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Imagine walking on a living canvas, each step revealing a story of craftsmanship and tradition – that's the world of Oriental rugs. These types of oriental rugs are like carefully crafted tales, with hand-knotted mastery, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. Think of Persian rugs as symphonies, telling stories from Persia, and Turkish rugs as lively chapters in Turkish artistry. From the rugged charm of Afghan rugs to the flat-woven Kilim rugs, each type brings a unique touch to your space. Oriental rugs are more than decor; they're living artworks, blending history seamlessly into the fabric of your home. These Oriental rugs come in various sizes, so you can buy them according to your needs.

The Best 6 Types of Oriental Rugs

Let's take a detailed look at some of the most common types of oriental rugs. You will be able to showcase your personal style when you choose the right home decor.

Turkish Origin Rugs

Originating from various regions of Turkey, Turkish rugs are imbued with unique characteristics influenced by their specific place of origin. These types of Oriental Rugs are a captivating blend of artistry and tradition, reflecting the cultural diversity of the Turkish landscape.

Anatolian Rugs

Crafted across central Anatolia, Anatolian rugs boast geometric or floral designs meticulously woven in wool on a wool or cotton foundation. The distinct patterns tell stories of the region's heritage, creating rugs that are not just functional but also cultural artifacts.

Kilim Rugs

Renowned for their non-pile woven designs, Kilim rugs from various Turkish regions display a stunning array of geometric and figural motifs. The absence of a traditional pile adds a unique texture to these rugs, making them both visually appealing and versatile for various decor styles.

Caucasus Origin Rugs

Browse our collection of Caucasian rugs from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. These types of oriental rugs stand as cultural artifacts, each telling a unique story through their ethnic designs and distinctive characteristics.

Armenian Rugs

Experience Christian-inspired artistry at its best. Armenian rugs showcase designs adorned with crosses, reflecting the cultural and religious influences of the region. Each rug becomes a canvas, intricately woven to convey the spiritual significance and artistic expressions deeply rooted in Armenian heritage.

Azerbaijani Rugs

Rugs from northern Azerbaijan have intricate patterns that reveal the allure of the region. Characterized by complex geometric guls or medallions, these rugs are a visual feast. The symbolism behind each pattern speaks to the region's history and cultural identity, creating rugs that are not just floor coverings but living expressions of Azerbaijani artistry.

Georgian Rugs

Rugs in Georgia are harmonious blends of floral vines, animals, and medieval influences. Georgian rugs are a celebration of nature and history, with each intricate detail weaving together to create a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Georgian culture. The patterns tell stories and adorn your home with Georgia charm. The stories are embedded in the patterns and let the charm of Georgia adorn your living space.

Persia Origin Rugs

Persian rugs, hailing from the artistic epicenter of Iran, epitomize intricate craftsmanship and artistic flair. There are many types of Oriental Rugs, but some are masterpieces of artistic design that showcase a rich cultural heritage. The diverse styles within Persian rugs showcase a symphony of design and color, making them a sought-after choice for those who appreciate the marriage of art and functionality.

Kashan Rugs

Among the various Persian rug styles, Kashan rugs stand out with their detailed floral designs. Crafted from silk, these rugs boast a luxurious feel and a lush color palette, creating an inviting atmosphere in any space. Kashan rugs are not just pieces of decor; they are statements of elegance and refinement, bringing a touch of opulence to your home.

Isfahan Rugs

Widespread miniature floral designs and scrolling vines define the exquisite field of Isfahan rugs. Originating from the historical city of Isfahan in Iran, these types of oriental rugs are a testament to the delicate artistry that has been perfected over generations. Isfahan rugs transcend mere floor coverings; they are snapshots of a rich cultural legacy, bringing sophistication and beauty to any room they grace.

Bidjar Rugs

Originating near Isfahan, Bidjar rugs boast bold geometric patterns and compact knottage. These rugs are not just expressions of craftsmanship; they are symbols of resilience, reflecting the bold spirit of their place of origin. Bidjar rugs make a bold statement in any space, adding a touch of character and a visual feast of intricate patterns that tell stories of tradition and artistry.

Afghan Origin Rugs

Afghan rugs are another in the list of the types of oriental rugs that stand out for their captivating blend of vibrant colors and tribal patterns, making them a unique and culturally rich addition to any space. These handcrafted masterpieces not only serve as functional floor coverings but also tell stories of the Afghan people's resilience and artistic heritage.

Balouch Rugs

Balouch rugs, a subset of Afghan rugs, boast tribal designs characterized by symmetrical knots and classic motifs such as the iconic "pine tree." Each knot is a testament to the skill and tradition passed down through generations, creating rugs that are not just decorative but also rooted in cultural significance.

Kabuli Rugs

Produced in major Afghan cities, Kabuli rugs showcase intricate floral medallions set against a vibrant red background. The precision and artistry involved in crafting these types of oriental rugs reflect the urban influences, providing a unique blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary design elements.

Lodz Rugs

Lodz rugs, often crafted by Afghan, exhibit a distinctive charm with their distressed looks and worn colors. These rugs not only serve as functional pieces but also carry a poignant narrative of displacement and resilience. The artistic expression found in Lodz rugs adds a layer of depth to their aesthetic appeal, making them a unique and meaningful choice for your home.

Central Asian Origin Rug

The diverse ethnic groups inhabiting Central Asia Rugs have shaped the region's rich carpet weaving styles. From Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan, and Tibet, the weaving traditions of these types of oriental rugs are a testament to the cultural richness of Central Asia.

Uzbek Rugs

Uzbek rugs fascinate with their intricate designs, where guls (medallions) take center stage, surrounded by delicate floral vines. These rugs reflect the artistry and cultural significance of Uzbekistan, weaving tales of heritage and craftsmanship into every knot.

Turkmen Rugs

Nomadic Turkmen weavers crafted flat-woven kilims and piled rugs adorned with geometric motifs. These rugs are not just functional pieces but artifacts representing the nomadic lifestyle, where form and function converge in a harmonious display of elegance.

Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan rugs go beyond mere floor coverings; they are spiritual journeys woven into wool. Featuring Buddhist iconography and symbols, these types of oriental rugs tell stories of devotion and cultural identity. Each knot is a brushstroke, creating a canvas that transcends the physical space, inviting a sense of serenity and symbolism into the home.

Moroccan Origin Rugs

Moroccan Rugs

Take a peek into the fascinating world of Moroccan rugs. Inspired by the Berber culture, these rugs feature bold, fun designs with stripes that look like cool patterns. They're not just rugs; they're like art for your floor, making your place feel cozy and sharing a bit of Berber history right in your home.

Middle East Origin Rugs

Tribal Rugs

Meet the tribal rugs – they're not just rugs; they're stories woven with threads. Made by groups like Navajo and Zapotec, these rugs carry symbols that tell tales of their culture. Having one Tribal out of the other types of oriental rugs in your home is like having a conversation piece that's also super comfy. It's like bringing a piece of their culture right into your living room.

European Origin Rugs

Modern Rugs

Explore the world of modern rugs, where old meets new in stylish harmony. These types of oriental rugs bring together classic charm with fresh designs, making them perfect for today's homes. Explore RugKnot's different types that can add a touch of contemporary elegance.

Contemporary Designer Rugs

One-of-a-kind creations reimagine classic contemporary rugs with fresh color palettes. These special rugs take classic designs and mix them up with fresh and cool colors. It's a bit like having a classic song with a modern remix – familiar, but with a trendy twist. Different types of oriental rugs add a splash of style to your home.


In a nutshell, as you read about the diverse types of oriental rugs, from Turkish and Persian classics to vibrant Afghan pieces and unique Caucasian designs. Inspired by Moroccan and contemporary styles, modern rugs add a trendy touch. They're not just carpets – they blend history, tradition, and style to make your home unique. Our quality and original rugs are made to last, so if you are looking for any of the above-given types of oriental rugs that will last longer, you should buy them from RugKnot.

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