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Area rugs are essential for homes. It is not only significant for decoration purposes but they also play a very important part in the protection of your floors and underfoot. Also, a good rug size can help you camouflage the size of your room as well. Exactly like that, picking the right area rug size is also very important. You can’t really afford to mess up with the rug size because if you do, you’ll land in an indescribable trouble. It not unifies your surroundings but also enhances the environment and the outlook of your room in the eventual decoration. Area Rugs come in multiple sizes and people choose among the one that fits the best with the rest. As they come in various sizes, people can’t really distinguish between them (while it stands an important feature and factor to look out for). But, there are some of the most common sizes also called “the standard rug sizes” such as: 5×8, 9×12, 3×5, 6×9, 8×10 and 12×5 (aligning with the room sizes respectively). It is obviously very distasteful to come across a rug that does not match with the room's size, design and layout. We do not want you to mess up and make any mistakes (that might as well are common). For that reason, we provide you an ultimate guide as to how you can avoid such mistakes. Not only that, we also tell you which size suits best at what place and the general sizing techniques. Don’t fret, all you need to do is to keep reading.  

What’s The Actual Problem?

Problem No.1

The biggest and the most common mistake that people make while buying rugs is fetching an area rug that is small. Yes, and there are no two ways about it. This is by far the most condemned mistake by the rug professional (and us, too) yet people still continue to make it. People usually tend to “estimate” the size of the area rug that they want and end up getting a rug that is small. Mind you, shipping rugs is one hassle that no one in their wildest dreams would want to get into. Also because they’re heavy and bulky, they cause many difficulties if you plan to ship them back. How can you avoid that hassle? Well, all you need to do is to get the right rug size. To do that, you can make use of different techniques that we would be listing in a while.

Problem No.2

Moreover, people tend to buy rug size according to the room size. That’s where you go wrong. We know that it’s a common myth to get the rug size that particularly aligns with the size of your room. That’s not okay. While buying rugs, your rug size should be chosen according to your furniture placement and positioning. Meaning, the size should be determined in terms of your furnishing i.e. its placing, size, area covered etc. and not in line or statement with the size of the rug.

How To Prevent These?

To avoid these common mistakes, you need to make use of one of the simplest tips and tricks. Before getting a rug, measure the dimensions of the area you want to place the rug at. That means, you would have to measure the length and with the help of a measuring tape. That’s easy. No hassle. Not only that, you can even make use of taping technique to perfect accuracy. That is, to tape the area you want the area rug placed. This will give you the best and the most accurately measured results. Also by this technique, you can get your rug size determined professionally.

Living Room

For the living room, you would need a spacious rug. 9×12 and 12×5 sized rug has the ability to considerably cover the front legs of your sofa, chair, table or any other furniture is probably the best way to achieve that spacious look. Also, consider the furniture and room shaping. Remember, a large rug not only enhances the rooms look and covers maximum if your floor (which is obviously great for floor protection!) but also makes your room look even spacious. If your room is relatively smaller and narrower, you should get a smaller rug. This also enhances and helps camouflage the room’s size and overall look. Might as well place a small table on top of the rug too in order to make it look even beautiful. An 8×10 medium sized rugs works best for a room that is not very large but has a reasonable size. Also, if your furniture setting is in a position where you feel as If you are having a group chat, these rugs work the best for you.  

The most commonly used rug sizes for a living room are: 6×9, 9×12, 8×10 and 12×5.


A rug in the bedroom is one of the biggest essentials. You want to feel like a queen king when you wake up in the morning. I mean, your feelings should feel the best. Here again, the size of your rug is determined by the furniture and mainly bed! If your bed is large, perhaps a king size or queen sized bed, you obviously need a larger rug such as that of 9×12 size. It is advised to leave out around 18- 24 inches of area surrounding your bed. One more way to achieve the perfect look is to place the rug completely away from the bed. Another very great idea is to place Runner Rugs and accent rugs around your bed. But, make sure that these rugs don’t exceed your beds length. You can place them on both the bed sides’ considerably 3×5 Rugs. Having a great, soft and comfy runner or accent going through your way is always best as it gives you a very comfy and cozy feeling. You can also consider the idea of buying a rug that covers the whole area of your bed or slightly bigger than that. Also, the one that extends the edges and sides of the bed or exposes onto the ends of your bed is the best!

Dining Room

The thing with placing right rug sizes in the dining room is pretty straight and uncomplicated. You want to always make sure that the rug completely covers the whole area of the dining area/ dining set. That is; it should cover both the front and hind legs of the chairs, even when someone pulls them out. It obviously depends on the size of your dining set but 9×12 Rugs are most commonly used and placed in such rooms. Also, Round Rugs are also one great deal when it comes to placing rugs in dining rooms especially if you have round dining tables (Also note that they work perfectly with smaller dining sets)


As for the kitchen, you should always try and play safe. A kitchen is the place that receives the highest amount of foot traffic and there is always a considerable risk of damage to the area rug. You should get small rugs for this area and there are no two ways about it. Consider getting a half round, semi circle or a small rectangular or square rug for your kitchen space. The size that works the best for them is 2×3. Consider placing them in front of the sink area or the cooking area (where you have your stove placed) or any corner around the shelves. Also, if you have an elongated kitchen that has a table in it (like that we see in movies!), you can even get a runner rug for that matter as well. Do not forget to add a rug pad onto them because they are very essential especially in kitchens. A 3×5 sized runner rug will look the best in this scenario.

Hallways, Passageways And Gateways!

Let’s talk about these three collectively. Of course, without doubt, runner rugs are the only destination that works the best with such elongated spaces. There is no way in the world that any rug design, shape or size will compliment runways better than the way runner rugs do! Hands down, they’re the best! These rugs not only compliment your bedroom or kitchen but also any other space. Choose a runner rug that doesn’t really come in contact with the rest of your furniture and if it does, it should only touch and cover some inches of the furniture.

Rug sizes are without the most important factor. We have provided you the most extensive guide to let you distinguish between a right and wrong rug size. A lot of people might ignore this fact and rather directly dive into the design, shape and material of the rug. Well, rugs are not just about that. As we repeat it, rugs are the most essential so this essential part needs to be treated like one too! As we listed the most commonly made mistakes while buying rug sizes, we hope you must have learnt your lesson without committing the mistake. We know you must have been fretting over this issue, but, see, we got you, one read is all it takes! And, we expect you not to make these mistakes. We hope that this blog post was helpful and informative for you and you must have made up your mind regarding what rugs size you want.

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