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RugKnots provides you with a comprehensive yet unique collection of oriental as well as antique rugs. For more than ten years, RugKnots has offered a reliable medium to buy oriental rugs online. If you wish to buy oriental rugs in the US, then you have come to the right place. We have formulated a list of 12 types of oriental rugs you must buy. Let us review a few carpet styles that you need to add to your oriental rug collection.


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Types of Oriental Rugs You Must Buy

1.      Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rug is a unique handcrafted rock field with magnificent floral design. The design of this type of oriental rug aims to provide sophistication and to give an overall aesthetic look. These oriental carpets are of great significance to the Turkish heritage. Each of these masterpieces has the finest weaving techniques and dies, which incorporate a variety of patterns that contribute to their period. Many consider it a reflection of an era; filled with vibrant colors that add an essence to your home. The Ziegler oriental carpets are unique and rare treasures sought by collectors across the globe.


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2.      Tabriz Rugs

The Antique Tabriz rugs Are one of a kind filled with distinguished excellence and a remarkable leaving button which adheres to the old traditions of Persian rugs. These masterpieces are not subject to distinct colors and patterns. The Safavid dynasty introduced the Tabriz rugs - the capital of the diversity was in Northwest Iran and Persia. It is the oldest carpet production center in the city of Iran. These carpets tend to maintain the utmost technical standards alongside their reputation. Also, the Tabriz antique rugs follow a range of rich and brilliant color tones along with soft pastels. The quality, classic designing, and creative patterns as well as a distinguishing factor from other various Persian rugs.

3.      Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs comprise of handspun natural wool and a vibrant color palette produced from a natural blonde dye. This kind of Oriental rug consists of basic types of patterns which are quite restricted to a few decorative patterns like animal resembling decorative or an object of rectangular shape. Gabbeh oriental rugs resort to a bright color palette like red and yellow. Additionally, they also cater to solid colors and designs. Although their appearance may differ in different types of rugs, this means that each oriental rug will have a different color zone.


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4.      Isfahan Rug

Isfahan rugs Are not at oriental rugs based on cotton or silk foundation. Each knot allocates 1.000.000 square meters and exceptional quality of wool available in the city of Iran. Its pile kept at a quite low-level. Initially, with the introduction of Isfahan oriental rugs, traditional motifs, along with architecture ones were for decoration. Many times, artisans use tiles as a part of decoration for historic buildings. This resulted in a unique Oriental kind of rug.

5.      Heriz Rugs

Heriz Oriental rugs are a form of rough logs. These first started hitting the market in the city of Heriz, East Azerbaijan, located in the northwest of Iran, northeast of Tabriz. Production of the Harris rugs began in Mount Sabalan slopes situated in a village. Not only are these carpets durable, but their hard-wearing Is capable of lasting for further generations. People often find the Heriz rugs of the 19th century in superior auction houses located in Europe or the United States. The Heriz carpets are quite tough; this is so because the Mount Sanalah is on a copper deposit. Copper traces can leak into drinking water, eventually consumed by the sheep. This ends up producing wool of high quality along with resilience from any other area


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6.      Qum Rug

Oriental Qum rugs originated in the Qom Province of Iran, which is 100 km south of Tehran. Qum rug in Iran has become a major industry in the past10 decades. They produce wool and luxurious silk-based Qum rugs. They offer high-end quality, and many consider them amongst the highest-value carpets in the world. These Qum rugs provide great value for its cost and are a significant investment. They feature motives like a medallion and the tree of life, along with popular Persian rug colors like the Ivory, blue, and red. You can easily place these types of rugs on your walls and are smaller in size as compared to your typical Persian rugs.

7.      Kashan Rugs

The Kashan rugs took birth in Kashan, Iran, which is one of the oldest cities for its name. These Kashan designs were created back in the 16th century by exports. Kashan oriental rugs at an international level, along with the domestic market. Their sales began in the 19th century and became a highly valued possession. These Kashan rugs came into the spotlight and became part of the collections of people's households worldwide. They are extremely popular and are known to be one of the finest available Persian carpets. The foundation or base of Kashan rugs is mostly cotton. However, the older pieces were produced using a blend of silk. It is often mixed with silk to craft its body frame. To provide a finishing texture to Kashan rugs, A hint of softness is combined with a die texture. To top it off, the main ingredients in cash on rugs are vegetable dyes; it results in a unique texture.


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8.      Ikat Rugs

Ikat rugs have very impressive designs. They are one of the unique rug designs across the globe, along with the oldest one. This type of Oriental rug consists of a button surfacing ancient cultures of Japan, Peri, Yemen, and India. That Ikat rug gives a more tribal outlook with a tie-dye abstract. Its over-dyeing process is a unique one that provides more depth and variation as compared to different oriental rugs. Most Ikat motifs consist of historical significance. However, they produce an aesthetic appeal. They have shaped like a triangle or diamond with repeated loose lines. These drugs have a lower not count and hence have a small sale cost, unlike other rugs.

9.      Bokhara Rugs

Bahada is a modernized location in Uzbekistan. It has a significant history of producing rugs with a distinctive style. Unlike many other rugs, the Bokhara rugs have special features like different shapes with the background of the era. Additionally, they resort to classic colors like brown, navy, and red. If you wish to buy oriental rugs online along with a hint of a traditional touch, then these Bokhara rugs are your ultimate choice. These Bokhara rugs are available across the globe at the variety of variations of different oriental rugs. These rugs have symmetrical knot counting like 9 x 9 or 7 x 7 alongside, asymmetrical knot counting like 9 x 14. The price range for Bukhari rugs can vary according to their knot count.


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10. Flat Weave Kilim Rugs

Kilims rugs are most popular for their lenient on you need to sign alongside flat with nature and use of bold colors. The term KILIMS is a derivative of the Persian language word, called GEM. Its meaning is “spreading roughly.” Descaling rugs have a traditional texture with a light and thin flat viewing character. They have a geometric design consisting of rectangles, squares, and straight lines used to complete the entire Oriental rug. Moreover, these oriental rugs consist of dark and bold colors like forest green, gold, navy, and red.

11. Modern and Vintage Rugs

Modern and vintage rugs are a blend of contemporary colors and styles with a hint of her, not a traditional quality. These unique kinds of rugs are manufactured, especially for western consumers. The appearance aligns with the style and design, and they have a traditional touch. It has a walk, and a modern outlook made up of high-quality with natural texture. Vogue rugs consist of a reduced not count that as 5 x 5 although, modern rugs have a greater Knot count 37 x 7 or 9 x 9.


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12. Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs A popular for their unique dying process. It requires great expertise and an artistic mind to create a unique, overdyed rug. These kinds of oriental rugs can be re-dyed either in a single color or in a variety using patchwork. These are in the rugs have a stylish edge along with modern designs. These have bold colors like red, black, teal, and Fuschia. Their price range can vary according to the quality and not count of the rug. If you wish to buy oriental rugs in the US that are more Boulder and filled with vibrant colors, then opt for an overdyed rug.

There are hundreds of different Varieties of oriental rugs available; however, these are a few oriental rugs that you must have in your collection. If you wish to buy oriental rugs online, you can always resort to the collection provided by RugKnots. So, find out the most durable and beautifully interwoven Oriental rug for yourself with RugKnots!


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