with a busy rug, you can add plain accent pieces to tone down the whole look. You can create a good contrast with your busy pattern with complementary pain decor.

This Turkish neutral area rug is made of pure viscose and polypropylene. The blending of these materials gives a soft yet durable rug.

Beige/Chiffon White Neutral Rug

A light neutral rug like this one can be a perfect addition to a bold space that needs to be muted. Sometimes, you need to add a subtle piece of décor that can help tone down the design a bit to make the space relaxing and cozy. Light-colored rugs give a sense of calmness and relaxation to any space. They are ideal for living rooms to make it inviting and homey. They are also best for bedrooms where they give a resting place a soothing vibe.

This hand-tufted neutral rug is made from pure wool. It is hard-wearing and can withstand too much exposure to sunlight without fading or water without growing molds.

Sand Dollar Neutral Rug 

With a darker tone of sand dollar tan as borders, this neutral area rug creates a variation in the design. It’s not just a plain rug. This floor piece is sure to find a spot in your home, whether in social areas like the living room or private space like bedrooms. 

This Indian hand-tufted rug is made of pure wool. It is definitely a good investment to purchase a wool rug for your home design. It not just adds to the aesthetic value, but it is durable and long-lasting. Wool rug is resilient and can withstand heavy foot traffic so it is ideal for social areas in your home.

Charcoal Grey/Faded Grey Neutral Rug

If you aren't too bold for black, take a shade lighter and go for grey. This Turkish rug in two varying tones of grey gives a space added depth and can define any space without being too overwhelming. As they say, grey is the new white. This color can go with everything just like white but is a bit more interesting.

This cool grey tone is perfect for a clean and crisp feeling in bathrooms, kitchens, or even outdoor space. It adds a hint of luxury to your design while keeping it cozy. This neutral rug is made from a perfect blend of polypropylene and viscose. These materials make this rug luxuriously soft and silky. It's a hardwearing floor piece that can stand exposure to sunlight and water.

Alabaster White/Fossil Grey Neutral Rug

This Turkish area rug has a clean and crisp alabaster white color. It showcases massive leaves in fossil grey that are spread in such a way that makes the rug stand out even with its muted neutral colors. This neutral rug is truly a decor must-have. It is made of pure viscose and polypropylene.

Gradient Taupe Neutral Rug

This hand-tufted wool rug in gradient taupe is the perfect addition to any space in your home. It is made of pure wool. The visual technique displayed on this rug adds a lot of character to its overall design. The neutral taupe color gives it a warm and cozy ambiance. Its color makes the space feel inviting and relaxing. 

Slate Blue Neutral Rug 

A blue decor induces a cooling vibe to any living room whether in light or dark shade. This slate blue neutral rug adds character to the floor decor. This darker shade of blue creates separation to an open plan space making it more defined. An open floor plan is very popular now in interior design.

Adding a hand-tufted rug for separation can create variety in a space especially large rooms or studio apartments. You can easily make a rug the focal point of your home design where furnishings and other design pieces tie-in together visually. Made of a wool and viscose blend, this neutral rug is of high-quality. It is durable yet luxuriously soft, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

Where to buy neutral rugs from? 

You can buy neutral rugs online from RugKnots. RugKnots is a home for 100% original and high-quality neutral rugs. We craft them from wool that is obtained from the best resources of the world. We color them using natural dyes. Our artisans are highly skilled and they use age-old techniques to make the rugs durable.

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