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Summers are here, and everyone wants a refreshing yet unique look for their rooms, right? Suppose you are also looking for a change, we will recommend that you try a Southwestern Rug! A Southwestern carpet has bold and beautiful designs with a hint of historical patterns. Be it your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom; a Southwestern Rug is a perfect choice! Its unique designs in any size, shape, and color fit where ever you want. Most people who want to buy rugs in the USA search for Southwestern floorings. They love these rugs because they add a traditional touch to space, which many people living in foreign countries love!

What Do We Have for You?

Do you know that we at RugKnots have some amazing rugs only for you? Yes! You can buy Southwestern rugs from the fantastic variety available at RugKnots! We know buying Rugs online is a sure shot treat in summers. Because we love to make things better for our customers, we have some Rugs for sale that will add joy to your shopping experience. We will recommend that you explore some Southwestern Rugs at RugKnots. This will help make your rugs purchase easy, as you will see the latest trends in Southwestern carpets on our website! But before that, how about a few lines on what a Southwestern carpet is, its brief history, how to use rugs, and what you should keep in mind while purchasing rugs online.

What Is A Southwestern Rug?

A Southwestern carpet is an intricately woven rug, designed in a manner that speaks of its roots of the past. You will see rich colors, geometric patterns, and Native American motifs in these rugs. While exploring a Southwestern rug, you will discover the beautiful floral designs, material, patterns, and how skilled artisans make them.

History of Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern Rugs are slowly making a comeback to the designer industry. It is not easy for anyone and the designers, to be specific, to ignore their customs and traditions. Therefore, we believe it is important to talk a bit about the history of a Southwestern carpet before you move ahead and buy Southwestern rug! Do you know that Southwestern rugs were initially hand-woven by Novajo women who lived in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado? Yes, they took inspiration from fellow Indians to create distinct styles in the 1600s. These rugs and their designs gained popularity in the 19th Century for the patterns and colors they used in designing blankets and cloaks. These rugs speak of the timeless skills of Native Americans and their traditions while building a connection to their heritage. Therefore, you will find these in-office cabins and living rooms!

How to Use a Southwestern Rug?

When we hear the word “RUG,” we automatically assume floor or area rugs. But do you know that when you buy Southwestern rugs, you can also hang these on the walls of the hallway of rooms to add a pop of color? You can use these on your cushions or sofa to further accentuate the look! So, when you buy a Southwestern rug, do remember how versatile they are and how they enhance the ambiance of your space.

Things to Remember Before Making A Purchase!

Whether you are planning to buy Southwestern rugs, geometric rugs, Coastal rugs, Moroccan rugs, Persian rugs, or Porcelain area rugs, keep a few things in mind. Buying rugs online is an investment, so make sure you make a good one. Material, budget, size, color, patterns, and shapes are some of the things you need to consider while making a purchase. For example, you might like Southwestern flooring available at RugKnots very much, but it might not fit the place where you want to use it. So always do your homework before making a purchase. And even if you make a wrong purchase – it is okay. We are humans, and we all make mistakes.

The Latest Trend in Southwestern Rugs

Buying rugs in the USA is quite popular. The interior designers sometimes cost a fortune, so people prefer researching the internet and then buying things online to save time and money both. We know that we have a design enthusiast over at RugKnots looking for a Southwestern flooring. Of course, you are here to see what is trending, so no worries! Below you will discover the latest trends as well as some recommendations to buy rugs at RugKnots.

1.       The Chinese Rugs:

This Chinese are so cute that they have our hearts! The fun color play on the Chinese rugs makes them ideal use for living, family, and kids’ rooms where you want refreshing colors to join you! At RugKnots, we have a Southwestern carpet recommendation that is a Chinese rug. This rug with a shade of orange, beige, and others is very difficult to ignore! Are you wondering why we are recommending this rug?

  1. It uses Polypropylene.
  2. It has color and moist retention properties and can tolerate extreme sun and water.

Remember its summer season! You can use these while your kids will enjoy the swimming pool and you can sit on it to read your favorite book! This will not fade even if it is inside or outside the house.

2.       The Three-Line Striped Rugs:

Southwestern rugs are not all about traditional designs. You will find an amazing amalgamation of traditional and trendy designs. This very amalgamation also gave birth to the stripes style that is the talk of the design and decor town! They say that bright colors make people the happiest, so why don’t you try? We have these striped rugs available for you in just 71$!

3.       The Floral and Neutral Rugs:

Floral rugs are always a yes when it comes to giving your space a neutral yet elegant look! These offer comfortable and trendy designs for your home as they can fit in anywhere. At RugKnots, we have this Southwestern rug that is perfect for indoors and outdoors, both. But considering how elegant this one is, we recommend that you save it for indoors. This Chinese hand-hooked rug in beige color available in different sizes from our Veranda collection should be making its way to your shopping cart!

4.       The Pebble-Patterned Rugs:

Remember when we said that Southwestern rugs date to the 1600s? Maybe people had pebbles around them that inspired them to create designs with pebbles on it? As designers know no boundaries, we can expect them to create something out of nothing! These pebble-patterned rugs are full of texture, and some of them have color variations that you cannot ignore. Considering the depth, it adds to space, RugKnots has an outstanding pebble-patterned Southwestern carpet for you in deep orange color! Yes, this rug hand-tufted from our Delhi Collection is so gorgeous that you will fall in love with it. This is available in 2'3"x8', 3'6"x5'6", 5'x8', 8'x10' and the material is 100% woodpile!

5.       The Multi-Colored Rugs with Geometrics and Floral Patterns:

It sounds a bit too much, but trust us when we say this. A Southwestern rug with a combination of geometric and floral patterns with a splash of colors is what is in these summers!

6.       The Abstract Rugs:

Everyone loves abstract rugs, which is why they are in trend these summers. These rugs make an impression as their colors attract coziness and freshness to space! You can place these in your dining and bedrooms! You certainly do not want to miss bringing in the bright and unique colors, right? Try abstract rugs and fall in love with them!

Now that we have recommended some of the amazing trends to help you buy a Southwestern Rug for your space, why don’t you explore more rugs available at RugKnots? You will thank us later after exploring other rugs like Porcelain area rugs, Boho-chic rugs, Geometric rugs, and many other rugs for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Southwestern Rug from RugKnots today on amazing rates.

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