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Do you love creating a calming feel with your area rugs? You must look for neutral colors then.  Neutral colors are soothing and visually restful. They are unsaturated and give a relaxing background to any space. Before getting into the other exciting benefits of neutral rugs, let’s first know the different neutral colors. Neutral Rugs are available in different shades of black, brown, and beige. They are also available in lighter tones like cream and grey. The main function of a rug is to create comfort around the feet as well as provide warmth during cold weather. Neutral rugs can add comfort with their luxurious texture apart from adding softness underfoot. Here’s a comprehensive guide to neutral rugs, so that you can pick the most suitable one for your home.

A Comprehensive Guide To Neutral Rugs

What Are The Neutral Colors?

In the context of interior design, neutral simply means being without color or lacking color. Colors like white, beige, grey, ivory, taupe, and cream appear to be without color. These colors are muted hues and often have undertones. For instance, white might be slightly bluish, yellow, or ivory. Beige might have underlying tones of pink, tan, or gold. All these neutral colors do not compete for attention but rather allow other brighter colors to stand out.

What are the neutral colors?

Neutral Rugs Match With Every Color And Design

Whether you have a bold taste or an understated one, neutral rugs can anchor the look of any room. Perhaps the best thing about neutral rugs is that they match with everything! If you are trying to match color and decor in your home, you can consider a neutral rug to find the combination that suits you. Neutral rugs provide an ideal decorating background. They provide a foundation upon which a multi-layered well-designed room can be built upon.

Neutral Rugs match with every color and design

Neutral Rugs Are Visually Relaxing

As discussed in the start, neutral colors have very little saturation. They complement all other design elements in your room and share the spotlight. Their simplicity creates a cozy and relaxing vibe. We all love to make our living room a space that exhibits relaxation and calmness. Neutral rugs can achieve this perfectly.

Neutral Rugs are visually relaxing

Neutral Rugs Do Not Curtail The Decorating Taste

People usually think of neutral rugs as dull and bland, but they aren’t so. No matter your design preferences, there is always a place for neutral colors in your room décor. Taking an example, you can pair a neutral rug with the fabric of your sofa in the living room. This will add a stunning visual interest to the room with wall art. Neutral rugs function well in more adventurous design schemes as well. In bedrooms with colorful quilts and throw pillows, keep the textiles simple. A simple jute or flat-weave neutral rug can serve as an ideal base. Then, you can place a shag on its top.

Neutral Rugs do not curtail the decorating taste

Benefits Other Than Style And Decor

Like other types of area rugs, the benefits of neutral rugs go far beyond design and style. They are more comfortable to stand on than a hard floor surface. Rugs feel a lot softer and can absorb some of the impact of your footstep. Area rugs have a great insulating property which gives warmth and can reduce the cost of heating your room. Similar to other area rugs, neutral rugs are sound absorbers and reduce the noise and echo. They are much quieter to walk on. This is an added advantage of area rugs because the hard floor surfaces cannot absorb sound the way they do. They even absorb sound from the surrounding air and thereby create a calming atmosphere. Cleaning these area rugs is less of a hassle. You can easily remove the dust from them with a vacuum cleaner. Area Rugs also trap allergen from the air and prevent from floating around in the air for people to breathe in. This is highly beneficial for people suffering from allergies. You can easily notice that the presence of an area rug helps in lessening the allergic symptoms. Area rugs are much easier to replace. Unlike the wall-to-wall carpet or the hard flooring, you can easily replace them at any time. Area rugs can do a number of different things to your room. They can divide your room into different areas, create a theme, be re-positioned or removed completely. You can do whatever you want with them.

Benefits other than style and decor

Neutral Rugs For Living Room

Neutral rugs are an easy and effective way to update your living room. It brings warmth, versatility, and texture to your living room. Neutral area rug can be a brilliant option for a minimalist decor that matches every season of life. It can lift the mood of your living room’s color scheme. Choosing the right neutral rug for your living room can be a little tricky as well. The right choice can make your living room look flawless while the wrong one can make it look incomplete. Let’s briefly discuss which rug material is best and how you can select the right one for your living room.

Neutral Rugs for Living RoomWool rug is a great option for the living room. It is solid, warm, and easier to clean which makes it an ideal rug for the winter season. However, Wool Rugs are a little expensive, inclined to shedding, and non-corrosive to spills. You can also use wool mixed with human-made fiber that has less shedding and keeps its shape. Polypropylene is an artificial fiber and the area rugs made from it are the most resistant to staining. It’s incredibly intense material but is highly combustible. So, it is advisable to put it away from the fireplace. Neutral area rugs are also made of polyester, a material impervious to fading, speedy to dry, and resistant to water-based stains. One drawback of polyester in rugs is its difficulty in removing oil stains. Area rugs made of jute are amazingly suitable for rural style living rooms. Jute is a natural fiber and generally comes in neutral shades. It’s comparatively a cheaper option as well. Sisal is another fiber used in rugs that are functioning well in high-traffic areas. Skilled artisans make tufted rugs that are durable and artistic. Their knots are tied by hand with high care. They represent amazing craftsmanship and can last for generations. After selecting the perfect material for your neutral rug, you determine the right size. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to be sure about your room’s measurement. The final size of your rug should be such that it anchors all of or some part of your furniture.

You can buy neutral rugs online from RugKnots. We are a home for 100% original and high-quality neutral rugs. We craft them from wool that is obtained from the best resources of the world. We color them using natural dyes. Our artisans are highly skilled and they use age-old techniques to make the rugs durable.

Neutral Rugs for Living Room

Decorating Neutral Spaces With Neutral Area Rugs

Decorating neutral spaces with neutral rugs will make a huge positive impact on the decor. Neutral rugs are basically those that don’t have any color, pattern or design to them and they help in accentuating the art pieces around. Neutral rugs will match with your existing furniture and add a sophistication to it which you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise. They will make your neutral room look more beautiful and interesting. Neutral tones are a great way to add interest and an element of peace into neutral interiors. Neutral rooms feel calm, tranquil, and relaxing when painted in subtle tone variations. You can mix and match the neutral toned walls with your existing furniture and neutral rugs and make them look more beautiful.

Decorating Neutral Spaces With Neutral Area Rugs

Neutral Rugs Balances Out Bright Colors In A Room

If you have a bright color wallpaper in your room, neutral rugs will balance it out. Neutral tones are a perfect choice for such rooms because the bright colors may make the room look cramped and small if used with large furniture pieces. If you use smaller sized furnishing pieces then a brightly colored rug would be okay to go along with them but that’s not always the case. Neutral rugs are often used to give a room an expensive look and feel. If you have a problem with choosing the right color for your rugs, get inspiration from the room’s interior. For example if there is an ornate cabinet in the dining area it would be okay to go for something that matches its colors or has golden accents.

Neutral rugs balances out bright colors in a room

Here Is A List Of The Best Neutral Rugs From RugKnots

1. Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

For an elegant yet affordable addition to your home, the Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug is perfect for any decor style whether traditional or more contemporary. The intricate detail on this hand-knotted rug of 100% silk and wool will make it the most luxurious layer in your room, you'll never want to leave! And at a low pile height with no skimping on quality, we feel confident the Gold Wool and Silk Rugs will be one thing you can always count on. Buy this beautiful rug now by clicking the link below!

Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

2. Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

Take a look at this amazing gold wool and silk area rug with an incredible traditional design. It is hand-knotted from the finest materials, giving your home a sense of luxury and elegance. With rich textures and gorgeous detailing, this oriental beauty is designed to add charm and style to any room! With its accent colors of cream gold, brown accents, pink roses on a background of patterns, it pairs well with all types of furniture styles. Showcase the rooms in your home with a plush wool & silk carpet that will bring warmth into your space while showcasing some exquisite artistry for guests to enjoy every day!

Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

3. Green Wool & Silk Area Rug

The Green Wool & Silk Area Rug is a work of art, created by the experienced hands of professional generations. Hardworking craftsmen have devoted themselves to their diligent skills for years. The luxurious pile height feels soft and plush under your feet, while detailed design lines create an elegant look in any space. Add the beautiful rug to your contemporary home today! The soft and earthy tones of this area rug bring a beautiful impact on your house. You will love this plush addition to your living space.

Green Wool & Silk Area Rug

4. Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

This gorgeous and alluring Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug is hand-knotted in the traditional oriental design to give your home a touch of class and elegance. The silky feel will last you years and makes cleaning up spills easier than ever before. This high-quality carpet is perfect for any room, whether it be elegant or contemporary, and will look great anywhere! The intricate design of this rug will make any space feel aesthetic and pleasing. It's easy to install because we know time isn't always on our side so we offer affordable prices with quick shipping options too!

Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

5. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Shopping for a rug? Our hand-knotted, contemporary Grey Neutral Area Rug is ready to welcome you home. A true work of art, this beauty is no ordinary wall décor, its plush pile height and intricate pattern create an instant classic piece that will impact the aesthetics of your entire room. Think about it, with just one purchase you can style up your living space completely! Get yours now before they're all gone! You can place this elegant piece of decor anywhere you want. So, If you want to decorate your traditional living space, then this rug is perfect for you!

Grey Neutral Area Rug

6. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

If you're looking for a luxurious area rug that is both beautiful and affordable, this Ivory neutral rug with a hand-knotted design in an elegantly neutral color palette is a perfect choice! With its soft plush pile height and intricate pattern, it will be your go-to exquisite addition to any room decor. This rug will perfectly blend in with your neutral shaded furniture and walls. The patterns and design on this fabric make this beauty an alluring and pleasing addition to your house. You will love this beautiful rug making a perfect impression on your space. Buy this rug now by clicking the link below!

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

7. Tan Neutral Area Rug

For an elegant twist on modern, the Tan Neutral Area Rug is your answer. Hand-knotted in a traditional design with intricate paisley motifs and plush pile height, this rug will leave you feeling comfortable and warm whenever it greets you upon your return from a hard day at work. Whether placed below a couch or near a doorway for Guests to wipe their feet on, this carpet is sure to be eye-catching and attractive. With its neutral color palette that's perfect for any home decor aesthetic, not just oriental designs, you're guaranteed to wear days of elegance and comfort after buying the Tan Neutral Area Rug!

Tan Neutral Area Rug

8. Green Neutral Area Rug

The Green Neutral Area Rug is one of our most popular products. It's a colorful and patterned pile rug, making it a lovely addition to any room of the house. Plush and soft to touch yet with a traditional design, this area rug will add an elegant feel to your living area. Get reduced rates when you come in-store today for this beautiful carpet bargain! This rug is hand-knotted by professional weavers using the best quality and pure wool. This lovely rug is a perfect piece of decor for your traditional areas. If you want to decorate your space with an elegant and beautiful carpet, then this area rug is the perfect option for your space!

Green Neutral Area Rug

9. Purple Neutral Area Rug

The Purple Neutral Area Rug is soft, plush, and woven. The intricate design makes it a lovely addition to any home. It has a contemporary look that will fit beautifully in any room plus its neutral colors are perfect if you're looking to add color without making too much of a change! Elegant, affordable, high quality, what more can you ask for? This area rug is perfect for complementing any space in your house. So, If you want to beautify and decorate your space with a soft and plush textured rug, then this elegant rug is the best option for you! Buy this rug now and enjoy its smooth and soft texture.

Purple Neutral Area Rug

10. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

Ivory Neutral Area Rug is the perfect choice for those with a neutral theme. The subtle design of this rug is also great to use as an elegant and sophisticated addition to your home or office that will not overpower your space. Ivory is a beautiful and classy color that would go well with any color palette, giving you many styles and combinations you can choose from. When it comes time to buy an area rug, keep in mind we have affordable heavy-duty carpet so all budgets are considered! So, What are you waiting for? Buy this elegant piece of decor now!

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

11. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Are you looking for a rug to make your space pleasing and relaxing? Then this grey neutral rug is the perfect rug for you. This breathtaking, thoughtfully- handmade rug is a traditional design with oriental accents. The neutral grey background goes well in any modern or classic home décor while still giving that lived-in feeling that many crave. What makes the carpet stand out from others on the market is its exquisite design and its fluffy pile height. For a soft Scandinavian touch, try pairing this rug with other warm neutrals like cream, tan, terracotta and browns while adding splashes of color for an accent! Order now while offers last!

Grey Neutral Area Rug

12. Multi-Color Neutral Area Rug

Have you been looking for the perfect rug to brighten up your space? Well, did you know that there are lots of great rugs on that will help beautify not only your floor but also any room in your home? However, this Multi-Color Neutral Area Rug is one of our favorites. It's traditional, beautiful, gorgeous and handmade! This rug has an intricate pattern which makes it extraordinarily easy to clean - especially because it creates a lovely addition to any room and contributes much needed character. The pile height is comfortable and high quality! The neutral tones make this carpet perfect for use in virtually any living space (it doesn't matter if it's modern or transitional). There's no better time than now to buy this elegant and classy area rug!

Multi-Color Neutral Area Rug

13. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Sophisticated and elegant, the Grey neutral rug is a luxurious addition to any room in your home. The design embodies an intricate pattern made by hand with yarns that are soft, plush, and woven together. With this rug's neutral colors, it goes perfectly in any style of decor. It has a decent pile height, which makes it appropriate for all flooring types including hardwood floors or carpeting. This beautiful patchwork design adds flair without being too flashy or bold so you can have that thing that complements its surroundings while still remaining the focal point of the room when placed strategically on your floor space.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

14. Blue Neutral Area Rug

This blue neutral rug is a traditional and beautiful rug. The gorgeous oriental design will add some glam to any room while the soft and plush pile height will make your feet extra happy. This rug has an intricate pattern that is modern and contemporary for today's living, but still timeless and elegant! Show off your love for this stunning addition by adding it to your home with our high quality product that's both affordable and best of all, easy! It'll be here in no time - order now before you miss out on being one of the first to have this simply amazing Blue Neutral Area Rug.

Blue Neutral Area Rug

15. Silver Neutral Area Rug

With a beautiful design and intricate pattern, our Silver Neutral Area Rug would be a lovely addition to your home. Hand-knotted from soft plush woven fibers and an intricate pattern, this traditional design rug offers elegant sophistication while remaining contemporary. Made of 100% wool pile height that is slightly higher from the front surface for added comfort, you can enjoy your new rug for years without repurchasing it thanks to its durability and high quality. Available in many neutral colors including silver, the Silver Neutral Area Rug fits into any decor or space flawlessly while still adding personality or ties visually with other pieces in the room. 

Silver Neutral Area Rug

16. Grey Neutral Area Rug

This lovely grey shaded neutral rug has a gently elaborate oriental design with an intricate pattern that is fabulously beautiful and comfortable to have in your home with its plush carpet pile height. It will add elegance to any contemporary space for a great time, being high quality and affordable. You can place this alluring beauty in your bedrooms, kid's room, living room or even your outdoor spaces. The pure wool material makes this rug perfect for high traffic areas.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

17. Grey Neutral Area Rug

This grey neutral rug is a classic addition to any space in your home. The design is modern and elegant with a soft plush pile that feels wonderful underfoot. It's made from high-quality materials which means every purchase counts! If you're looking for a carpet that will match all of the colors around it, but won't be too light or dark this one is perfect for you! Feel free to buy today because this rug offers high quality at affordable prices, something everyone wants! Get yours now today and enjoy the excitement this rug brings to your interior.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

18. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Want to give your living space a modern, oriental touch? The beautifully hand-knotted Grey Neutral Area Rug is the perfect accent for any home. Its weave design has an intricate pattern that makes it seem handmade. Traditional beauty meets contemporary styling, creating the ideal addition to every room; be it a family den or guest bedroom. There are also three sizes available to fit into specific homes or smaller spaces like hallways and entryways. Soft to the touch and plush, this rug will make you feel like royalty at an affordable price! With high quality material for added softness, this beautiful masterpiece is worth buying!

Grey Neutral Area Rug

19. Beige Neutral Area Rug

Beautifully detailed yet chic, the Beige neutral area rug is a customizable option that speaks to your desires for style and functionality with its elegant design. Crafted by hand of pure wool in traditional oriental styling, this luxurious carpet can transform any space with its gorgeous intricate pattern woven alongside soft plush pile height. A high-quality product you'll love for years to come with double-weave construction providing durability and an easy-to-maintain appearance. The perfect neutral on which to showcase accent furniture or just enjoy comfort before placing on low pile carpets that are beautiful but do not provide enough cushion.

Beige Neutral Area Rug

20. Multi-Color Neutral Area Rug

The multi-color neutral area rug is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to give their home decor the rustic elegance or transitional modernity by placing this rug. Give your living room a contemporary feel with this traditional, hand-knotted rug. This gorgeous carpet is made from lush, finely woven wool that feels soft and plush underfoot. It features an intricately patterned design in colors of warm reds, browns, yellows and white that beautifully complements any sleep setting. You will love this rug making a perfect impression on your traditional living spaces. This rug is also perfect to bring a pleasing and comforting feel to your kid's playroom or nursery.

Multi-Color Neutral Area Rug

21. Brown Neutral Area Rug

Our brown neutral area rug is beautiful, gorgeous, hand-knotted which are well woven. Its design pattern is irresistible for many consumers! What makes this rug extra special? The pile height is elegant yet subtle. Save the modern carpets to your living room and spice up your home's decor with our elegant but contemporary necessities! You can never go wrong when buying a high quality carpet that doesn't break the bank especially since it has an affordable price tag. No matter if you're looking for deep browns or light beige you'll find these neutral colors in abundance because they are trendy and popular nowadays.

Brown Neutral Area Rug

22. Tan Neutral Area Rug

Whether you're looking for a rug to best complement your favorite sofa or entryway, we have the perfect option for you. Our Tan Neutral Area Rug is an elegant addition piece that will pull together any room with its gorgeous pattern and plush pile height. With such meticulous attention to each detail, this rug has an intricate design as well as a luxurious feel. So buy this carpet today and never regret it!

Tan Neutral Area Rug

23. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

Ivory's neutral color palette offers the perfect balance of style and function. A beautiful rug with an intricate pattern, our Ivory Area Rug is soft to the touch yet durable for even your most active of families. Your favorite room will come alive in brilliant hues with this lovely addition. Designs are created using age-old hand knotting techniques by skilled artisans who have mastered weaving timeless beauty for you to enjoy today! This rug is made of the best quality wool that makes your areas a perfect place to live in.

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

24. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Introducing a luxurious area rug that will beautifully blend with any decors. The neutral tone of the gray is perfect for those decorating in traditional, contemporary, or anything in between! With an intricate pattern and soft pile height to provide comfort from head-to-toe during those long days at work or just sitting around at home, this is your new favorite carpet yet! Don't miss out on this deal as it won't be around forever. Get one today and take advantage of our free shipping!

Grey Neutral Area Rug

25. Grey Neutral Area Rug

There is nothing like embracing tradition and beautiful design in one product. The Grey Neutral Area Rug blends the best of both worlds, giving customers a rug that offers an intricate pattern with a luxurious feel. This area rug will be a lovely addition to any space you have, from your dining room to your bedroom, this traditional piece will add dramatic importance to the decor. Not only does it look good but it comes at an affordable price that makes carpets just another household item rather than something you invest all your money in - so purchase today!

Grey Neutral Area Rug

26. Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

Give your interior a dash of authenticity with this high-end piece from RugKnots. Designed to flawlessly complement any color scheme, the Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug features an intricate pattern that is sure to impress. Hand-knotted for durability and longevity, you can't go wrong with the plush pile height as well as its delicate design! Perfect as a rug or as a contemporary addition to any room - give your space a luxurious feel at an affordable cost. Place it in the living room, bedroom, hallway... There's no limit to where you can place it!

Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

27. Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

The Gold Wool and Silk Area Rug is a hand-knotted, oriental design that features intricate patterns and a plush pile height. This rug makes for an elegant addition to any contemporary living space. The beautiful color palette will complement neutral tones. Easy-to-clean nylon stands up to everyday wear and tear so you'll be able to use this area rug for years with good care. This rug is a perfect addition to any space in your house. So, if you want to make your traditional space feel comforting and relaxing, then place this gorgeous area rug.

Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

28. Ivory Wool & Silk Area Rug

The Ivory Wool & Silk Area Rug is what's not only elegant and beautiful, but luxurious as well. Nothing captures the tone better than simplicity and it really stands out in this area rug with such a lovely intricate pattern. The painstakingly woven rug will go great in any modern or contemporary home decor given its plush pile height where you can't help but feel comfortable and soft just walking over it! If you want to decorate your interior with a contemporary piece of decoration, then this area rug is the one for you! Buy this gorgeous rug now!

Ivory Wool & Silk Area Rug

29. Aqua Wool & Silk Area Rug

The Aqua Wool and Silk Area Rug is the best rug to spruce up your living space. It's a contemporary, plush pile height that's perfect for any home or office. The intricate pattern stitching on this area rug works well with all types of flooring, ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, leatherwood floors, you name it! Stately yet practical this piece will be at the heart of your decorating endeavors. We are proud to offer an affordable alternative to traditional Oriental Rugs without compromising quality. Buy this rug now and enjoy the silky smooth texture of your hardwood floors!

Aqua Wool & Silk Area Rug

30. Green Wool & Silk Area Rug

The green wool and silk area rug is a traditional oriental design with a luxurious hand-knotted pile that will fit your home's decor beautifully. It's crafted of 100% hand-spun wool and pure silk fibers with both natural fibers which make it an excellent choice for those looking to add some flair to their décor. The carpet you can feel as well as see! Soft, plush, and comfortable underfoot, this carpet has a fine woven design that is very intricate. We love the transition from one color into another with this great rug. An affordable contemporary piece that will stand the test of time with its durability.

Green Wool & Silk Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Neutral Rugs

1. What Are Neutral Rugs?

Neutral rugs are a great choice for any room in your home, from the living room to bedroom. These rugs are simple and understated, with no dominant colors. More often than not they are a solid neutral color such as cream or tan. Neutral rugs go well in country homes that have light colored walls, furnishings, along with bright quilts for accents of color. These types of rooms will benefit from the simplicity and clean lines of these rugs. They also can serve as an accent piece in more modern homes where the walls are painted bright primary colors and there is a lot of black, white or glass furnishings. These rugs have replaced traditional rugs for many people because they are easier to clean, lighter weight making them portable and durable enough for high traffic areas without requiring constant cleaning.

2. Can I Place Neutral Flat Weave Rugs In My House?

Yes! You can place neutral Flatweave Rugs in your bedroom, and they can be a beautiful addition to the room. However, you should consider that these types of rugs are more versatile than traditional area carpets because they go with any color scheme or design style. You can also place them in a large living room under your coffee table. Flat-weave rugs are low pile rugs that are perfect for family rooms. These rugs are also perfect for a modern dining room setting. You can place it under your dining room table but make sure that all the back and front legs of your dining room chairs are covered by the rug. Keeping furniture legs under the rug is a way to avoid scratching the flooring or damaging your rug.

3. Are Neutral Rugs Made Of Natural Fiber Rugs?

No, they are not. Most of these rugs are made with synthetic materials like polypropylene or nylon fibers for their durability and easy maintenance qualities. Neutral rugs are made from other materials like viscose, linen and cotton fibers. A natural fiber rug is more expensive than a neutral rug. You can choose any rug material that matches the décor of your room. Neutral shag rugs are accent rugs that can be used to add color and texture to the room.

4. Are Neutral Hand-Knotted Rugs Better Than Machine Made Rugs?

No, they are not. Hand-knotted rugs is made by knotting the yarns or threads at random for its even texture and design which makes it a durable piece of artwork in your living room area. On the other hand, machine-made rugs have their own advantages over handmade rugs as these can be easily available at a lower price and can be easily replaced when damaged. Hand-knotted rugs add to the beauty of your room and are durable.

5. Do I Need To Place A Rug Pad Underneath A Neutral Round Rug?

Yes, you need to place a rug pad underneath your round neutral rug for increasing the life of both. A good quality latex or rubber based non-slip mat works best under rugs and carpets. It prevents slipping on smooth surfaces which can pose serious injury risks. A rug pad also enhances the comfort and feel of a rug. Round rugs are heavy and moving them around without a pad can damage the flooring underneath. If you plan on placing two rugs on top of each other, make sure to use a rug pad in between. You need a rug pad under any material whether it's a wool rug or cotton rug. Wool and cotton rugs come with the natural cushioning of their materials. The fabric is also very durable on its own but you cannot let it be exposed to elements such as moisture, sunlight or high temperatures for long periods at a time without proper care.

6. Are Neutral Hand-Tufted Rugs Worth The Investment?

Yes, neutral rugs are worth the investment for their quality and durability. All-natural fibers such as wool or cotton will wear out over time but retain their beauty with proper care while synthetic materials may not last long at all in comparison to natural fibers. In addition, traditional rug designs have been around for centuries which means they are proven to stand the test of time. The fabric is also very durable on its own but you cannot let it be exposed to elements such as moisture, sunlight or high temperatures for long periods at a time without proper care. For cleaning, use mild soap and cold water with a light scrub brush if necessary but do not machine wash in order to preserve their appearance.

7. Are Neutral Vintage Rugs Expensive?

No.  From modern to traditional designs, you can find a vast array of neutral rugs at all price points depending on the material and workmanship involved in its creation. Synthetic carpets are typically cheaper than their natural counterparts due to the materials used but this does not mean they are low-quality by any means as some manufacturers have mastered the art of making beautiful synthetic rugs. Wool and silk are far more costly but they also have a much longer lifespan than other types of vintage rugs so it is important to consider your budget, personal preferences and how often you will need to replace carpets in order to find one that fits your needs best.

8. Are Neutral Rugs Made Of Bamboo Silk?

No, they are not. Neutral rugs can be made of a variety of materials such as wool, silk and cotton but bamboo silk is never one of them. Bamboo silk is just a type of silk fabric that is made from bamboo. You can find many neutral rugs made of bamboo silk online and in shops.

9. Can I Buy Neutral Rugs From An Online Shop?

Yes, you can. You will find many online shops that sell neutral rugs in all kinds of shapes and sizes so it is important to do some research before buying one. RugKnots is one of the most trusted online shops for purchasing neutral rugs. If you are looking for a specific neutral rug, you can also check out the vast collection of neutral rugs where we have over 100 rugs available in different colors, patterns, sizes and styles.

10. Are Neutral Wool Rugs Better Than Other Materials?

While wool is one of the best materials to use for neutral rugs, there are also other options available. A rug made from bamboo silk is a great choice because it feels soft and smooth under your feet, but at the same time offers durability so you can enjoy using them for many years without worrying about wear or tear. Bamboo silk neutral rugs are also great at hiding stains and dirt.

Neutral rugs are a great addition to any home. For example, if you want a rug for your living room that will go with everything and not look out of place in several years' time when styles have changed and trends come and gone, then neutral rugs are the way forward. RugKnots offers the best quality neutral rugs at affordable prices. So, If you are looking for best quality neutral rugs then choose our online store. For more information please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
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Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
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